All New MTN Codes in Nigeria

MTN, a prominent telecommunications provider in Nigeria, has recently updated its USSD codes, which are easy and fast ways to access different services. These new MTN USSD codes cover various services like checking airtime balance, data balance, subscribing to plans, and more. In this article, we’ll discuss the newly introduced MTN USSD codes, ensuring you stay informed and can continue using the services you require.

As part of the NCC’s modernisation efforts, Nigerian network operators, represented by ALTON, have introduced harmonised short codes across all networks.

For example, if you’re an MTN subscriber, you’ll need to use new transaction codes instead of the usual *555# and *556# to recharge your line. This change applies to Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile as well. MTN is actively informing its large customer base about the use of these new codes.

This initiative aims to streamline services and enhance user experience across all networks in Nigeria. By implementing these harmonised codes, network operators seek to make transactions easier and more accessible for millions of customers.

With these updated USSD codes, MTN customers can efficiently manage their accounts, monitor their airtime and data usage, and conveniently subscribe to the plans that suit their needs. Keeping track of the latest USSD codes empowers users to make the most of MTN’s services and enjoy a seamless telecommunications experience. So, let’s get started with the new MTN USSD codes.

List of All MTN Codes in Nigeria

MTN has introduced new USSD codes to make things easier for its customers. Here are some useful codes you can use:

1. To Recharge Airtime: Use the new 311PIN# code for airtime top-up. Replace “PIN” with your 16-digit recharge card PIN. No more 555PIN#.

2. To Check your Airtime Balance: Dial *310# to see your MTN airtime balance. No need to use the old *556# code anymore.

3. To Purchase Data Bundles: Dial *312# to buy data bundles. Just follow the prompts to choose your preferred bundle. No need for the old *131# code.

4. To Check Data Balance: Dial *323# to check your MTN data balance. Forget the old *559# or 1314# code.

5. To Share Airtime/Data: If you want to share airtime or data, use *321# and follow the instructions.

6. To Borrow Airtime/Data: If you need to borrow airtime or data, dial *303# to check eligibility and borrow credit or data.

7. To Stop Service (VAS): For stopping VAS services, dial *305# and follow the instructions.

8. To Verify SIM Registration/NIN-SIM Linkage: Dial *996# for SIM registration verification. Forget about the old *785# code.

These new codes are designed to make your MTN experience smoother and more convenient. So, keep them handy and enjoy the improved services!

Why Did MTN Change the Code?

MTN recently changed its codes, but the reasons for the change were not specified. However, the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) released harmonized shortcodes on March 14, 2023, for all mobile network operators and customers in Nigeria.

The harmonization of shortcodes aims to create a more consistent and user-friendly experience for mobile users across different networks. This initiative streamlines services and simplifies interactions, making it easier for customers to access various features and services with standardized codes.

With this change, mobile users can enjoy a more seamless telecommunications experience, benefiting from the convenience and efficiency of the harmonized short codes. By ensuring uniformity in codes, the NCC seeks to enhance communication and connectivity for all users in Nigeria. So, prepare for a smoother, more unified mobile experience with the new harmonized short codes.

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