Naija Zip Code List of All the States

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The postal code in Nigeria is a special set of numbers that helps the post office organize and deliver mail more easily. It helps post offices sort lots of letters and packages quickly by telling them where each piece of mail needs to go. The code also makes it easier to locate where someone lives because each code is linked to a specific area. It is also useful when you buy things online, as the postal code is used to make sure your items get to you at the right address.

Naija Zip Code

In Nigeria, we use a 6-digit postal code system organized by region. There are nine regions in the country, and each region is represented by the first digit of the postal code. Contrary to some other countries, our codes consist of only numbers.

Here’s how it is arranged:

  • The first digit represents the region.
  • The remaining three digits are determined by your local post office.

This system helps organize mail efficiently. Below, you’ll find a list of all the states in Nigeria, along with their general/central post office addresses and respective postal codes.

S/NStatesGeneral Post OfficePostal/Zip Code
1AbiaGeneral Post Office, Asa Road, Aba440001
2Adamawa47 Ahmadu Bello Road, Jimeta, Jimeta640001
3Akwa Ibom Ibom Plaza Bypass Rd., Uyo520001
4AnambraIboku Street, GRA, Onitsha420001
5BauchiWunti Roundabout, Bauchi740001
6Bayelsa4 Hospital Road, Yenagoa561001
7BenueOPP. Min. Of Works HQtrs Banks Road Makurdi970001
8BornoJos Road, Maiduguri600001
9Cross RiverCalabar Rd., Henshaw Town, Calabar540001
10DeltaOkere Road, Warri320001
11EbonyiWater Works Rd. Abakaliki840001
12EdoAirport Road, Benin300001
13EkitiAdo Ekiti360001
14Enugu33 Ogui Rd., Achara, Enugu400001
15GombeNipost Adject APC Square, 760001, Gombe760001
16Imo21 Douglas Rd., 460281, Owerri60001
17Jigawa  Dutse, Jigawa720001
18Kaduna 1 Yakubu Gowon Way, Sabon Gari700001
19Kano Post Office Rd., Fagge800001
20KatsinaIBB Way, Kastina820001
21Kebbi Sanetech Nigeria Enterprises, Tsohuwar Mayanka, along Badariya Area860001
22KogiHassan Usman Katsina Road/Government House Road, Off Zone 8260001
23KwaraOko Erin, Kwara240001
24LagosGPO Building, Marina St, Lagos Island, Lagos100001
26Nigerohammed Road, Minna 920101, Minna920001
27OgunSapon, Kemta, Abeokuta,110001
28OndoDeji’s Palace Rd., Akure340001
29OsunIlesha Road, Osogbo230001
30OyoSaki-Iseyin Road, Iseyin200001
31Plateau1 Ahmadu Bello Way 930001
32RiversAzikiwe Rd., Old Port Harcourt Twp., Port Harcourt500001
33Sokoto Maiduguri Rd., Mabera840001
34Taraba4 Loddo St, 660213, Jalingo660001
35YobeDamaturu, Yobe320001
36ZamfaraGusau, the state Capital860001
FCT, Abuja Capital TerritoryAbubakar Musa Argungu House, Plot 1279
Muhammadu Buhari Way, PMB 12537,
1279 Mohammadu Buhari Way

Zip Code and Postal Code in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the term used is “postal code” rather than “ZIP code.” The postal code system in Nigeria is organized by region and is used for mail sorting and delivery within the country.

So, to clarify, in Nigeria, it’s referred to as a “postal code,” not a “ZIP code,” and using the correct local postal code ensures the proper delivery of your mail within the country.

Also, the number “234” is not a postal code for Nigeria; it is the international dialing code for Nigerian phone numbers. People sometimes mistakenly use it as a ZIP or postal code, but that’s inaccurate.

How to Receive a Package Sent to You in Nigeria

To receive a package in Nigeria, you can follow these steps:

1. Know the Courier Service

Find out which courier service is handling the delivery. Common international courier services include DHL, FedEx, UPS, and others. The sender should provide you with a tracking number that you can use to monitor the package’s progress.

2. Contact the Local Office

Once you know the courier service, contact their local office in Nigeria. You can usually find contact information on their website or through a customer service hotline. Inquire about the status of your package and any additional information needed for delivery.

3. Customs Clearance

If the package is coming from abroad, it may go through customs. Check with the courier service or local customs office to see if there are any customs duties or taxes you need to pay for the release of your package. Be prepared to provide the necessary documentation for customs clearance.

4. Address Format

Ensure that the address on the package is correctly formatted. The recipient’s name, house number, street number, city, postal code, and country should be indicated. This helps in the smooth processing and delivery of the package.

5. Payment, if Required

In some cases, you may need to pay customs duties, taxes, or other fees to receive your package. Clarify with the courier service if any payments are due and the accepted payment methods.

Regarding the ZIP/Postal Code for Nigeria, it’s important to note that Nigeria uses postal codes, not ZIP codes. The Nigerian postal code is a six-digit numeric code. The first digit represents the region, the second and third digits represent the dispatch district, and the last three digits are for delivery. You can find the correct postal code for your specific location by checking online resources like or the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST).