Adamawa Postal Code and Zip Code

Adamawa State, located in the northeastern part of Nigeria, stands as one of the country’s largest states, boasting a rich cultural tapestry within its 21 Local Government Areas (LGAs). necessary for efficient mail delivery, the Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) has assigned the 6-digit postal code 640001 to Adamawa State. This code acts as a key identifier, ensuring prompt and accurate mail delivery within the state.

Going into the broader context of postal codes in Nigeria, each region’s primary postal head office carries a postal code ending in 0001. For example, Abuja’s Garki Main Head Office boasts the postal code 900001, while Lagos’ Ikeja Head Office holds 100001. This speed up the organization and categorization of mail delivery across the country.

What is Adamawa State Postal Code?

Within Adamawa State, the allocation of distinct postal codes to each of its LGAs helps in the mail delivery process. While the state’s postal code is 640001, individual LGAs have their own unique codes. Occasionally, even districts and wards within these LGAs have differing postal codes.

Adamawa State L.G.A., and Their Postal Codes

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive compilation of local government areas in Adamawa State along with their respective postal codes:

Local GovernmentPostal CodePost Office
Angwan Yungun, Borrong
Fufure640107Gurin Road
Ganye641001Tappare Road
Girei652005Mubi Road
Gombi652001Hospital road Garkida
Guyuk643001Bank Road, Guyuk
Hong650002Opposite Cottage Hospital, Hong
Jada641003Ganya Road
Lamurde642002Numan-Gombe Road
Madagali651102L.G.A. Headquarters
Maiha650115L.G.A. Headquarters
Mayo Belwa641002Zing Road
Michika651103Bama road Michika Town
Mubi North 650101Ahmadu Bello Way, Mubi
Mubi South650001L.G.A. Headquarters
Numan642001Gombe Road
Shelleng643002Township Road
Song652001Mubi Road
Yola North640001Fed Sec Yola
Yola South64000224 Ahmadu Bello Way, Yola

Adamawa Postal Code and Zip Code

In the United States, a similar system operates with the use of “zip codes.” However, in Nigeria, the term “postal code” is officially recognized. It’s important to note that Adamawa State’s postal code and zip code are the same: 640001. This distinction in terminology aligns with Nigeria’s usage of “postal code” versus the U.S.’s “zip code.”

To provide a broader perspective on Nigeria’s postal code system, the country’s postal codes range from 100001 (the lowest) to 982002 (the highest). This numerical structure facilitates an organized and systematic mail delivery process.