Postal Code For Akwa Ibom State LGAs

Nigeria, known for its diverse cultures and landscapes, is administratively divided into states, each with unique characteristics. Among these states is Akwa Ibom, which separated from Cross River State in 1987. Uyo, the state capital, serves as the administrative hub. Comprising 31 local government areas, Akwa Ibom is the 30th-largest state and the fifteenth-most populous, with nearly 5.5 million inhabitants as of 2016.

Postal Codes in Akwa Ibom State

Postal codes, numeric codes for mail sorting, are administered by the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST). These six-digit codes are structured hierarchically, representing regions, dispatch districts, and local destinations. The first digit signifies the region, the next three indicate the dispatch district, and the final two specify the destination within that district.

What is Akwa Ibom Postal Code

The postal codes in Akwa Ibom State are used for efficient mail delivery. Organized based on local government areas, districts, and villages, residents and businesses are advised to use their specific LGA postal codes. For instance, the postal code for the NIPOST headquarters in Akwa Ibom State is 520001.

List of Postal Codes for Akwa Ibom State L.G.A

Each Local Government Area (LGA) in Akwa Ibom has a specific postal code for mail sorting and delivery within the state. Here are the LGAs, their postal codes and Post Office address:

Akwa Ibom L.G.A.Postal CodePost Office Address
Abak532101 – 5321052 IKOT EKPENE ROAD, ABAK
Eastern Obolo 534107 – 534206L.G.A Headquarters
Eket 524101 – 524104EKET ORON RD, EKET
Esit-Eket 524108 – 524109L.G.A. Headquarters
Essien Udim530106 – 530113L.G.A. Headquarters
Etim-Ekpo532106 – 532109L.G.A Headquarters
Etinan522101 – 522103UYO ROAD ETINAN
Ibesikpo-Asutan 521109 -521110ETOI ROAD, OBOT IDIM
Ibiono-Ibom520114 – 520119L.G.A Headquarters
Ika 532110 – 532112L.G.A Headquarters
Ikono 531101 -531119L.G.A Headquarters
Ikot Abasi 534101 – 534105IKOT ABASI ROAD
Ikot Ekpene 530101 – 530102HARLEY DRIVE IKOT EKPENE
Ini 531101 -531119N/A
Itu 520108 – 520113SEA SIDE CLARK QUARTERS
Mkpat-Enin530109L.G.A Headquarters
Nsit-Atai 521108L.G.A Headquarters
Nsit-lbom 522104 – 522110COLLEGE OF EDU. PREMISES
Nsit-Ubium 522104 – 522110NUNG UDOE, IKOT UBO ROAD
Obot-Akara530103 – 530105L.G.A Headquarters
Okobo 521101 – 521107KOBO L.G.A. HQTRS
Onna 523119 – 524107OLD GOVT. STATION ROAD, ONNA
Oron 523101 – 523121MARITIME ACADEMY, ORON
Oruk Anam 533106 – 533114L.G.A Headquarters
Udung-Uko 523105 – 523106L.G.A Headquarters
Ukanafun 533101 – 533104L.G.A Headquarters
Uruan 520105 – 520107NWANIBA ROAD, NWANIBA URUAN
Urue-Offong/Oruko 523107 – 523112PRIMARY SCHOOL OYUBIA

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In mail delivery, “postal code” and “ZIP code” are often used interchangeably, yet they serve distinct purposes. Understanding the differences is important in Nigeria, where postal codes play a vital role.

Postal Code vs. ZIP Code

A ZIP code identifies the location for mail delivery in the U.S. In Nigeria, a postal code, comprising numbers or a mix of numbers and letters, helps pinpoint delivery locations.

Unlike the U.S., Nigeria uses postal codes instead of ZIP codes. Each state, including Akwa Ibom, has unique postal codes, typically six digits, ensuring efficient mail sorting and delivery.

For instance, the postal code for the NIPOST headquarters in Akwa Ibom is 520001. When asked for a ZIP code in Nigeria, provide the postal code of your specific state for accurate delivery.