Gombe Postal Code Nigeria

Gombe State is situated in the North East Geopolitical Zone. In Nigeria, postal codes are numeric and are used to identify specific geographic areas for mail delivery. The Gombe State postal code starts at 760001 and ends at 771104. They help postal services route mail to the correct locations within Gombe State.

If you want to send or receive packages in Gombe and you need a specific postal code for a particular area within Gombe State, you can check the postal codes for all the LGAs in the state in the table below:

Gombe Postal Code

LGAPostal CodePost Office Address
Akko 771102 – 771104Kan Hakwa Opp. Makama Lodge, Kumo
Balanga 761103 – 761126Fulawand Bambam
Billiri 771101Gombe Yola Road, opp. PHCN Office, Billiri
Dukku 760104 – 760106Ayu Street Gona Opp. Agric Area Office Dukku
Funakaye 762101 – 762102Anguwar Ari Adjacent General Hospital, Bajoga
Gombe 760101 – 760253Bauchi Road Gombe
Kaltungo 770101 – 770117Baganje-Yola Road
Kwami 760102 – 760103Anguwar Bura Kosuma Bojude
Nafada 762103
Shongom 770102 Р770108Filiya Boh Location
YamaItu/Deba 761101 – 761107Deba Along Emir Road

These postal codes are assigned not only to Local Government Areas (LGAs) but also to the individual wards, streets, and districts within them. In cases where your local government has no post office, you can visit the central post office situated in the state capital, Gombe. This central facility serves as a hub for postal services and serves areas without local post offices.