Jigawa Postal Code (Local Government List)

Jigawa State is located in Nigeria’s North West Geopolitical Zone, and it uses a range of postal codes from 705002 to 741103. The NIPOST headquarters number in the state is 720001. There are 27 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in the state, and each area has its own code assigned by NIPOST.

Jigawa Local Government List and Their Postal Codes

Jigawa Postal Code
LGAPostal CodePost Office Address
Auyo 731107
Babura 732104Babura Main Location
Biriniwa 731106Maiduguri RD Birnin kudu
Birnin Kudu 721101
Buji 721103
Dutse 720101 – 720281Isa Gambo Steet Dutse
Gagarawa 732103
Garki 733101Main Location
Gumel 732101 – 732102Hadeja kano RD Gumel
Guri 731105
Gwaram 721102
Gwiwa 705105
Hadejia 731101Mallam madori
Jahun 720103 – 720104
Kafin Hausa 731102 – 741103
Kaugama 730102
Kazaure 705101
Kiri Kasama 731104
Kiyawa 720102
Azare Kano RD
Maigatari 732105
Malam Madori 730101Madori
Hadeja kano RD Gumel
Miga 720105
Ringim 733102GSS RD Ringim
Roni 705103 – 705104
Sule Tankarkar 732106
Taura 733103
Yankwashi 705102

Uses Of Postal Code

The postal code system in Jigawa serves various purposes. Firstly, it speeds up mail sorting and delivery by providing a standardized addressing format. This ensures accurate mail dispatch and optimizes resource allocation within the postal network.

Moreover, the postal code is used in commerce and e-commerce, where precise location information is needed for timely deliveries. It assists businesses in maintaining accurate customer databases and facilitates efficient supply chain management.

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