Postal Code and ZIP Code: How They Work

If you want to know what postal code is about and how to get and use postal code in Nigeria, this article is written to guide you.

Postal codes in Nigeria are sequences of six-digit numbers assigned to your address by NIPOST which helps the post office to sort the mail or parcels. NIPOST stands for Nigerian Postal Service. It is the national carrier of all types of mail items for delivery both within and outside Nigeria.

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ZIP Code or Postal Code

What is the Purpose of Postal Codes

How Do I Find My Postal Code in Nigeria

Do the Same Postal or ZIP codes exist in Other Countries

What is the Importance of NIPOST


ZIP Code or Postal Code

Many people ask if postal code and ZIP code are the same thing. The answer is yes, the only thing that differentiates them is that ZIP code is used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) while other countries use postal code. Both ZIP Code and Postal Code offer the same services.

In Nigeria, the NIPOST is responsible for postal services and the body divides the country into nine regions, which make up the first three digits of the code. The second and the last three digits joined with the first three are the dispatch district for outgoing sorting. While the last three digits represent the delivery destinations.

Individuals who mail letters or packages via the Nigerian Postal Services (NIPOST) are required to write the code as part of the address. This six-digit code helps ensure that parcels get to their intended destination faster. 

The Postal codes are used for more than delivering mail and parcels. While they were created to allow mail sorting methods to be automated, Postal codes are also used as a social tool. They are often used to display demographic information.

Every state, L.G.A, city, and village in Nigeria has been assigned codes regardless of where they are located.

Some addresses, companies, and institutions that manage a large volume of incoming mail or parcels may have their postal codes. For example, the National Assembly, Abuja has the postal code 900221 while Uniabuja’s postal code is 900105. Other similar institutions may also have their unique postal codes.

What is the Purpose of Postal Codes?

Postal codes are created to facilitate the sorting of mail by machines rather than humans. These are the postcode you see on your letters with the address for your mailbox.

Every mailbox in the NIPOST office has a unique six-digit code that allows machine sorting down to the sequence in which it is delivered. The numbers identify a location where the mail or parcel should be sent to.

How Do I Find My Postal Code in Nigeria?

This question takes us to the main reason for creating NgnPostal web tool. You can find the postal code or ZIP code of your location by using the search button located on the home page of this website. Enter your state, city, or village name on the search bar and hit search to see the code displayed on your screen.

You can also find your postal code on the official website of the Nigerian Postal Service(NIPOST)

In our next post, we’ll take you on all the list states in Nigeria and their postal codes/ZIP codes.

Do the Same Postal or ZIP codes exist in Other Countries?

The US is the only country that calls postal code ZIP code. ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan. Other countries have various code formats. Some use numbers while others may use alphanumeric. For example, Nigeria has 6-digit codes, US has 5.

Many countries have combinations of numerals and letters. Canada and the UK come to mind. Canada uses alphanumeric – A1A.

What is the Importance of NIPOST

The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) as the body that provides postal code/ZIP code services in Nigeria is important because it provides affordable and equal mail service to all Nigerians, regardless of their location. 

NIPOST is also an important corporation in the country, playing a key role in facilitating commerce and communication. It provides vital services, such as delivering emergency items, mail-in ballots, and other essential parcels to people in urban and rural communities. It also provides telegram services and registers letters and parcels for customers.


Why is my parcel taking long to deliver?

You may be the cause if you didn’t fill in your information accurately: For example, you fail to add your phone number with which the NIPOST agent or dispatchers will call you.

The best you can do is to the NIPOST head office in your state. You are charged by the weight of the parcel. Just go to the counter and talk to one of the agents, and you will get adequate information.

If you’re in Abuja, go to the headquarter at 1279 Mohammadu Buhari Way, Garki, Abuja, FCT.

How much does it cost to send an item to another country?

The cost depends on the classes of services you need. There are express, registered, and ordinary posts. Also, the weight of the item you want to send also determines how much you’ll be charged.

How do I get my parcel from the post office?

To pick up your item, you will need your ID and the tracking number. If you want to receive a parcel outside your location, ask the sender for the tracking number.