Benue Postal Code

Benue State, situated in the heart of Nigeria’s North Central region, is not only known for its picturesque landscapes but also for its administrative structure, including the postal code system for parcel delivery. As of the 2006 census, Benue State boasts a population of 4,253,641 people, making it the 9th most populous state in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) has designated postal codes for different regions, states, and local government areas across the country. In the case of Benue State, the postal codes range from 970001 to 982112. And 970001 is the postal code for the NIPOST Headquarters in Benue State, serving as the central code for postal service.

Benue Postal Code List

Below is the list of local governments in Benue State, their postal codes and post office addresses:

Benue L.G.A.Postal CodesPost Office Address
Ado 973107 – 973110Adoka-Apa Rd. after the police station
Agatu 972108N/A
Apa 972003 – 972107Beside the Chief Palace, Iga Okpaya
Buruku 981103 – 981108N/A
Gboko 981101 – 981102No. 23 Gyado Hotel Road
Guma 970004 – 970106Along Daudu, Mkd Road Daudu
Gwer East 971001 – 971105Opp. Gwer – East Local Government Secretariat, Mkd . Road Aliade
Gwer West 971104N/A
Katsina-Ala 980001Market Rd. K/Ala
Konshisha 971109 – 971110N/A
Kwande 980001 – 982104Jato-Aka Rd Adikpo
Logo980101 – 980110N/A
Makurdi 970001 – 972281OPP. Min. Of Works Headquarters, Banks Road, Makurdi
Obi 972008 – 971106N/A
Ogbadibo 972006 – 973105Ejema Express way Orokam
Ohimini 972101 – 972106N/A
Oju 971107 – 971108Ekpengbe Round about Oju
Okpokwu 972005 – 973106No. 6 Ollo Rd., Ugwu Okpoga
Otukpo 972101 – 972261Opp. Akpa Community Sec. Sch.
Tarka 981103 – 981113N/A
Ukum 980108N/A
Ushongo 981114 – 981118Magistrate Court Rd Lessel
Vandeikya 982105 – 982112Ukyaagu Vandeikya

How the Postal Code Works in Benue State

The first part of the code, such as 970001, represents the broader geographical location, in this case, the NIPOST Headquarters in Benue State. As the numerical sequence progresses, it goes to more specific locations, including individual LGAs, districts, and, in some instances, particular companies.

For individuals sending mail within Benue State or receiving mail from other parts of Nigeria or beyond, providing an accurate postal code ensures that the mail reaches its destination promptly. Postal codes serve as a vital tool in streamlining the logistics of mail delivery and contribute to the overall efficiency of the postal system.

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The significance of the postal code system extends beyond the state capital. Each of Benue State’s twenty-three Local Government Areas (LGAs) has its own unique postal code.

Geographical Location and Boundaries

Bordered by Cross River, Ebonyi, and Enugu states to the south, Kogi state to the west, Nassawara state to the north, and Taraba state to the northeast, Benue State occupies a crucial position in the eastern-central part of the country. The state’s geographical features include wooded savannas, contributing to its distinctive appeal.

Population Density and Demographics: The state’s average population density stands at 99 persons per square kilometre, underscoring the mix of urban and rural areas within its borders. Benue State is home to various ethnic groups, including the Tiv, Idoma, and Igede.