Postal Code for Ekiti State Towns

Postal codes help with parcel delivery. In Ekiti State and Nigeria in general, they’re called “postal codes,” not Zip codes. The code for Ekiti State ranges from 360001 to 372109. Code 360001 is for the NIPOST Headquarters.

Ekiti is in the South West part of Nigeria, and it has sixteen local government areas (LGAs). Each LGA and town in the state has a specific postal code for the right mail delivery.

Postal Code for Ekiti State LGAs / Towns

LGA / TownsPostal CodePost Office Address
Ado-Ekiti 360101 – 360282Opp. WEMA Bank, Odo, Oja
Aiyekire(Gbonyin) 370106 – 370112Afin Street Ode Ekiti
Efon 362104Kings Palace, Efon
Ekiti East 370104 – 370105Ilisa street Omuo Ekiti
Ekiti South-West 360103 – 360105Opp. Kings Palace
Ekiti West 362101 – 362103Opp. Obas Palace
Emure 361104
Ido-Osi 371101 – 371103Along Ido Road, Orin Ekiti
Ijero 372101 – 372109Ogbon Oba Street, Ijero
Ikere 361101 – 361272Along King Palace
Ikole 370101 – 370282Iwakun Street Beside Palace
Ilejemeje 372003 – 372106Located at Iyin Ekiti
Irepodun/lfelodun 362105 – 362107Beside Kings palace, Iyin
Isel Orun 361103
Moba 372004 – 372107Odo-Oja Street, Otun Ekiti
Oye 371104 – 371106Ifaki Road

These postal codes are designated not only for the LGAs but also for the wards and streets within them. If your local government does not have a post office, you can go to the general post office, which is located in the state capital, Ado-Ekiti.