Postal Code For Imo State Nigeria

Imo State postal code is arranged according to local government areas. There are 27 local government areas in Imo State. These local government areas have unique postal codes assigned to each of them. Also, in these local governments, there are towns and villages with different postal codes. Additionally, some streets and areas share the same postal codes, especially those that make up an area.

The postal code for Imo State as assigned to the state by the NIPOST ranges from 460001 to 4715122. Code 460241 is for Mbaise, Owerri.

Postal Code / Zip Code For Imo State By LGA

LGAPostal CodePost Office Address
Aboh Mbaise 462101 – 462109Afor Enyiogwugwu Market Sqr.
Ahiazu Mbaise 463110 – 463122Nkwo-Ala, Umuokirika Market Square
Ehime Mbano 472101 – 472111Aba Branch, Ehime Mbano Round About
Ezinihitte Mbaise 462110 – 462123Afor Ekiri Market Square, Okpofe
Ideato North 475101 – 475108Orlu-Akaokwa Uzuakoli village
Ideato South 475109 – 475122Ihioma Road Amaifeke Orlu
lhitte/Uboma 472112 – 472124
Ikeduru 461102 – 461112Amaeke Near Eke Atta Market Sqaure
Isiala Mbano 471101 – 471114Anara Roundabout
Isu 474119 – 474125By Nkwo Isu Market Square Opp. Eze’s Palace
Mbaitoli 461114 – 461122Nwaoriubi, Adjacent to local government headquarters.
Ngor Okpala 460118 – 460133Orie ama Igwe Near the Market Square
Njaba 474123 – 474128Uloano Town square Orlu South
Nkwerre 471115 – 471119Nkwerre Orlu-Amaigbo Road
Nwangele 471121 – 471125
Obowo 463101 – 463108Obowo L.G. Headquarters,Otoko
Oguta 464101 – 464110Uguta Rd., Orus-Obodo
Ohaji/Egbema 464111 – 464119Umuorji Egbema
Okigwe 470101 – 470106Afor Umuohiri Market Square
Onuimo 470107 – 470110
Orlu 473101 – 473124Before Amaike Village Square
Orsu 473105 – 473123
Oru East 474109 – 474118Okworji Vill. Along Ow. Onitsha Exp. Road
Oru West 474101 – 474117Nempi Town Square
Owerri Municipal 460001 – 460281Ama J.K. Opposite Owerri Municipal LGA Ow.
Owerri North 460103 – 460112Shell Camp Amakohia Owerri
Owerri West 460102 – 460117Ihiagwa Univ.,Campus

Postal codes in Nigeria are assigned not just to Local Government Areas (LGAs) but also to the wards and districts within them. In cases where your local government lacks a post office, you can visit the central post office situated in the state capital, Owerri.

Zip Code vs Postal Code

Both terms, zip code and postal code, serve the same purpose, distinguishing geographical areas for efficient mail delivery. While “zip code” is prevalent in the USA and the Philippines, the term “postal code” is commonly used in other countries, including Imo State and Nigeria in general.

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A postal code helps organize mail for quick and accurate delivery. When you include the right postal code, it helps NIPOST workers quickly identify the state where your mail should go. A postal code is used not only for physical mail but also for online shopping deliveries. The code ensures that packages get to the correct location.