Asaba Delta State Postal Code List

In Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria, there are different postal or zip codes for various districts. Each district has its own unique code, which ensures accurate mail delivery.

If you need specific information on the postal codes for different areas within Asaba, you can find the details in the comprehensive list provided below.

Postal Code For Places In Asaba, Delta State

Umuonaje, Asaba – 320231

PlacePostal Code
Aburime Street320231
Achala Road320231
Anwai Road320231
Benin Asaba Highway321231
Catholic Maternity320231
Cyril Okolie Street320231
Ejiofor Onyia Cr.320231
Elibujor Street320231
Ibasa Street320231
Koniwe Street320231
Maha Street320231
Nipost HQT320231
Nwamu Cr.320231
Nwaze Ozie Street320231
Obi-Ugbe Street320231
Ofili Nwamu Street320231
Ogbe Ilo Street320231
Ogbe Osowa Street320231
Ogbe Square320231
Ogboronogo Market320231
Okobi Street320231
Okwu Street320231
Onaje Street320231
Pat Onianwa Cr.320231
Peter Enyi Street320231
Street Brigids Road320231
Uda Street320231
Umuaji King Street320231
Victor Ije Street320231
Vincent Sunny320231

Cable Point Asaba Places Postal Code List – 320213

PlacePostal Code
Abagana Street320213
Agulu Uzuigbo Street320213
Anwuna Lane320213
Arthur Richard Street320213
Asiodu Street320213
Chichi Cl.320213
Crudas Lane320213
Emenashi Street320213
Esanobi Lane320213
Eugene Oba Street320213
Idigbe Street320213
Ikediashi Cl.320213
Isioma Onyeobi Way.320213
Jarret Street320213
Kano Street320213
Lagos Street320213
Marine Road320213
Monye Street320213
Ndozi Onyia Street320213
Niger Street320213
Nwajiakwu Street320213
Nwebisi Road320213
Nwuga Street320213
Obieze Lane320213
Obinwanze Street320213
Obodo Ukwu Street320213
Oduah Street320213
Ogbe Ofu Street320213
Ogbolu Street320213
Onishe Street320213
Osadenis Way.320213
Rapu Lane Drive320213
Strub Street320213
Uzoma Ogea Cl.320213
Vet Road321213

Ezenei, Asaba – 320212

PlacePostal Code
Benin Asaba Highway320212
College of Edu. Rd.320212
Egbule Street320212
Egbuna Onyuka Street320212
Ezebei Avenue320212
Leo-Okon Mezie Street320212
Nzeka Street320212
Obi Okido Onwuka Street320212
Ofogbu Street320212
Ogumba Street320212
Osadebey Statue320212
Osadenis High School Road.320212
Osadenis Way.320212
Tom Mekwe Street320212
Tony of Ogbu Street320212

Umueze, Asaba – 320211

PlacePostal Code
Agala Street320211
Asagbas Palace320211
Benin Asaba Highway320211
Ezenei Street320211
Ezeugboma Street320211
Idumu Ojei Street320211
Iyubu Street320211
Jarret Street320211
Ojugbana Drive320211
Okobi Nwandu Street320211
Okonta Cr.320211
Oni-Edozie Street320211
Orikpe Street320211
Street Brigids Road320211
Ummuezei Street320211
Umuekwo Street320211
Usioma Onyeoba Way.320211
Utility Steel Co., Ltd.320211
Uzoma Ogeda Cl.320211
Victor Odoswu Street320211

Asaba Okpanam Postal Code – 320242

PlacePostal Code
Anwai Road320242
Benin Cl.320242
Benue Road320242
Ekpen Road320242
Ekurede Itsekiri320242
Esisi Road320242
Golf Course Road320242
Government House320242
Gulf-Course Road320242
Ibrahim Kafas Cr.320242
Kings Road320242
Naval College320242
Niger Road320242
NPA Extension320242
NPA Yard320242
Ogunu Road320242
Okipanam Asaba Road320242
Old Nwai Road320242
School Road320242
Shell PDC Mian Office320242

Central Core Area, Asaba – 320241

PlacePostal Code
Benin Asaba Highway320241
DDPA Road320241
Delta T. V320241
F.S.P. Office320241
Fmwh Road320241
Illah Road320241
New Secretariat320241
Okpanam Asaba Road320241

Isieke, Asaba – 320232

PlacePostal Code
Abuta Street320232
Agu Street320232
Asaba Aluminium320232
Benin Asaba High Way.320232
Cassloba Cr.320232
Ezebane Street320232
General Steel Mill320232
Ibusa Road320232
Illah Road320232
Inalu Street320232
Kanene Azinge Street320232
Ngene Street320232
Onishe Street320232
Onwuegbuzia Street320232
Oso Onianwa Street320232
Otuogu Street320232
Parkinson Street320232
Stadium Road320232
Uche Okolo Street320232

Overhead Bridge Layout – 320221

PlacePostal Code
DDPA Road320221
Oko Road320221
Okwe Road320221
Toll Gate320221

Umuagu Asaba – 320233

PlacePostal Code
Ambas Leo320233
Amilimocha Street320233
Chinedu Eznyin Street320233
Chukwudumebi Street320233
Dumnodu Cl.320233
Ebenuwa Street320233
Falcon Club Road320233
Fumnanya Street320233
Henry Omo Street320233
Jesus Saves Street320233
Maduemezie Street320233
Mokolo Street320233
Nicki Azinge Street320233
Nwaezeapu Street320233
Nweli Street320233
Odiachi Street320233
Okelue Street320233
Old N.I.T. Road320233
Oliko Street320233
Onochie Lane320233
Tom Halim Street320233
Uso Onianwa Street320233

Zip Code or Postal Code

In Nigeria, including Asaba, we don’t use ZIP codes like they do in the United States. Instead, we have postal codes, and they vary from state to state. So, wherever you are in the country, just use the postal code for that state when asked for a ZIP code.