Busuu Features and the Disadvantages

Busuu is a language learning app and online platform that is used to help people learn new languages. It offers a range of interactive courses and lessons designed to improve language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

It allows you to choose from a variety of languages. From beginner to advanced levels, Busuu offers free complete courses designed by experts in 14 different languages: French, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Among other advantages is that Busuu uses various interactive exercises, quizzes, and language practice with native speakers to enhance language proficiency and communication abilities in real-world situations. It is a valuable tool for language learners seeking a flexible and personalized learning experience to master new languages effectively.

Across the globe, numerous companies place significant value on the Busuu certificate as credible evidence of language proficiency in prospective employees. The Busuu certificate holds considerable recognition due to its alignment with the widely acknowledged international standard of the McGraw-Hill Foundation’s Common European Framework of Reference.

Employers view this certification as a reliable indicator of an individual’s language skills, making it a good qualification for candidates seeking employment opportunities in a competitive job market. By obtaining a Busuu certificate, language learners can demonstrate their language abilities in alignment with recognized global language proficiency standards, enhancing their prospects in the professional landscape.

Busuu Features – Advantages

1. Self-Paced Lessons: Busuu offers flexible, self-paced language lessons, allowing you to learn quickly and conveniently. This feature provides your learning style and time availability, making it easier to fit language learning into your busy schedule.

2. Multimedia: Busuu uses multimedia elements like audio, images, and videos to enhance your learning experience. These engaging materials improve language retention, pronunciation, and comprehension, making learning more enjoyable and effective.

3. Gamification: With gamification elements, Busuu turns language learning into a fun and rewarding experience. Earn points, badges, and achievements as you progress, motivating you to stay consistent and reach your language learning goals.

4. Personalized Learning Paths: Busuu tailors the learning content to your specific needs and goals. You focus on relevant vocabulary and grammar through personalised learning paths, maximizing your learning efficiency and ensuring you cover the topics that matter most to you.

5. Peer Feedback: The Busuu community allows you to interact with native speakers and other learners. You can receive valuable feedback on your speaking, writing, and language skills, helping you improve and gain confidence in your abilities.

6. Mobile Compatibility: Busuu’s mobile app enables you to learn on the go, making language learning more accessible and flexible. Study anytime and anywhere, synchronize your progress across devices, and utilize your spare moments efficiently to make continuous progress in your language journey.

Most of us know about Busuu and might have tried it. Some friends find it fantastic, but are there any downsides? Have studies compared Busuu to other methods?

I don’t see any real drawbacks to Busuu. It’s a great starting point for learning a language without the stress of being afraid of it. However, every way of learning a language has its good and bad points. Relying solely on one method might not be the most effective approach to succeed in learning.

Disadvantages of Busuu

1. Busuu lacks exposure to natural-sounding conversations and sentences, especially in the early stages of learning. This sets it apart from language methods like Berlitz, Teach Yourself. Although words like “goat,” “tiger,” “snake,” or “cow” may not seem practical for everyday conversations, Busuu’s lessons include them, whether you find them useful or not.

2. In Busuu, they use a computer voice for listening exercises, which doesn’t sound like a real person speaking the language. The computer voice is flat and robotic, making the listening exercises not very helpful. As a result, you won’t learn to speak or understand the language properly through these exercises.

3. As mentioned earlier, the program organizes learning into specific stages and introduces vocabulary in categories like animals, food, jobs, and furniture. This approach results in many early lessons having sentences that are not very helpful and sometimes don’t make sense. For instance, sentences like “My dog eats your cake,” “I have our goat,” and “Their horse drinks milk” may not be useful for real conversations abroad.

4. In Busuu, you won’t find typical, natural conversations like those in good textbooks. Instead, you’ll encounter only short phrases and sentences.

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