10 Similar Apps to Datally

What are similar apps to Datally? Google has discontinued the Datally app, and it is no longer available for download. However, there are several good alternatives available that can help you manage and save your mobile data usage. Here are a few popular alternatives:

Datally is a handy app to manage your mobile data on Android phones. With Datally, you can see how much data you use daily, weekly, or monthly. It helps you save data with a special mode that stops apps from using data in the background. 

You can set data usage limits and get alerts when you’re close to reaching them. Datally also shows which apps use the most data, so you can control them better. It even finds nearby Wi-Fi hotspots to save data. Overall, Datally puts you in charge of your data usage, helps you save money, and makes using data easier and worry-free.

With the discontinuation of Google’s Datally app, people are on the lookout for reliable similar apps to help them efficiently manage their mobile data usage. These alternatives come equipped with various features designed to track data consumption, offer data-saving modes, and provide valuable insights to users. From data monitoring to setting usage limits and identifying data-hungry apps, these alternatives empower users to take control of their data plans, avoid overages, and save money. In this article, we will explore some of the best Datally alternatives available that you can use to monitor your data usage.

List of Apps Similar to Datally

1. My Data Manager

My Data Manager stands as one of the best similar apps to Datally for monitoring data usage. With its user-friendly interface, this app allows you to track your data consumption effortlessly. It provides real-time insights into your daily, weekly, and monthly data usage, helping you stay within your plan’s limits. 

The app sends alerts when you approach your data cap, preventing unexpected overages. Additionally, My Data Manager identifies data-hungry apps, enabling you to manage them efficiently. With its comprehensive data monitoring features and helpful alerts, My Data Manager empowers users to take charge of their data usage and make informed decisions to save money and optimize data usage.

2. GlassWire

GlassWire is an excellent Datally alternative, providing in-depth data monitoring and analysis. Its intuitive interface displays real-time data usage, alerts, and historical data patterns. It goes beyond simple tracking, empowering you to identify data-hungry apps and block them if necessary. The app’s ability to detect unusual data consumption adds an extra layer of security. With GlassWire, you have comprehensive insights into your data usage, enabling you to manage your plans effectively and save on data costs.

3. InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall

InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall offers data management by allowing you to control app access to the internet. With its firewall functionality, you can decide which apps can use mobile data, helping to prevent background data usage. The app displays real-time data consumption and provides insights into app-specific data usage. 

InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall’s proactive approach to managing data usage sets it apart as an effective Datally alternative. Users gain the ability to save data, protect their privacy, and have greater control over their mobile data experience with this app.

4. Data Usage Monitor

Data Usage Monitor is a top-notch similar app to Datallythat excels in real-time data tracking and personalized usage alerts. You can set custom limits and receive notifications when nearing these thresholds, avoiding overages. The app displays clear usage history and app-specific data consumption, allowing for precise management. Data Usage Monitor’s simplicity and reliability make it an ideal tool to keep data usage in check and optimize data plans efficiently.

5. NetGuard

NetGuard is a powerful Datally alternative that offers advanced data management through its firewall capabilities. It allows users to block specific apps from accessing the internet, granting complete control over data usage. 

The app efficiently monitors data consumption, displaying real-time usage statistics and data usage history. NetGuard’s lightweight design ensures minimal impact on device performance. With its robust features and customizable settings, NetGuard is an excellent choice for those seeking control over their data usage and enhanced privacy protection.

6. App Annie

While not a direct data usage monitoring app, App Annie offers valuable insights into app usage and helps indirectly optimize data consumption. As a leading app analytics platform, it provides data on the amount of data used by different apps. By understanding app usage patterns, you can identify data-heavy apps and manage them more efficiently. 

App Annie’s comprehensive app data analytics help you make informed decisions, optimize your app usage, and indirectly save data by minimizing data-hungry app activities. As a result, App Annie becomes a strategic Datally alternative for data-savvy users seeking to maximize their data efficiency.

7. 3G Watchdog

As a top similar app to Datally, 3G Watchdog monitors data usage over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks. The app provides detailed data usage statistics, alerts, and usage history. You can set custom data limits and receive notifications to avoid data overages. 3G Watchdog’s comprehensive monitoring capabilities allow you to identify data-intensive apps and optimize their data usage efficiently. The app’s user-friendly interface and precise data tracking make it a reliable tool for managing data consumption and staying within budget.

8. DataEye

DataEye stands out as a Datally alternative due to its data-saving features and individual app usage tracking. The app’s data-saving mode reduces data consumption and optimizes data delivery, helping users save on data costs. It also allows you to monitor data usage for each app, empowering you to identify and manage data-hungry apps effectively. With DataEye, a versatile data management tool that enables you to stay within your data limits and make informed decisions to optimize your mobile data usage.

9. Data Monitor: Simple Net-Meter

Data Monitor: Simple Net-Meter is a reliable Datally alternative, offering an easy-to-use interface for tracking data usage. The app provides real-time data monitoring and clear usage statistics, helping you stay informed about your data consumption. With customizable data usage alarms, users can set limits and receive notifications to avoid exceeding their data caps. 

Data Monitor also presents app-specific data usage, enabling users to identify data-hungry apps and make informed decisions to save data effectively.

10. Smartapp

Smartapp is another excellent similar app to Datallydesigned to optimize data usage and save costs. The app analyzes data consumption patterns and suggests suitable data plans based on individual usage. 

With Smartapp, you can discover the most cost-effective data plans that align with your needs. The app also provides insights into data usage trends and offers personalized recommendations to reduce data wastage. By intelligently managing data consumption and finding the best plans, Smartapp lets you save data without compromising your mobile data experience.