How to Delete Fanplace Account

Fanplace is a social network platform focused on creating a positive and authentic environment for fans to interact with creators. Some features of Fanplace includes

Providing fans with access to exclusive content from their favorite creators, such as behind-the-scenes footage, Q&A sessions, or early access to new releases, Facilitating direct interaction between fans and creators through features like live chats, comment sections, or direct messaging and more.

You might want to delete your Fanplace account due to waning interest, concerns about privacy or data security, dissatisfaction with their experience, changes to the platform, time constraints, or finding better alternatives. In this guide, we’ll walk through the steps involved.

How to Permanently Delete Fanplace on Phone

Delete Fanplace

In Fanplace’s apps (Andoid and iOS), deleting your account is all done through the Settings page. 

1. To start, go to your account’s page and tap the icon with three horizontal lines at the top right corner of the screen. 

2. Tap the Settings and Privacy icon in the dropdown menu at the top of the list. 

3. Once you select that icon, you will navigate to a new page with a full list of tools. At the very top of the new Settings page, tap Accounts, then select Personal Details under Accounts settings. 

4. A new page will appear showing your contact information and birthday. Tap “Account ”’ and then a new tab that reads “Deletion” will appear.

5. Fanplace will remind you that deleting your account is permanent and that your profile, photos, videos, comments, likes and fans will be permanently removed from the app. Once you tap “Delete account,” a drop-down will appear asking you why you are removing your account.

How to Delete Your Fanplace Account From a Web Browser

If you prefer using Fanplace on your computer (who does that?!), deleting or deactivating your account from a web browser might be easier for you.

To delete your Fanplace account from a computer, the instructions are pretty much the same as when you take action on your mobile device, but some of the drop-downs are in different places.

1. If you’re on the home page, select that same icon with three horizontal lines in the bottom left corner of your page. 

2. You can also take the same initial step from your profile page and tap the Settings icon in the top right corner of your profile. Either way, you will automatically end up on the Settings page or you can tap to select it from a drop-down after selecting the More button.

3. You will be prompted to write your password for that profile if you select to delete the account. 

4. Finally, you will need to select a reason for deleting or deactivating the account, and then you’re done. Once you select the reason, for a second time, Fanplace will ask you to confirm deletion and notify you that your account details will be permanently deleted off of the platform.

Remember to cancel your subscription before you delete your account. If you have any questions, comments, complaints or concerns about Fanplace, you can contact Fanplace support team at