List of 127 Names of Places in Agbor

Agbor is a town located in the southern part of Nigeria in Delta State. It is situated along the Benin-Asaba Expressway. it is in a strategic location for transportation and commerce within the region.

Agbor does not have as many widely recognized tourist attractions as larger cities, but there are still some notable places worth visiting in and around the town. You can check out Agbor Postal Codes.

Names of Places in Agbor, Delta State

Abude StreetAgbor
Agbor – Eku RoadAgbor
Agborbi RoadAgbor
Aghaku StreetAgbor
Aghantin CloseAgbor
Agharanya StreetAgbor
Ajuebor StreetAgbor
Akpanyi StreetAgbor
Akpenyi StreetAgbor
Akpokwueze StreetAgbor
Alero StreetAgbor
Aliagu RoadAgbor
Alibome RoadAgbor
Alika LaneAgbor
Alisomor RoadAgbor
Alughere CloseAgbor
Anada CloseAgbor
Arimokwu StreetAgbor
Asaba-Agbor HighwayAgbor
Ayo Ben StreetAgbor
Azenah StreetAgbor
Bakwuye Ochei StreetAgbor
Baleke RoadAgbor
Baptist Mission StreetAgbor
Bazuaye StreetAgbor
Ben Oriahi CloseAgbor
Benin-Asaba HwyAgbor
Catholic StreetAgbor
Cemetery RoadAgbor
Charles StreetAgbor
Chris Ogala StreetAgbor
Convent StreetAgbor
Deeper Life RoadAgbor
Dein StreetAgbor
Dele Okafor AveAgbor
Dibie CloseAgbor
Dibie StreetAgbor
Dr Npon CloseAgbor
Dr Whyte StreetAgbor
Dr. Michael Miti StreetAgbor
Dugbere CloseoseAgbor
Ebeye StreetAgbor
Ebu StreetAgbor
Edike StreetAgbor
Eduze StreetAgbor
Efeizemo StreetAgbor
Efeizemor StreetAgbor
Egun LnAgbor
Ewuru RoadAgbor
First AveAgbor
Gbinoba StreetAgbor
Godwin Emefiele StreetAgbor
Hausa StreetAgbor
Hill StreetAgbor
Iduwe StreetAgbor
Igbanke RoadAgbor
Ighabon StreetAgbor
Imudia StreetAgbor
Iregwa StreetAgbor
Isedeh StreetAgbor
Iseden StreetAgbor
Iwereibor LaneAgbor
Iwereibor StreetAgbor
Kingsley StreetAgbor
Lagos-Asaba RoadAgbor
Mariere StreetAgbor
Marine LaneAgbor
Marriere StreetAgbor
Melekwe StreetAgbor
Memeh StreetAgbor
Monye StreetAgbor
Mordi StreetAgbor
Morika StreetAgbor
Morka StreetAgbor
Moroadi StreetAgbor
Ngbeken StreetAgbor
Obaigbena LaneAgbor
Obaigbena StreetAgbor
Obaigbena StreetAgbor
Obi RoadAgbor
Obiazikwo StreetAgbor
Odeh StreetAgbor
Odozi StreetAgbor
Ohue StreetAgbor
Ojefo StreetAgbor
Okobi StreetAgbor
Okoh StreetAgbor
Okosome StreetAgbor
Okumbor StreetAgbor
Okwu Okenye StreetAgbor
Old Lagos – Asaba RoadAgbor
Old Lagos RoadAgbor
Onedown StreetAgbor
Onuwa StreetAgbor
Opia StreetAgbor
Oranu StreetAgbor
Oriani StreetAgbor
Orikeze StreetAgbor
Oruba StreetAgbor
Orubor StreetAgbor
Osain StreetAgbor
Osaje StreetAgbor
Osaze StreetAgbor
Osegie StreetAgbor
Osian StreetAgbor
Osuhor StreetAgbor
Otabor StreetAgbor
Owa Aliosimi RoadAgbor
Owa-Ekei RoadAgbor
Owanta StreetAgbor
Oza Nogogo RoadAgbor
Prof. John Ebie StreetAgbor
Queen StreetAgbor
Sakpoba RoadAgbor
Sovie RoadAgbor
Tete StreetAgbor
Ugbeka-Alisomor RoadAgbor
Umeri StreetAgbor
Umudeein StreetAgbor
Umunede-Ogan RoadAgbor
Upper Odozi LaneAgbor
Upper Odozi StreetAgbor
Upper Queen StreetAgbor
Uromi StreetAgbor
Urubisi StreetAgbor
Usonigbe-Agbor RoadAgbor
Word Of Faith StreetAgbor

Names of Popular Places in Agbor

1. Agbor Palace: The traditional ruler of Agbor, known as the Dein of Agbor, resides in the Agbor Palace. It is a significant cultural and historical site in the town.

2. Agbor Main Market: This bustling market is a hub of economic activity in Agbor, it offers a wide range of goods and produce for locals and visitors alike.

3. Agbor Golf Course: For enthusiasts of the sport, the Agbor Golf Course provides a scenic and enjoyable setting for golfing activities.

4. Mary Mount College: This educational institution, located in Agbor, is known for its academic excellence and contributes to the educational landscape of the town.

5. Ika National Hall: This community center hosts various events, including cultural celebrations, conferences, and social gatherings, contributing to the vibrancy of Agbor’s social life.

6. Agbor Technical College: Another notable educational institution in Agbor, known for its technical and vocational training programs.