Numan Postal ZIP Code | List of Places

Numan is another Local Government Area (LGA) located in Adamawa State, Nigeria. It is situated in the southern part of Adamawa State. Below is the list of places in Numan LGA along with their postal ZIP codes.

Numan Postal Code List

LocationPostal CodeLGA
Bakta643104Numan LGA
Bandah643106Numan LGA
Bandawa Daudu642111Numan LGA
Bang642111Numan LGA
Bang Kala642111Numan LGA
Barata643102Numan LGA
Bare642112Numan LGA
Bare Fulani643105Numan LGA
Batache642112Numan LGA
Bayen Dutse Gundo643105Numan LGA
Biki643106Numan LGA
Bira-Bira643102Numan LGA
Birwit643104Numan LGA
Bobere643105Numan LGA
Boburo643102Numan LGA
Bodwai643106Numan LGA
Bokayeki643102Numan LGA
Bokotei642111Numan LGA
Bolama643106Numan LGA
Bolki- Gon642111Numan LGA
Bubari643105Numan LGA
Bulkm642111Numan LGA
Bwei642111Numan LGA
Byemti642111Numan LGA
Dabewo643105Numan LGA
Dabewo643102Numan LGA
Dakiti643104Numan LGA
Dakiti643106Numan LGA
Dakiti643105Numan LGA
Dakiti643103Numan LGA
Dakkiti643104Numan LGA
Daso642112Numan LGA
Daso Fulani642112Numan LGA
Deben643106Numan LGA
Doge643102Numan LGA
Dolla643106Numan LGA
Dorawa I642101Numan LGA
Dorawa II642101Numan LGA
Dumburi Fulani643104Numan LGA
Dumburi Fulani643106Numan LGA
Dumburi Fulani643105Numan LGA
Dumburi Fulani643103Numan LGA
Dunge643102Numan LGA
Fare642112Numan LGA
Gadajuga643104Numan LGA
Gadajuga643106Numan LGA
Gadajuga643105Numan LGA
Gadajuga643103Numan LGA
Gamadio642111Numan LGA
Gargajo643105Numan LGA
Gargijik643104Numan LGA
Gargijik643106Numan LGA
Gargijik643105Numan LGA
Gargijik643103Numan LGA
Garin Baba Dija643105Numan LGA
Garin Gomro642111Numan LGA
Gemun642111Numan LGA
Gidan Koshi643102Numan LGA
Gimakurje643104Numan LGA
Gimakurje643106Numan LGA
Gimakurje643105Numan LGA
Gimakurje643103Numan LGA
Golla643104Numan LGA
Gombel643102Numan LGA
Gondong643102Numan LGA
Goroshi643106Numan LGA
Gorum643106Numan LGA
Gukuri643102Numan LGA
Gundo643105Numan LGA
Gusungu643106Numan LGA
Gwadinge643104Numan LGA
Gwagarap643104Numan LGA
Gwagira643102Numan LGA
Gwakta643106Numan LGA
Gwapopolok643106Numan LGA
Hayin Gaba642101Numan LGA
Homra643106Numan LGA
Imburu642101Numan LGA
Iwiriwi643106Numan LGA
Jabbi Makki643104Numan LGA
Jabi643104Numan LGA
Jabi643106Numan LGA
Jabi643105Numan LGA
Jabi643103Numan LGA
Jakinda643104Numan LGA
Jalingo643106Numan LGA
Jalingo643105Numan LGA
Jamali643102Numan LGA
Jauro Boderi643105Numan LGA
Jere642112Numan LGA
Jihadi643102Numan LGA
Jimbo643106Numan LGA
Jonkolo643104Numan LGA
Jonkolo643102Numan LGA
Jumbul643102Numan LGA
Kambila643104Numan LGA
Kambila643106Numan LGA
Kambila643105Numan LGA
Kambila643103Numan LGA
Kanti642111Numan LGA
Karlaje643106Numan LGA
Katte643104Numan LGA
Katte643106Numan LGA
Katte643105Numan LGA
Katte643103Numan LGA
Kem643105Numan LGA
Ketembere643102Numan LGA
Kikan642101Numan LGA
Kiri643105Numan LGA
Kodomti642101Numan LGA
Kogindole643105Numan LGA
Koh642112Numan LGA
Komadi643106Numan LGA
Kondoronhe643104Numan LGA
Kongma643106Numan LGA
Kukumli643104Numan LGA
Kukumli643106Numan LGA
Kukumli643105Numan LGA
Kukumli643103Numan LGA
Kula Duse643104Numan LGA
Kula Kasa643102Numan LGA
Kula Ladeno643102Numan LGA
Kurungu643105Numan LGA
Kwapuke642101Numan LGA
Kwnan Bujem642111Numan LGA
Lababiri643105Numan LGA
Labaram643104Numan LGA
Labaram643106Numan LGA
Labaram643105Numan LGA
Labaram643103Numan LGA
Labau643105Numan LGA
Labau643102Numan LGA
Lagonsho643104Numan LGA
Laidedama643104Numan LGA
Lajang643105Numan LGA
Lakati643104Numan LGA
Lakati643106Numan LGA
Lakati643105Numan LGA
Lakati643103Numan LGA
Lama643102Numan LGA
Lanuwa643104Numan LGA
Lawe Salti642111Numan LGA
Leda643106Numan LGA
Libbo Dutse643104Numan LGA
Libbo Dutse643106Numan LGA
Libbo Dutse643105Numan LGA
Libbo Dutse643103Numan LGA
Lipiro643104Numan LGA
Luram642112Numan LGA
Mittim643104Numan LGA
Mittim643106Numan LGA
Mittim643105Numan LGA
Mittim643103Numan LGA
Monaga642111Numan LGA
Monpdode643102Numan LGA
Morro642112Numan LGA
Nafada643106Numan LGA
Nasarawo643105Numan LGA
Nega642111Numan LGA
Ngawalti642111Numan LGA
Ngbalang642101Numan LGA
Ngbalapun642111Numan LGA
Ngella642112Numan LGA
Ngendan642112Numan LGA
Nuguwun Soja642112Numan LGA
Nyol ‘Usulu642112Numan LGA
Nzoruwe642101Numan LGA
Nzumoso642111Numan LGA
Pella643106Numan LGA
Pullum642101Numan LGA
Pupa643104Numan LGA
Rimi643105Numan LGA
Ruhum643106Numan LGA
S/Pegi Ngbarang642101Numan LGA
Sabon – Pegi – Bare642112Numan LGA
Sabon Layi642111Numan LGA
Sabon Pegi643104Numan LGA
Sabon Pegi Washakara643105Numan LGA
Salti642111Numan LGA
Sembuluri643104Numan LGA
Shafforon642101Numan LGA
Shebta643106Numan LGA
Shelleng643102Numan LGA
Shumshi643104Numan LGA
Shumshi643106Numan LGA
Shumshi643105Numan LGA
Shumshi643103Numan LGA
Surara643106Numan LGA
Takoh642112Numan LGA
Talum643105Numan LGA
Tamara642112Numan LGA
Tamu642112Numan LGA
Tangah643106Numan LGA
Tegbele642111Numan LGA
Tetek643102Numan LGA
Timbu643102Numan LGA
Tungan – Besa642111Numan LGA
Tungan – Ladan642111Numan LGA
Uban Doma642112Numan LGA
Vanera643104Numan LGA
Vanera643106Numan LGA
Vanera643105Numan LGA
Vanera643103Numan LGA
Vulpi642111Numan LGA
Wadafa643104Numan LGA
Wadafa643106Numan LGA
Wadafa643105Numan LGA
Wadafa643103Numan LGA
Waoje643104Numan LGA
Welmet643104Numan LGA
Wodi Kakai642111Numan LGA
Wuro-Gelaide643105Numan LGA
Wuroginnaji I643102Numan LGA
Wuroginnaji II643102Numan LGA
Wuroladde643104Numan LGA
Wurotuge643104Numan LGA
Wurotuge643106Numan LGA
Wurotuge643105Numan LGA
Wurotuge643103Numan LGA
Wuroyanka643104Numan LGA
Wuroyanka643106Numan LGA
Wuroyanka643105Numan LGA
Wuroyanka643103Numan LGA
Yalo643102Numan LGA
Yanga642111Numan LGA
Yelwa643102Numan LGA
Yorong643102Numan LGA
Zambun642101Numan LGA
Zangun642101Numan LGA
Zaunan-Bako643104Numan LGA
Zaunan-Bako643106Numan LGA
Zaunan-Bako643105Numan LGA
Zaunan-Bako643103Numan LGA