List of the 68 Postal Codes for Awka Anambra State

In Awka LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria, there are different postal or zip codes for various districts, ranging from 420102 to 420281. Each district has its own unique code, ensuring accurate mail delivery.

If you need specific information on the postal codes for different areas within Awka, you can find the details in the comprehensive list provided below.

PLacePostal CodeDistrictLGA
Adebebe420108AmawbiaAwka South
Agbana420104UmuawuluAwka South
Agbna Arah420106NiseAwka South
Akpana420110Awka-IfiteAwka South
Amawbia420002Awka South
Anumeze420103IsiaguAwka South
Awka420001GeneralAwka South
Ebenano420103IsiaguAwka South
Egbeenano420105MbaukwuAwka South
Ekenbo Akesi420105MbaukwuAwka South
Emuofite420103IsiaguAwka South
Enugu420110Awka-IfiteAwka South
Enugwu420104UmuawuluAwka South
Enugwuagu420110Awka-IfiteAwka South
Enuoji420108AmawbiaAwka South
Ezeawulu420107NiboAwka South
Ezeoye420107NiboAwka South
Ezike420110Awka-IfiteAwka South
Ezimezi420108AmawbiaAwka South
Ezinato420102EzinatoAwka South
Ezinwafor420105MbaukwuAwka South
Eziokpo/Obeagu420105MbaukwuAwka South
Gbaragu420103IsiaguAwka South
Ifite420107NiboAwka South
Iruoge420103IsiaguAwka South
Isiakpu420106NiseAwka South
Mbaukwu420014Awka South
Ndiagu420105MbaukwuAwka South
Ndikpa420102EzinatoAwka South
Ndiora420102EzinatoAwka South
Ngene420108AmawbiaAwka South
Ngodo420106NiseAwka South
Ngodo420105MbaukwuAwka South
Nibo420006Awka South
Nise420003Awka South
Nodu420109OkpunoAwka South
Ntawkaw420102EzinatoAwka South
Obele420106NiseAwka South
Obunabo420106NiseAwka South
Obunto-Umuazu420106NiseAwka South
Obuofia420105MbaukwuAwka South
Okochi420109OkpunoAwka South
Okpu420109OkpunoAwka South
Umu-Odu420109OkpunoAwka South
Umuakunwa420103IsiaguAwka South
Umuamuno420107NiboAwka South
Umuazu420106NiseAwka South
Umuchibu420110Awka-IfiteAwka South
Umudike-Irioman420103IsiaguAwka South
Umuenu420104UmuawuluAwka South
Umuenwuze-Arah420106NiseAwka South
Umueze420108AmawbiaAwka South
Umuezeafor420110Awka-IfiteAwka South
Umuezealo Arah420106NiseAwka South
Umuezeilo Arah420106NiseAwka South
Umuezilo420105MbaukwuAwka South
Umuezume420105MbaukwuAwka South
Umugbulu420106NiseAwka South
Umukabia420108AmawbiaAwka South
Umunomo Ngodo420106NiseAwka South
Umuoba420105MbaukwuAwka South
Umuodum420105MbaukwuAwka South
Umuonyia420106NiseAwka South
Umuonyia420103IsiaguAwka South
Umuosite420110Awka-IfiteAwka South
Unizik420007Awka South
Uru420105MbaukwuAwka South
Uruoge420103IsiaguAwka South

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