Postal Codes for Calabar Nigeria

Calabar is in Cross River State, Nigeria. In this place, there are different postal or zip codes for various districts, ranging from 540211 to 540281. Each district has its own unique code, ensuring accurate mail delivery.

If you need specific information on the postal codes for different areas within Calabar, you can find the details in the comprehensive list provided below. They are arranged in alphabetical order.

List of 648 Places in Calabar & Their Postal Codes

PlacePostal CodeArea
1st Avenue540222State Housing Estate
2nd Avenue540222State Housing Estate
3rd Avenue540222State Housing Estate
4th Avenue540222State Housing Estate
Abang Asang Street540242Eta Agbor
Abasi Edem Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Abasi Edem Street540253Uwanse
Abasi Obori Lane540253Uwanse
Abasi Obori Street540253Uwanse
Abatiembe Cl.540222State Housing Estate
Abatim Street540251Dan Archibon
Abua Street540251Dan Archibon
Abua Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Academy Lane540251Dan Archibon
Academy Street540251Dan Archibon
Adak Ukpa540213Ikot Omin
Adam Duke A Lane540253Uwanse
Adam Duke B Lane540253Uwanse
Adam Duke Lane C Lane540253Uwanse
Adam Duke Street540253Uwanse
Adazi Street540241Bogobiri
Addy Street540251Dan Archibon
Adiabo Cl.540222State Housing Estate
Adiabo Street540222State Housing Estate
Afokang Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Airport Hotel540221Aiport
Airport Road540221Aiport
Akai Street240212Ikot Ansa
Akandem Street540221Aiport
Akim Cl.540222State Housing Estate
Akim Qua Town Road540241Bogobiri
Akin Qua Town Road540241Bogobiri
Akpanim Street540243Goldie
Akparika Lane540252Ekpo Abasi
Allman Street540251Dan Archibon
Amaku Street540222State Housing Estate
Ambo Street540253Uwanse
Amika Layout Layout540241Bogobiri
Amika Utuk Lane540243Goldie
Amika Utuk Street540243Goldie
Amphibious Training School540281Ikorinim
Anating Street540251Dan Archibon
Andem Street540213Ikot Omin
Anderson Street540261Egerton Area II
Anderson Street540261Egerton
Anderson Street540211Ediba
Andrson Street540261Stadium
Annestly Street540261Stadium
Annestly Street540261Egerton
Ansa Effiom Street540261Stadium
Ansa Effiom Street540261Egerton
Ansa Ewa Lane540261Egerton
Ansa Ewa Street540261Egerton
Ansa Street540261Stadium
Ansa Street540261Egerton
Anyito Street240212Ikot Ansa
Archibong Eso Road240212Ikot Ansa
Archibong Lane540261Egerton
Archibong Square540261Egerton
Archibong Square540261Stadium
Archibong Street540261Egerton
Archibong Street540261Stadium
Argchibong Lane540261Stadium
Army Barrack540242Eta Agbor
Army Barracks Junction240212Ikot Ansa
Asang Eniong Street540243Goldie
Asari Eso Layout Layout540222State Housing Estate
Asari Eso Street540222State Housing Estate
Asari Ntan Inim Street540253Uwanse
Asi Abang Cl.540211Ediba
Asi Abang Street540222State Housing Estate
Asi Abang Street540211Ediba
Asi Etta Street540241Bogobiri
Asiagbo Street540211Ediba
Asim Ikang Street540221Aiport
Asim Ikang Street540211Ediba
Asim Ita Cl.540242Eta Agbor
Asim Ita Street240212Ikot Ansa
Asitata Street540242Eta Agbor
Asuquo Abasi Street540243Goldie
Asuquo Ekpo Cl.540253Uwanse
Asuquo Ekpo Street540253Uwanse
Asuquo Nyong Cl.540243Goldie
Asuquo Nyong Lane540243Goldie
Asuquo Nyong Street540243Goldie
Atakpa Lane540253Uwanse
Atakpa Street540253Uwanse
Atakpa Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Atamunu Lane540253Uwanse
Atamunu Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Atamunu Street540253Uwanse
Atekong Cl.540222State Housing Estate
Atekong Dr.540222State Housing Estate
Atekong Lane Road540222State Housing Estate
Atekong Street540211Ediba
Atimbo Lane540221Aiport
Atu Street540251Dan Archibon
Atuambom Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Authority240212Ikot Ansa
Ayank Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Ayarawo Street540253Uwanse
Ayatmo Street540253Uwanse
Azikiwe540252Ekpo Abasi
Azikiwe Lane540252Ekpo Abasi
Azikiwe Street540253Uwanse
B. Monagh540222State Housing Estate
Balantyne Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Bank Cl.540222State Housing Estate
Barracks Road540241Bogobiri
Bassey Duke Street540251Dan Archibon
Bassey Edem Cl.540222State Housing Estate
Bassey Etteta Lane540241Bogobiri
Bassey Etteta Street540241Bogobiri
Bassey Oqua Lane540221Aiport
Bassey Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Beccle Daveis540251Dan Archibon
Bedwell Street540251Dan Archibon
Beecroft Street540261Stadium
Beecroft Street540261Egerton
Bennet Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Bible Way Way540222State Housing Estate
Boco Street540261Stadium
Boco Street540261Egerton
Bogobiri Street540241Bogobiri
Bonny Street540261Egerton
Bonny Street540261Stadium
Bourdilon Street540251Dan Archibon
Brooks Street540251Dan Archibon
Calabar African Club540261Egerton
Calabar Municipal Office540221Aiport
Calabar Polo Ground540213Ikot Omin
Calabar Road540261Stadium
Calabar Road540261Egerton
Calabar Sports Club540281Ikorinim
Calcemco Beach540271Essien Town
Calcemoo Quarry Road240212Ikot Ansa
Calcemoo Quarry Road540222State Housing Estate
Calcemoo Road540211Ediba
Cameroun Street540241Bogobiri
Cannan Avenue540221Aiport
Cemeroon Street540241Bogobiri
Central Bank540261Egerton Area II
Central Bank540261Egerton
Chalmer Lane540252Ekpo Abasi
Chalmer Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Chambley Street540251Dan Archibon
Channel View Hotel540222State Housing Estate
Chief Obot Cl.540222State Housing Estate
Church Road540213Ikot Omin
Church Road540252Ekpo Abasi
Clement Ebri Dr.540222State Housing Estate
Clerks Alley Street540251Dan Archibon
Clifford Lane540251Dan Archibon
Clifford Street540251Dan Archibon
Club Road540271Essien Town
Coco-Bassey Street540261Stadium
Coco-Bassey Street540261Egerton
College of Tchnology540252Ekpo Abasi
Commercial Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Convent Street540261Stadium
Convent Street540261Egerton
Cross River Radio540241Bogobiri
Cultural Centre540241Bogobiri
Dan Archibong Street540251Dan Archibon
Daniel Hogan Street540243Goldie
David Henshaw Street540222State Housing Estate
Diamond Hill540211Ediba
Diamond hill Police Station540271Essien Town
Dim Otop Cl.540221Aiport
Duglas Avenue540222State Housing Estate
Duke Henshaw Layout540221Aiport
Duke Hotel540222State Housing Estate
Duke Town Cr.540222State Housing Estate
Duke Town Dr.540222State Housing Estate
Duncan Street540252Ekpo Abasi
E.M.S Sch.540253Uwanse
Eastern Highway540221Aiport
Eastern Highway Highway540243Goldie
Eastern Highway Lane540242Eta Agbor
Ebito Street540251Dan Archibon
Ebuka Street540251Dan Archibon
Eburutu Street540241Bogobiri
Ededem Lane540251Dan Archibon
Ededem Street540251Dan Archibon
Edem Edet A Lane540253Uwanse
Edem Edet Lane B Lane540253Uwanse
Edem Edet Street540253Uwanse
Edem Efiokoho Street540241Bogobiri
Edem Ekpenyong Street540241Bogobiri
Edem Lane540261Stadium
Edem Lane540261Egerton
Edem Odo Street540241Bogobiri
Edem Okon Street540221Aiport
Edet Effiom Street240212Ikot Ansa
Edet Essien Square540243Goldie
Edet Nsa Street540261Stadium
Edet Nsa Street540261Egerton
Edgerly Memorial Girls Sec.Sch.540253Uwanse
Edgerly Road540253Uwanse
Edgerly Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Ediba Road540211Ediba
Edibe Edibe Road540261Egerton
Edim Ebana Street540211Ediba
Edim Itakpo Street540211Ediba
Edim Ntoe Street540211Ediba
Edim Otop Cl.540221Aiport
Ediyang Street540222State Housing Estate
Edondo Street540251Dan Archibon
Efa Street540261Stadium
Efa Street540261Egerton
Efagh Mkpan Lane540222State Housing Estate
Effanga Effanga Street540261Egerton
Effanga Mkpa Street540222State Housing Estate
Effanga Nsa Street540261Egerton
Effanga Nsa Street540261Stadium
Effanga Street540261Egerton
Effanga Street540261Stadium
Effio Edem Street540261Stadium
Effio Edem Street540261Egerton
Effio Ette Junction540222State Housing Estate
Effiom Bassey Avenue540222State Housing Estate
Effiom Ekpo Street540253Uwanse
Effiong Street540261Stadium
Effiong Street540261Egerton
Effiwatt Street540261Stadium
Effiwatt Street540261Egerton
Efio Ene Street540253Uwanse
Efut Street540261Egerton
Efut Street540261Stadium
Egerton Street540261Egerton
Egerton Street540261Stadium
Eka Ekong Street540221Aiport
Eke Effiong Street240212Ikot Ansa
Ekeng Abia Street540261Stadium
Ekeng Abia Street540261Egerton
Ekeng Ansa Street540261Egerton
Ekeng Bassey Lane540221Aiport
Ekeng Ewa Street540261Egerton
Ekeng Ita Street540261Egerton
Ekeng Ita Street540261Egerton
Ekeng Iwatt Street540261Stadium
Ekeng Iwatt Street540261Egerton
Ekepheyong Bassey Street540221Aiport
Eket Lane540252Ekpo Abasi
Eket Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Eko Ase Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Ekondo Lane540251Dan Archibon
Ekondo Street540251Dan Archibon
Ekong Amboang Street540211Ediba
Ekong Eta Street540242Eta Agbor
Ekong Nyong Street540242Eta Agbor
Ekong Odo Street540211Ediba
Ekong Oqua Street540211Ediba
Ekorinim Road540281Ikorinim
Ekorinim Village240212Ikot Ansa
Ekpenyong Effiom Street540242Eta Agbor
Ekpikien Cl.540252Ekpo Abasi
Ekpo Abasi Lane540252Ekpo Abasi
Ekpo Eyo Lane540253Uwanse
Ekpo Eyo Street540253Uwanse
Ekpo Nsa Abasi Street540243Goldie
Ekpo Nwa Lane540253Uwanse
Ekpo Nwa Street540253Uwanse
Elijah Henshaw Street540251Dan Archibon
Ene Ndem Street540261Egerton
Ene Ndem Street540261Stadium
Enebong Avenue540253Uwanse
Eneyo Street540261Egerton
Eneyo Street540261Stadium
Eniong Street540253Uwanse
Enkong Street540222State Housing Estate
Ephraim Lane540251Dan Archibon
Ephraim Street540253Uwanse
Ephraim Street540251Dan Archibon
EPZ Port Complex240212Ikot Ansa
Equity Bank540261Stadium
Equity Bank540261Egerton
Esana Abasi Street240212Ikot Ansa
Esana Abasi Street540213Ikot Omin
Eseelfie Street540251Dan Archibon
Eseku Cl.540222State Housing Estate
Esere Ebom Street540261Egerton
Esighi Street540241Bogobiri
Esin Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Eso Street540221Aiport
Essien Town Road240212Ikot Ansa
Essien Ufot Cl.540222State Housing Estate
Estate240212Ikot Ansa
Esuk Atu Road540243Goldie
Esuk Out Road240212Ikot Ansa
Eta Agbo Cr.540242Eta Agbor
Eta Agbo Road540242Eta Agbor
Eta Agbor Road540242Eta Agbor
Eta Eyo Street540242Eta Agbor
Eta Ntisong Street540211Ediba
Etak Ikot Street540213Ikot Omin
Eteta Ita Street540242Eta Agbor
Eteyin Abasi Cl.540253Uwanse
Eteyin Abasi Street540253Uwanse
Etim Edem Street540241Bogobiri
Etim Effiom Lane540253Uwanse
Etim Effiom Street540253Uwanse
Etim Ekpo Cr.540222State Housing Estate
Etim Square540261Stadium
Etim Square540261Egerton
Etime Edem Lane540241Bogobiri
Etoi Street540241Bogobiri
Etomkpe Street540222State Housing Estate
Etonko Street540241Bogobiri
Ewa Ekeng Street540261Egerton
Ewa Ekeng Street540261Stadium
Ewa Ekeng Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Ewa Nsa Street540261Egerton
Ewa Nsa Street540261Stadium
Extension Street540241Bogobiri
Eyamba Street540261Egerton
Eyamba Street540261Stadium
Eyo Aikpo Street540242Eta Agbor
Eyo Edem Street540261Stadium
Eyo Edem Street540261Stadium
Eyo Edet Cr.540222State Housing Estate
Eyo Etta Lane540241Bogobiri
Eyo Etta Street240212Ikot Ansa
Eyo Ita Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Eyo Lane540261Stadium
Eyo Lane540261Egerton
Eyo Okon Street540251Dan Archibon
Ezekie Street540253Uwanse
Fed. Govt. Girls Coll540221Aiport
Federal Housing240212Ikot Ansa
Federal Secretariat540271Essien Town
Fenton Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Fenton Street540261Egerton
Flour Mill240212Ikot Ansa
Foster Street540251Dan Archibon
Fuller Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Furtune Bank540261Egerton
Futune Bank540261Stadium
Garden Street540261Egerton
Garden Street540261Stadium
Gibson Street540251Dan Archibon
Godie Street540251Dan Archibon
Goldie Cl.540243Goldie
Goldie Lane540243Goldie
Goldie Street540241Bogobiri
Goldie Street540243Goldie
Government College240212Ikot Ansa
Government House540271Essien Town
Government Primary School540281Ikorinim
Govt. Sec. Sch.540242Eta Agbor
Govt. Teachers Coll Highway540213Ikot Omin
Great Kwa River540243Goldie
Gregory Effiong Street240212Ikot Ansa
Guaranty Trust Bank540261Egerton
H. W. Institute540261Egerton Area II
H. W. Institutye540261Egerton
Habour Road240212Ikot Ansa
Harbour Village240212Ikot Ansa
Harcourt Street540251Dan Archibon
Hart Street540251Dan Archibon
Hawkins Road540261Egerton
Hawkins Road540261Egerton Area II
Hewet Street540261Stadium
Hewet Street540261Egerton
High Way540211Ediba
Home Farm Estate540253Uwanse
Hope Waddel540271Essien Town
House of Assembly Staff Quarters540281Ikorinim
Howell Lane540252Ekpo Abasi
Howell Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Howell Street540253Uwanse
Ibako Street540222State Housing Estate
IBB Way Way540242Eta Agbor
Ibok Street540222State Housing Estate
Ibom Eteta Ita Street540242Eta Agbor
Ibom Layout540221Aiport
Ibonda Street540253Uwanse
Ikang Etta Square540242Eta Agbor
Ikot Abasi Obori540213Ikot Omin
Ikot Efa Street540222State Housing Estate
Ikot Effa Street240212Ikot Ansa
Ikot Effanga Farm Sett540213Ikot Omin
Ikot Effiong Mkpa- Junction240212Ikot Ansa
Ikot Esu Square540211Ediba
Ikot Eyo Street540222State Housing Estate
Ikot Nkebre Layout540213Ikot Omin
Ikot Uduak Street540222State Housing Estate
Inameti Henshaw Street540221Aiport
Inyan Edem Street540243Goldie
Inyang Ekeng Street540261Egerton
Inyang Ewa Lane540261Egerton
Inyang Ewa Street540261Stadium
Inyang Ewa Street540261Egerton
Inyang Otop Lane540242Eta Agbor
Inyang Otop Street540242Eta Agbor
Inyang Otop Street540221Aiport
Inyang Street540253Uwanse
Inyang Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Ishie Street540222State Housing Estate
Iso Eta240212Ikot Ansa
Iso Oqua Street540242Eta Agbor
Ita Okang Street540211Ediba
Ito Agbor Street540242Eta Agbor
Itu Street540241Bogobiri
Jacob Street540261Egerton
Jacob Street540261Stadium
Joe Goldy540213Ikot Omin
John Etete Ita Street540242Eta Agbor
Johnson Ishie Street240212Ikot Ansa
Kadana Road540222State Housing Estate
Kent Street540252Ekpo Abasi
King Duke Street540251Dan Archibon
King Street540251Dan Archibon
Kings Street540211Ediba
Kusak Street540253Uwanse
Lagos Street540261Egerton
Lagos Street540261Stadium
Lawrence Bassey Avenue540222State Housing Estate
Leopard Town Road540211Ediba
Leopard Town Road540211Ediba
Lugard Street540251Dan Archibon
Lutheran Street540213Ikot Omin
Macdonald Street540261Egerton
Macdonald Street540261Stadium
Macgragor Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Magnus Henshaw Street540261Egerton
Mapple Street540251Dan Archibon
Margaret Ekpo Street540221Aiport
Mariam Road540221Aiport
Mariam Road540211Ediba
Marian Road540252Ekpo Abasi
Marian Road540222State Housing Estate
Marian Road540241Bogobiri
Marian Road540221Aiport
Marina Road540261Stadium
Marina Road540261Egerton
Marina Road540242Eta Agbor
Market Road540222State Housing Estate
Market Square540213Ikot Omin
Mary Magdalene Street540241Bogobiri
Mary Slessor Avenue540241Bogobiri
Mayne Avenue540253Uwanse
Mayne Avenue540252Ekpo Abasi
Mayne Avenue540241Bogobiri
Mayne Avenue540251Dan Archibon
Mbarukom Street540222State Housing Estate
Mbora Etteta Street540211Ediba
Mbora Lane540242Eta Agbor
Mbora Street540242Eta Agbor
Mbukpa Mkt.540253Uwanse
Mbukpa Road540253Uwanse
MCC Road540222State Housing Estate
MCC Workshop240212Ikot Ansa
Mekenge Layout540221Aiport
Methodist Dr.540253Uwanse
Metro Hotel540211Ediba
Mirage Hotel540222State Housing Estate
Mobil Filling Station540261Egerton
Mound Zion Light House Street540213Ikot Omin
Mount Zion Lane540243Goldie
Mt. Zion Road540253Uwanse
Munen Cl.540222State Housing Estate
Murray Street540251Dan Archibon
Murtala Moh.540213Ikot Omin
Murtala Moh’d Highway540271Essien Town
Murtala Moh’d Highway540213Ikot Omin
Murtala Moh’d Highway240212Ikot Ansa
Murtala Moh’d Highway Highway540281Ikorinim
Murtala Moh’d Highway Highway540261Egerton Area II
Murtala Moh’d Way540211Ediba
Murtala Mohd Highway540261Egerton
Musaha Street540252Ekpo Abasi
National540252Ekpo Abasi
Ndidem-Iso Road540242Eta Agbor
Ndon Edet Street540253Uwanse
Nelson Mandela Street540251Dan Archibon
New Edgerly Street540252Ekpo Abasi
New Ekang Road540221Aiport
New Ikang Road540221Aiport
New Ikang Road540221Aiport
New Ikang Street540243Goldie
Nigeria Port Authority540261Egerton
Nigerian Police Zone 6 Hqtrs.540281Ikorinim
Nigerian Port Authority Senior Staff Warters540281Ikorinim
Nigerian Prisons540241Bogobiri
Nigerian Television240212Ikot Ansa
NIPOST/NITEL QTs540222State Housing Estate
Nitel Headquarters540271Essien Town
Nkebre Effiong Street540213Ikot Omin
Nkwa Street540261Egerton
Nkwa Street540261Stadium
Noble Lane540221Aiport
Nsaha Effiom – ‘A’ Lane540221Aiport
Nsaha Effiom – ‘B’ Lane540221Aiport
Nsaha Effiom Street540221Aiport
Nsefik Layout Layout540222State Housing Estate
Nsemo Road240212Ikot Ansa
Nsisuk Street540261Egerton
Nsisuk Street540261Stadium
Ntiero Square540261Stadium
Ntiero Square540261Egerton
Ntoe Street540213Ikot Omin
Nyahasang Street540221Aiport
Nyaraowo Cl.540253Uwanse
Nyok Esu Street540211Ediba
Nyong Edem Cl.540251Dan Archibon
Nyong Edem Street540251Dan Archibon
NYSC240212Ikot Ansa
Obame Ikoye Street540211Ediba
Obo Effiom Street540221Aiport
Obong Lane540222State Housing Estate
Obu (OOO Headquarters)540253Uwanse
Odo Ita Street540211Ediba
Odukpani Road540213Ikot Omin
Odukpani Road540211Ediba
Odwyer Street540251Dan Archibon
Offiong Ekpo Cl.540211Ediba
Offiong Square540261Stadium
Offiong Square540261Egerton
Offiong Street540261Egerton
Offiong Street540261Stadium
Ogar Afufu Cl.540222State Housing Estate
Okodi Lane540253Uwanse
Okodi Street540253Uwanse
Okoho Ephraim Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Okoi Arikpo Estate540241Bogobiri
Okon Edak Lane540253Uwanse
Okon Edak Street540253Uwanse
Okon Ekpo Cl.540243Goldie
Okon Inok Street540222State Housing Estate
Okoro Agbor540221Aiport
Okoroabo Street540242Eta Agbor
Okpo Ene Lane Cl.540253Uwanse
Okpo Ene Street540253Uwanse
Okro Agbor Street540242Eta Agbor
Old Ikang Road540211Ediba
Old Marina Road540211Ediba
Old Odukpani Road240212Ikot Ansa
Old Odukpani Road540213Ikot Omin
Old Residency540261Egerton Area II
Old Secretariat540271Essien Town
Old Secretariat540261Egerton Area II
Old Secretariate540261Egerton
Olumba Olumba540253Uwanse
Oma Street540242Eta Agbor
Orok – Orok Lane540243Goldie
Orok – Orok Street540243Goldie
Orok Effiom Street540221Aiport
Orok Ene Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Orok Ita Street540211Ediba
Orok Odo Street540211Ediba
Orok Oyo Ita Road540222State Housing Estate
Orok Street540261Egerton
Orok Street540253Uwanse
Orok Street540261Stadium
Otomo Street540253Uwanse
Otop Aasi Street540241Bogobiri
Otop Otop Cl.540221Aiport
Otu Ansa Lane540221Aiport
Otu Edem Layout540221Aiport
Otu Eteta Lane540221Aiport
Oyo Efam Lane540253Uwanse
Oyo Effam Street540253Uwanse
Oyo Effiom Street540253Uwanse
Pality Office540221Aiport
Palm Lane540253Uwanse
Palm Street540251Dan Archibon
Palm Street540253Uwanse
Papar Bag Factory540271Essien Town
Park Lane540222State Housing Estate
Parliamentary Road540222State Housing Estate
Police Barrack540241Bogobiri
Porter Street540251Dan Archibon
Post Office540261Egerton Area II
Post Office540261Egerton
Probyn Street540251Dan Archibon
Pumping Station540271Essien Town
Punch Street540251Dan Archibon
Queen Duke Street540241Bogobiri
Queen Street540251Dan Archibon
RCC240212Ikot Ansa
Richard Henshaw Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Richard Henshaw Street540261Egerton
Riffle Range540253Uwanse
Robert Henshaw Street540261Egerton
Ross Street540261Egerton
Ross Street540261Stadium
S.C.C. Workshop540281Ikorinim
School Road540222State Housing Estate
Shanahan Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Shopping Centre/Market540261Stadium
Shopping Centre/Market540261Egerton
Simpson Spring –540271Essien Town
Spring Road240212Ikot Ansa
Spring Tank Road540211Ediba
State Housing Lane540222State Housing Estate
Str. Patrick College540213Ikot Omin
Stream Road540221Aiport
Street Charles Catholic Church540271Essien Town
Street Margaret’s Hosp. Old Residency540261Egerton
Street Margarets Hospital540261Egerton Area II
Street Patricks Collge540213Ikot Omin
Target Road540251Dan Archibon
Target Road540241Bogobiri
Teacher’s Training Collage Junction240212Ikot Ansa
Teaching Hospital540271Essien Town
Technology Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Thomas Henshaw Street540261Egerton
Thompson Cl.540252Ekpo Abasi
Trade Fair Road540222State Housing Estate
Trenchard Street540251Dan Archibon
Twin Street540243Goldie
Uba Mbora Street540242Eta Agbor
Uduak Orok Street540243Goldie
Ukpong Archibong240212Ikot Ansa
Umo Okon Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Umon Street540252Ekpo Abasi
Union Bank540261Egerton Area II
Union Bank540261Egerton
United Bank of Africa540261Stadium
United Bank of African540261Egerton
University of Calabar540271Essien Town
University Road540242Eta Agbor
Usang Street540213Ikot Omin
Uwanse Lane540243Goldie
Uyu Street540261Stadium
Uyu Street540261Egerton
Victor Akan Street540251Dan Archibon
W.A.P.I Junction540213Ikot Omin
W.A.P.I.540271Essien Town
Wapi Mkt.540241Bogobiri
Wapi Secondary School540271Essien Town
Watt Market540261Egerton
Watt Street540251Dan Archibon
Webber Street540251Dan Archibon
Wembly Street540241Bogobiri
White House S Street540213Ikot Omin
White House Street540253Uwanse
White House Street540251Dan Archibon
Wilkie Street540251Dan Archibon
Wilkie Street540252Ekpo Abasi
William George Street540251Dan Archibon
Williamson Cl.540252Ekpo Abasi
Yellow Duke Lane540252Ekpo Abasi
Yellow Duke Street540252Ekpo Abasi

For those asking for the difference between postal code and ZIP code, they have the same uses: in Nigeria, including Calabar, we don’t use ZIP codes like they do in the United States. Instead, Nigeria uses a postal code, which varies from state to state. So, wherever you are in the country, just use the postal code for that state when asked for a ZIP code.