List Of 81 Postal Codes for Ukwa East in Nigeria

In Ukwa East LGA, Abia State, Nigeria, there are different postal or zip codes for various districts, ranging from 452101 to 453110. Each district has its own unique code, ensuring accurate mail delivery.

If you need specific information on the postal codes for different areas within Akuma Imo, Azumini, Ikwu Orie, Ikwueke, Ikwuo Rieator, Ntigha Uzor, Obohia, and Ohuru in Ukwa East, you can find the details in the comprehensive list provided below.

List of Places in Ukwa East LGA and Their Postal Codes

PlacePostal CodeLGA
Akpa Mbator453108Ukwa East
Abaki452105Ukwa East
Abam Nsulu453109Ukwa East
Abam-Nsuluamapa453109Ukwa East
Akanu452105Ukwa East
Akanu452106Ukwa East
Akirika Nta452106Ukwa East
Akirika Obu452106Ukwa East
Akirika Uku452106Ukwa East
Akwete452101Ukwa East
Alaoji453109Ukwa East
Amairingbua Ovom453108Ukwa East
Amakam452104Ukwa East
Amaobu452104Ukwa East
Amapu453109Ukwa East
Amasa-Ovom453108Ukwa East
Amauvuru453109Ukwa East
Amorji452104Ukwa East
Amorji453109Ukwa East
Asumini Stranger452107Ukwa East
Azumini452107Ukwa East
Ehere453109Ukwa East
Eti452108Ukwa East
Eziama453109Ukwa East
Iferefe453109Ukwa East
Ikiruamike452103Ukwa East
Ikpakiri453109Ukwa East
Mkpujakere452108Ukwa East
Mkpukpator452104Ukwa East
Mkpukpuaja452105Ukwa East
Mkpukpule452105Ukwa East
Mkpukpuoha452105Ukwa East
Mkpuohia Oba452108Ukwa East
Mlpukpuokwo452104Ukwa East
Ntigha453109Ukwa East
Obeaku452108Ukwa East
Obeala453109Ukwa East
Obegu452103Ukwa East
Obete Nchima453109Ukwa East
Obija452103Ukwa East
Obosau452103Ukwa East
Obozu452103Ukwa East
Obunku452108Ukwa East
Obuozu452105Ukwa East
Ogbuagu452105Ukwa East
Ogbunga452104Ukwa East
Ohambele452108Ukwa East
Ohandu452101Ukwa East
Ohanso452108Ukwa East
Ohanze453109Ukwa East
Ohaobu452105Ukwa East
Ohaogwe452104Ukwa East
Ohukwu452107Ukwa East
Okoloma Quarters452107Ukwa East
Okotoko452104Ukwa East
Okpuama-Uku453109Ukwa East
Okuenyi453109Ukwa East
Osuogwo452103Ukwa East
Osusu Amaukwa453109Ukwa East
Owohia453109Ukwa East
Ukebe452103Ukwa East
Umise452103Ukwa East
Umuaelaki452103Ukwa East
Umuafor453109Ukwa East
Umuaguma453109Ukwa East
Umuali453109Ukwa East
Umuguru453109Ukwa East
Umuibe452101Ukwa East
Umumbukwa452103Ukwa East
Umunta452107Ukwa East
Umuochoi453109Ukwa East
Umuodo452103Ukwa East
Umuogazi452103Ukwa East
Umuogele453109Ukwa East
Umuogor452105Ukwa East
Umuokahia453109Ukwa East
Umuokara452103Ukwa East
Umuokoroata453109Ukwa East
Umuola Egbelu453109Ukwa East
Umuopara452103Ukwa East
Umuoruwu453109Ukwa East

The headquarters of the Ukwa East Local Government Area is Akwete town in Abia State, Nigeria.

Is Postcode and ZIP Code Same?

In Nigeria, including Ukwa East, we don’t use ZIP codes like they do in the United States. Instead, we have postal codes, and they vary from state to state. So, wherever you are in the country, just use the postal code for that state when asked for a ZIP code.