SA Postal Codes for Western Cape – ZIP Code

The postal code for the Western Cape ranges from 6500 to 8099. The Western Cape is one of the nine provinces in South Africa (SA), with several districts each having its own postal code.

For more details on ZIP codes or postcodes for the Western Cape, find the code along with the district and location.

Province Information

ProvinceWestern Cape
Postal Code6500 – 8099
Area Code27
CountrySouth Africa

List of 1245 Postal Codes for Western Cape

AreaPostal CodeProvince
Admirals Hill7798Western Cape
Adriaanse7490Western Cape
Airlie7806Western Cape
Airport City7490Western Cape
Airport Industria7490Western Cape
Akasiapark7460Western Cape
Albowville7405Western Cape
Alicedale Estate7764Western Cape
Allenby Estate7945Western Cape
Alphen Estate7806Western Cape
Alphine Park7785Western Cape
Amandaglen7550Western Cape
Amandelrug7580Western Cape
Amandelsig7580Western Cape
Anchorage Park7140Western Cape
Annandale7580Western Cape
Annandale Village7441Western Cape
Annaty Bank7945Western Cape
Arauna7560Western Cape
Arcadia Centre7570Western Cape
Ardleigh Park7945Western Cape
Area Al7785Western Cape
Area Sst7784Western Cape
Asanda Village7140Western Cape
Ascot Village7780Western Cape
Athlone7760Western Cape
Athlone7764Western Cape
Athlone Industria7764Western Cape
Atlantic Beach7441Western Cape
Atlantic Beach Golf Estate7441Western Cape
Atlantic Strand7441Western Cape
Atlantis7349Western Cape
Audas Estate7130Western Cape
Aurora7550Western Cape
Aurora Estate7550Western Cape
Austinville7580Western Cape
Avalon Park7580Western Cape
Avondale7349Western Cape
Avondale7490Western Cape
Avondale7500Western Cape
Avondale Gardens7800Western Cape
Avonwood7490Western Cape
Bakkershoogte7130Western Cape
Bakoven8005Western Cape
Balvenie7490Western Cape
Bantry Bay8005Western Cape
Barbarosa Estate7806Western Cape
Barcelona7750Western Cape
Bardale Village7580Western Cape
Baronetcy Estate7500Western Cape
Bayridge7441Western Cape
Bayview7798Western Cape
Baywatch7798Western Cape
Beach Boulevard7441Western Cape
Beach Estate7806Western Cape
Beacon Hill7349Western Cape
Beacon Valley7785Western Cape
Beaconvale7500Western Cape
Belgravia7530Western Cape
Belgravia Estate7764Western Cape
Belhar7493Western Cape
Belhar7507Western Cape
Bella Centurion7441Western Cape
Bella Vista7441Western Cape
Bellair Estate7530Western Cape
Bellair Winelands Estate7130Western Cape
Belle Glen7130Western Cape
Belle Ombre7806Western Cape
Bellrail7530Western Cape
Bellville7530Western Cape
Bellville Business Park7530Western Cape
Bellville South7530Western Cape
Belmont Park7570Western Cape
Belthorne Estate7780Western Cape
Belvenie Estate7490Western Cape
Benno Park7580Western Cape
Berg en Dal7806Western Cape
Berg en Dal Estate7806Western Cape
Bergshoop7550Western Cape
Bergsig7460Western Cape
Bergsig7550Western Cape
Bergstroom7530Western Cape
Bergvliet7864Western Cape
Bergvliet7945Western Cape
Bergzicht7460Western Cape
Bernadino Heights7570Western Cape
Beroma7530Western Cape
Beverly Park7100Western Cape
Big Bay7441Western Cape
Big Bay7448Western Cape
Big Bay Beach Club7441Western Cape
Bishop Lavis7490Western Cape
Bishopscourt7708Western Cape
Bishopscourt Estate7708Western Cape
Blackheath7580Western Cape
Blackheath7581Western Cape
Bloekombos7570Western Cape
Bloemhof7530Western Cape
Blommendal7530Western Cape
Blomtuin Estate7530Western Cape
Blomvlei7530Western Cape
Blomvlei Estate7780Western Cape
Blouberg Sands7441Western Cape
Bloubergrant7441Western Cape
Bloubergrant7443Western Cape
Bloubergrant North7444Western Cape
Bloubergrise7441Western Cape
Bloubergstrand7436Western Cape
Bloubergstrand7441Western Cape
Blue Downs7100Western Cape
Blue Downs7105Western Cape
Blue Horizon7785Western Cape
Bokkemanskloof7806Western Cape
Bokmakierie7764Western Cape
Bongweni7784Western Cape
Bonnie Brae7570Western Cape
Bonniebrook7570Western Cape
Bonny Brook7570Western Cape
Bonteheuwel7764Western Cape
Boquinar7490Western Cape
Borchards Quarry7490Western Cape
Bosbell Estate7530Western Cape
Bosbou7530Western Cape
Boschendal7945Western Cape
Bosonia7580Western Cape
Boston Estate7530Western Cape
Bothasig7406Western Cape
Bothasig7441Western Cape
Boulevard Park7530Western Cape
Bracken Heights7560Western Cape
Bracken Park7560Western Cape
Brackenfell7560Western Cape
Brackenfell7561Western Cape
Brandwag7130Western Cape
Brandwag7580Western Cape
Brandwood7580Western Cape
Brentwood Park7100Western Cape
Bridgebank7130Western Cape
Bridgetown7764Western Cape
Bridgetown7769Western Cape
Bridgewater7130Western Cape
Briza Estate7130Western Cape
Broadlands7140Western Cape
Brooklyn7405Western Cape
Brookside Village7130Western Cape
Browns Farm7750Western Cape
Buitenzorg Village7441Western Cape
Bulties Estate7130Western Cape
Burgundy Estate7441Western Cape
Burundi7100Western Cape
Cafda7945Western Cape
Cambridge Estate7441Western Cape
Camelot7580Western Cape
Camps Bay8005Western Cape
Camps Bay8040Western Cape
Cape Mail8003Western Cape
Cape Mail Speed Services Network8004Western Cape
Cape Town8000Western Cape
Cape Town8001Western Cape
Cape Town International Airport7525Western Cape
Capegate7562Western Cape
Capri Village7975Western Cape
Capricorn7945Western Cape
Capricorn Beach7945Western Cape
Capricorn Park7945Western Cape
Capricorn Square7945Western Cape
Caravelle7787Western Cape
Caravelle7798Western Cape
Carolwood7975Western Cape
Casablanca7140Western Cape
Castle Rock7975Western Cape
Cedarvale7100Western Cape
Cedarville7100Western Cape
Central8001Western Cape
Centurion Business Park7441Western Cape
Century City7441Western Cape
Century City7446Western Cape
Century On Lake7441Western Cape
Century Place7441Western Cape
Chantecler7550Western Cape
Charlesville7490Western Cape
Chelsea Green7100Western Cape
Chempet7441Western Cape
Chempet7442Western Cape
Chrismar Estate7530Western Cape
Churchill Estate7500Western Cape
Clairewood7100Western Cape
Clam Hill7500Western Cape
Clareinch7740Western Cape
Claremont7708Western Cape
Claremont7735Western Cape
Clarendon Estate7700Western Cape
Clarkes Estate7490Western Cape
Clifton8005Western Cape
Clovelly7975Western Cape
Colorado Park7785Western Cape
Competition Mail8017Western Cape
Condor Park7100Western Cape
Coniston Park7945Western Cape
Connaught Estate7490Western Cape
Consort Park7945Western Cape
Constantia7806Western Cape
Constantia7848Western Cape
Constantia Dale7100Western Cape
Constantia Hill Estate7806Western Cape
Constantia Meadows7800Western Cape
Constantia Neck7806Western Cape
Constantia Park7100Western Cape
Constantiavale7806Western Cape
Cormac Park7580Western Cape
Cornuta7945Western Cape
Costa Da Gama7945Western Cape
Country Place7140Western Cape
Cravenby7493Western Cape
Cravenby Estate7493Western Cape
Crawford7770Western Cape
Crawford7780Western Cape
Crest Industria7490Western Cape
Cross Roads7750Western Cape
Croydon7130Western Cape
D’Urbanvale7550Western Cape
Da Gama Park7975Western Cape
Danarand7580Western Cape
Danena7550Western Cape
Dassenberg7349Western Cape
Dassenberg7350Western Cape
De Bron7530Western Cape
De Duin7500Western Cape
De Hague7100Western Cape
De Kuilen7580Western Cape
De La Haye Estate7530Western Cape
De Oude Spruit7560Western Cape
De Tijger7500Western Cape
De Tijgerpark7500Western Cape
De Tuin7560Western Cape
De Waterkant8001Western Cape
Deaconville7130Western Cape
Delft7100Western Cape
Delft7102Western Cape
Delft South7100Western Cape
Delft Voorburg7100Western Cape
Delro Village7580Western Cape
Delropark7580Western Cape
Dennedal7945Western Cape
Dennemere7580Western Cape
Des Hampton7580Western Cape
Devil’s Peak Estate8001Western Cape
Devils Peak8001Western Cape
Devon Park7100Western Cape
Devon Park Village7100Western Cape
Dido Valley7975Western Cape
Die Akkers7530Western Cape
Die Bos7140Western Cape
Die Oewers7580Western Cape
Die Wingerd7130Western Cape
Diep River7800Western Cape
Diepwater7580Western Cape
Door De Kraal7530Western Cape
Doordrift Estate7806Western Cape
Doordrift Village7806Western Cape
Doornhoogte7764Western Cape
Dorhill Estate7130Western Cape
Dreyersdal Estate7945Western Cape
Drift Sands7100Western Cape
Drostdy Park7580Western Cape
Drumblair7945Western Cape
Duck Pond Village7140Western Cape
Duinendal7140Western Cape
Dunoon7438Western Cape
Dunoon7441Western Cape
Durbanvale7550Western Cape
Durbanville7550Western Cape
Durbanville7551Western Cape
Durbanville Hills7550Western Cape
Durbell7550Western Cape
Durmonte7550Western Cape
Durrheim7490Western Cape
Durrheim7491Western Cape
Duynefontein7441Western Cape
Eagle Park7941Western Cape
East Rock7550Western Cape
Eastlake7945Western Cape
Eastlake Island7945Western Cape
Eastlake Village7945Western Cape
Eastridge7785Western Cape
Eden Park7560Western Cape
Edgemead7407Western Cape
Edgemead7441Western Cape
Eedervale7100Western Cape
Eerste River7100Western Cape
Eerste River7103Western Cape
Eerste River South7100Western Cape
Eikefontein7570Western Cape
Eikefontein7571Western Cape
Eikenbosch7530Western Cape
Eikendal7570Western Cape
Eindhoven7100Western Cape
Ekuphumleni7784Western Cape
Electric City7100Western Cape
Elfindale Estate7945Western Cape
Elim7580Western Cape
Elnor Estate7490Western Cape
Elonwabeni7791Western Cape
Elsie’s River7480Western Cape
Elsie’s River7490Western Cape
Elwyn Park7764Western Cape
Eppindust7460Western Cape
Eppindust7475Western Cape
Epping Forest7490Western Cape
Epping Garden Village7460Western Cape
Epping Industrial7460Western Cape
Epping Industrial Area7460Western Cape
Epping Industrial Area7475Western Cape
Erijaville7140Western Cape
Erinvale7130Western Cape
Erinvale Estate7130Western Cape
Eureka Estate7490Western Cape
Europe7750Western Cape
Everglen7550Western Cape
Everite7560Western Cape
Eversdal7550Western Cape
Eversdal Heights7550Western Cape
Factreton7405Western Cape
Faerie Knowe7975Western Cape
Fairdale7100Western Cape
Fairfield Estate7500Western Cape
Fairtrees7550Western Cape
Fairways7800Western Cape
Farmedge7945Western Cape
Farmside7945Western Cape
Faure7131Western Cape
Ferndale7560Western Cape
Ferness Estate7800Western Cape
Fernwood Estate7700Western Cape
Fifth Avenue Village7764Western Cape
Firgrove7110Western Cape
Firgrove7130Western Cape
Fisantekraal7550Western Cape
Fish Hoek7975Western Cape
Fishermans Cove7941Western Cape
Garden Village7130Western Cape
Garden Village7405Western Cape
Gardens8001Western Cape
Garlandale Estate7780Western Cape
Gatesville7764Western Cape
Gatesville7766Western Cape
Gaylands7806Western Cape
Gaylee7580Western Cape
Gleemoor7764Western Cape
Glen Alphine7806Western Cape
Glen Alphine Estate7806Western Cape
Glen Eagles7945Western Cape
Glen Ive7550Western Cape
Glen Lilly7500Western Cape
Glen Marine7975Western Cape
Glenabbot7806Western Cape
Glencairn7975Western Cape
Glencairn Heights7975Western Cape
Glenhaven Estate7530Western Cape
Glenwood7460Western Cape
Glosderry7702Western Cape
Goedehoop7140Western Cape
Goedemoed7550Western Cape
Golden Acre7130Western Cape
Golden Hill7130Western Cape
Golf Estate7800Western Cape
Golf Links Estate7800Western Cape
Goodness7460Western Cape
Goodwood7459Western Cape
Goodwood7460Western Cape
Goodwood Park7460Western Cape
Goodwood West7460Western Cape
Goolhurst7941Western Cape
Gordon’s Bay7140Western Cape
Gordon’s Bay7151Western Cape
Graanendal7550Western Cape
Graceland7784Western Cape
Granger Bay8005Western Cape
Grangor Bay8005Western Cape
Grassy Park7888Western Cape
Grassy Park7941Western Cape
Green Peace Village7780Western Cape
Green Point 28005Western Cape
Green Point 28051Western Cape
Greenfield7140Western Cape
Greenfield7580Western Cape
Greenfields Park7800Western Cape
Greenhaven7764Western Cape
Greenhill Village7785Western Cape
Greenland7530Western Cape
Greenpoint7784Western Cape
Greenways7140Western Cape
Griffiths Mxenge7784Western Cape
Groenendal7530Western Cape
Groenvallei7530Western Cape
Groenvlei7780Western Cape
Groote Schuur7925Western Cape
Groote Schuur Hospital7925Western Cape
Guguletu7750Western Cape
Guguletu7751Western Cape
Guguletu Hostels7750Western Cape
Guguletu Mall7753Western Cape
Guguletu Square7753Western Cape
Gulden Park7140Western Cape
Gustrow7140Western Cape
Haasendal7580Western Cape
Hagley7580Western Cape
Halfway Industria7140Western Cape
Hamilton Estate7100Western Cape
Hampton Estate7780Western Cape
Hanover Park7780Western Cape
Happy Valley7580Western Cape
Harare7784Western Cape
Harbour Island7140Western Cape
Hardwick Estate7700Western Cape
Harfield Village7708Western Cape
Hatton7764Western Cape
Hatton Estate7764Western Cape
Hawthorne Estate7945Western Cape
Hazeldene7750Western Cape
Hazelwood Park7975Western Cape
Hazendal7764Western Cape
Heather Park7100Western Cape
Heatherley Estate7780Western Cape
Heathfield7945Western Cape
Hebron7560Western Cape
Heemstead7530Western Cape
Heemstede7530Western Cape
Heideveld7764Western Cape
Heinz Park7785Western Cape
Helderberg7130Western Cape
Helderberg7135Western Cape
Helderberg Industrial Park7140Western Cape
Helderberg Park7140Western Cape
Helderrant7130Western Cape
Helderview7130Western Cape
Heldervue7130Western Cape
Helderzicht7130Western Cape
Helena Heights7130Western Cape
Heritage Park7130Western Cape
Hermon Park7570Western Cape
Heyns Park7785Western Cape
Hiddingh Estate7700Western Cape
Higgovale8001Western Cape
High Cape8000Western Cape
High Cape8001Western Cape
High Places7100Western Cape
Highbury7580Western Cape
Highbury Park7580Western Cape
Highgate7580Western Cape
Highlands Estate8001Western Cape
Hillcrest7100Western Cape
Hillcrest7560Western Cape
Hillrise7530Western Cape
Hillview7100Western Cape
Hillview7945Western Cape
Hindle Park7580Western Cape
Hoheizen7530Western Cape
Hohenort7806Western Cape
Holomisa7784Western Cape
Hoogstede7560Western Cape
Houghton Place7100Western Cape
Hout Bay7806Western Cape
Hout Bay7872Western Cape
Hout Bay Heights7806Western Cape
Hout Bay Heights Estate7806Western Cape
Howard Hamlet7405Western Cape
Howard Place7450Western Cape
Hunters Manor7800Western Cape
Hurley Estate7700Western Cape
Hydepark7785Western Cape
I.C.G. (Pty) Ltd8024Western Cape
Ikwezi Park7784Western Cape
Ilitha Park7784Western Cape
Imarike7752Western Cape
Imhoff’s Gift7975Western Cape
Imizamo Yethu7806Western Cape
Industrial Area7140Western Cape
Jagtershof7580Western Cape
Jakarandas7580Western Cape
Joe Slovo7455Western Cape
Joe Slovo Camp7441Western Cape
Joe Slovo Park7441Western Cape
Joostenberg Vlakte7570Western Cape
Joubert Park7530Western Cape
Kaapsig7560Western Cape
Kaapzicht7500Western Cape
Kalk Bay7975Western Cape
Kalk Bay7990Western Cape
Kalkfontein7580Western Cape
Kalksteenfontein7490Western Cape
Kanana7750Western Cape
Kanonberg7530Western Cape
Kapteinsbaai7441Western Cape
Karee Park7560Western Cape
Kasselsvlei7530Western Cape
Kasselsvlei7533Western Cape
Kempenville7530Western Cape
Kenilworth7708Western Cape
Kenilworth7745Western Cape
Kenilworth7780Western Cape
Kenilworth8301Western Cape
Kenilworth Park7708Western Cape
Kenridge7530Western Cape
Kenridge7550Western Cape
Kenridge Estate7550Western Cape
Kenridge Heights7550Western Cape
Kensington7405Western Cape
Kenwyn7780Western Cape
Kenwyn7790Western Cape
Kernkrag7440Western Cape
Kernkrag7441Western Cape
Kewtown7764Western Cape
Khanya Park7784Western Cape
Khayelitsha7783Western Cape
Khayelitsha7784Western Cape
Khayelitsha Mall7792Western Cape
Khulani Park7784Western Cape
Killarney Gardens7441Western Cape
Kine Park7560Western Cape
Kingston7530Western Cape
Kirstenbosch7708Western Cape
Kirstenhof7945Western Cape
Klaasenbosch7806Western Cape
Klein Dassenberg7358Western Cape
Klein Dreyersdal7945Western Cape
Klein Leeukop Estate7806Western Cape
Klein Nederburg7550Western Cape
Klein Turf Hall Estate7780Western Cape
Klein Wassenaar7945Western Cape
Klein Welgemoed7530Western Cape
Kleinbosch7500Western Cape
Kleinbron7560Western Cape
Kleinbron Estate7560Western Cape
Kleinbron Park7560Western Cape
Kleinvlei7100Western Cape
Kleinvlei Annex7100Western Cape
Klipdam7580Western Cape
Klipfontein7750Western Cape
Klipheuwel7303Western Cape
Klipheuwel7550Western Cape
Kloofnek8001Western Cape
Kloofzicht7580Western Cape
Knole Park7941Western Cape
Koeberg7441Western Cape
Kommetjie7975Western Cape
Kommetjie7976Western Cape
Kosovo7785Western Cape
Kraaifontein7569Western Cape
Kraaifontein7570Western Cape
Kraaifontein North7572Western Cape
Kreupelbosch7945Western Cape
Kronenzicht Estate7806Western Cape
Kuils River7579Western Cape
Kuils River7580Western Cape
Kuyasa7784Western Cape
La Concorde7130Western Cape
La Concordia7130Western Cape
La Montaque7570Western Cape
La Montegne7570Western Cape
La Paloma7441Western Cape
La Rochelle7530Western Cape
La Sandra7130Western Cape
Labella Park7530Western Cape
Labiance Estate7530Western Cape
Lake Michelle7975Western Cape
Lakeside7945Western Cape
Lakeview7945Western Cape
Lancia Park7560Western Cape
Land En Zeezicht7130Western Cape
Landskroon7560Western Cape
Langa7455Western Cape
Langa7456Western Cape
Langeberg Glen7570Western Cape
Langeberg Heights7570Western Cape
Langeberg Hills7550Western Cape
Langeberg Rand7550Western Cape
Langeberg Ridge7550Western Cape
Langeberg Village7550Western Cape
Lansdowne7779Western Cape
Lansdowne7780Western Cape
Las Vegas7785Western Cape
Lavender Hill7945Western Cape
Lavistown7465Western Cape
Lavistown7490Western Cape
Leiden7100Western Cape
Lentegeur7785Western Cape
Lentegeur7786Western Cape
Leonsdale7490Western Cape
Lieben Glen7530Western Cape
Lincoln Estate7764Western Cape
Lingelethu West7765Western Cape
Lingelethu West7784Western Cape
Links7130Western Cape
Llandudno7806Western Cape
Loevenstein7530Western Cape
London Village7785Western Cape
Long Beach Village7975Western Cape
Longdown Estate7130Western Cape
Lost City7785Western Cape
Lotus River7805Western Cape
Lotus River7941Western Cape
Loumar Estate7530Western Cape
Louw’s Bush7490Western Cape
Lower Crossroads7750Western Cape
Lusaka7750Western Cape
Luvuyo Park7784Western Cape
Luyoloville7750Western Cape
Luzuko7750Western Cape
Lwandle7140Western Cape
Lwandle7143Western Cape
Lynfrae Estate7708Western Cape
Mabille Park7580Western Cape
Macassar7130Western Cape
Macassar7134Western Cape
Maitland7404Western Cape
Maitland7405Western Cape
Makhaza7784Western Cape
Makhaza7792Western Cape
Malagas Park7441Western Cape
Malibu Village7100Western Cape
Malunga Park7750Western Cape
Mamre7347Western Cape
Mamre7349Western Cape
Mandalay7785Western Cape
Mandela Park7784Western Cape
Mandela Park7806Western Cape
Manenberg7764Western Cape
Manenberg7767Western Cape
Manyanani7794Western Cape
Marina Da Gama7945Western Cape
Marina Estate7945Western Cape
Marina Moorings7945Western Cape
Marinda Park7580Western Cape
Marlborough Park7560Western Cape
Martinville7130Western Cape
Marvin Park7130Western Cape
Masiphumelele7975Western Cape
Matroosfontein7489Western Cape
Matroosfontein7490Western Cape
Mayfield Village7780Western Cape
Maynardville7800Western Cape
Mdc7800Western Cape
Meadowridge7806Western Cape
Melkbos7441Western Cape
Melkbosstrand7441Western Cape
Melton Rose7100Western Cape
Melton Rose7101Western Cape
Melton Village7100Western Cape
Merrydale7785Western Cape
Merrydale Park7785Western Cape
Metro7405Western Cape
Metro Industrial Township7405Western Cape
Meyerhof7530Western Cape
Mfuleni7100Western Cape
Mibille Park7580Western Cape
Midhurst Estate7806Western Cape
Midpine7140Western Cape
Mikro Park7580Western Cape
Milkwood Park7975Western Cape
Millers Point7995Western Cape
Milnerton7441Western Cape
Milnerton Ridge7441Western Cape
Mimosa7530Western Cape
Mission Ground7130Western Cape
Mitchells Plain7785Western Cape
Modderdam7490Western Cape
Montagu Village7945Western Cape
Montagu’s Gift7941Western Cape
Montague Gardens7441Western Cape
Montana7490Western Cape
Montclair7130Western Cape
Montclair7785Western Cape
Monte Video7490Western Cape
Monte Vista7460Western Cape
Monte Vista7463Western Cape
Monterey Estate7806Western Cape
Montrose Park7785Western Cape
Montserrat7130Western Cape
Mooigezight7530Western Cape
Mooiverwacht7530Western Cape
Morgan Village7785Western Cape
Morgenster7560Western Cape
Morgenster7785Western Cape
Morgenster7792Western Cape
Morgenster Heights7560Western Cape
Morgenzon Heights7560Western Cape
Morningside7130Western Cape
Morningside7945Western Cape
Morningstar7550Western Cape
Morningstar7806Western Cape
Mouille Point8005Western Cape
Mount View7530Western Cape
Mount View7780Western Cape
Mountain Side7140Western Cape
Mountain Side7151Western Cape
Mountain View Village7945Western Cape
Mowbray7700Western Cape
Mowbray7705Western Cape
Muizenberg7945Western Cape
Muizenberg7950Western Cape
Murdoch Valley7975Western Cape
Mutualpark7451Western Cape
N1 City7460Western Cape
N1 City7463Western Cape
Nature’s Valley7130Western Cape
Ndabeni7405Western Cape
Nerina7550Western Cape
Nerissa Estate7780Western Cape
Netreg7764Western Cape
New Cross Roads7750Western Cape
New Green Point7784Western Cape
New Horizon7100Western Cape
New Macassar Village7130Western Cape
New Tafelsig7785Western Cape
New Woodlands7785Western Cape
Newfields7764Western Cape
Newfields7780Western Cape
Newlands7700Western Cape
Newlands Hostel7750Western Cape
Newrest7750Western Cape
Nieuw Nooiensfontein7580Western Cape
Nirvana Estate7806Western Cape
Nkanini7784Western Cape
Nobel Park7530Western Cape
Nobuhle7784Western Cape
Nomzamo7140Western Cape
Nomzamo7144Western Cape
Nomzamo Informal7140Western Cape
Nonkqubela7784Western Cape
Nonkqubela7793Western Cape
Nontsizana7750Western Cape
Nooiensfontein7580Western Cape
Nooitgedacht7490Western Cape
Norfolk Park7945Western Cape
Normandi7570Western Cape
North Gate7500Western Cape
North Gate Estate7500Western Cape
North Pine7560Western Cape
North Shore Estate7806Western Cape
Norton Square7441Western Cape
Norwood Estate7490Western Cape
Nova Constantia7806Western Cape
Nuweland7700Western Cape
Nyanga7750Western Cape
Nyanga7755Western Cape
Nyanga East7750Western Cape
Nyanga Junction7756Western Cape
O’Kennedyville7550Western Cape
Oak Glen7530Western Cape
Oakdale Estate7530Western Cape
Oakdene7580Western Cape
Oakridge7806Western Cape
Oakridge Estate7806Western Cape
Observatory7925Western Cape
Observatory7935Western Cape
Ocean Peaks7140Western Cape
Ocean View7975Western Cape
Okavango Park7560Western Cape
Old Cross Roads7750Western Cape
Old Oak7530Western Cape
Old Oak7537Western Cape
Olivine Estate7780Western Cape
On The Bay7798Western Cape
Onverwaght7140Western Cape
Onze Molen7550Western Cape
Oostersee7500Western Cape
Oranjezicht8001Western Cape
Orchard Village7945Western Cape
Ottery7800Western Cape
Ottery7808Western Cape
Oude Molen Village7405Western Cape
Oude Westehof7530Western Cape
Oudekraal8005Western Cape
Paarden Island7405Western Cape
Paardeneiland7405Western Cape
Paardevlei7130Western Cape
Palm Park7460Western Cape
Panorama7500Western Cape
Panorama7506Western Cape
Parel Valley7130Western Cape
Park 20007560Western Cape
Park Estate7700Western Cape
Park Island7945Western Cape
Park Village7100Western Cape
Parkdrive7441Western Cape
Parkgate7441Western Cape
Parklands7441Western Cape
Parklands North7441Western Cape
Parktown7764Western Cape
Parkview7785Western Cape
Parkview Village7550Western Cape
Parkwood Estate7941Western Cape
Parliament8007Western Cape
Parow7499Western Cape
Parow7500Western Cape
Parow East7500Western Cape
Parow East7501Western Cape
Parow Industria7493Western Cape
Parow North7500Western Cape
Parow Valley7500Western Cape
Parow West7500Western Cape
Pasadena Heights7798Western Cape
Pasedena7798Western Cape
Pearl Rise7130Western Cape
Peerless Park7570Western Cape
Peerless Park East7570Western Cape
Peerless Park North7570Western Cape
Peerless Park West7570Western Cape
Peers Hill Estate7975Western Cape
Pekalmy Estate7945Western Cape
Pelican Bay7798Western Cape
Pelican Heights7941Western Cape
Pelican Park7941Western Cape
Penhill7100Western Cape
Penlyn Estate7780Western Cape
Penny Lane7560Western Cape
Penzance Estate7806Western Cape
Perm Gardens7100Western Cape
Perreira7580Western Cape
Phakamisa7784Western Cape
Philadelphia7304Western Cape
Philippi7750Western Cape
Philippi7781Western Cape
Philippi East7785Western Cape
Philippi Park7750Western Cape
Phisantekraal7550Western Cape
Phoenix7441Western Cape
Phola Park7750Western Cape
Phumilani Village7941Western Cape
Pinati Estate7780Western Cape
Pine Place7100Western Cape
Pinegrove7130Western Cape
Pinehurst7550Western Cape
Pinelands7405Western Cape
Pinelands7430Western Cape
Pinetree Village7460Western Cape
Pineview7570Western Cape
Pionier Park7580Western Cape
Plaas Firlands7130Western Cape
Plattekloof7500Western Cape
Plattekloof Glen7460Western Cape
Plumstead7800Western Cape
Plumstead7801Western Cape
Pollsmoor7945Western Cape
Portia Estate7780Western Cape
Portland Park7560Western Cape
Portlands7785Western Cape
Potsdam7441Western Cape
Primrose Park7764Western Cape
Prince George Meadows7800Western Cape
Princessvlei7800Western Cape
Protea Heights7560Western Cape
Protea Park7349Western Cape
Protea Valley7530Western Cape
Protea Village7560Western Cape
Proteaville Estate7550Western Cape
Punts Estate7945Western Cape
Raapkraal7945Western Cape
Race Course Park7441Western Cape
Ravensmead7493Western Cape
Ravensmead7504Western Cape
Rest Haven7945Western Cape
Retreat7945Western Cape
Retreat7965Western Cape
Reygersdal7352Western Cape
Rhodes Gift7707Western Cape
Richmond Estate7460Western Cape
Richwood7441Western Cape
Ridgeworth Estate7530Western Cape
River Hamlet7441Western Cape
Riverside Glen7975Western Cape
Riverside Park7100Western Cape
Riverside Park7780Western Cape
Riverton Estate7490Western Cape
Riviera7100Western Cape
Robinvale7349Western Cape
Rocklands7798Western Cape
Rogge Bay8012Western Cape
Rome Glen7130Western Cape
Rondebosch7701Western Cape
Rondebosch East7780Western Cape
Rondevlei Park7785Western Cape
Rontree Estate8005Western Cape
Roosendal7100Western Cape
Rosebank7700Western Cape
Rosedale7100Western Cape
Rosendal7550Western Cape
Rosendal7580Western Cape
Rosenpark7550Western Cape
Rothman Park7460Western Cape
Rotterdam7580Western Cape
Roundhay7130Western Cape
Rouxville7580Western Cape
Royal Ascot7441Western Cape
Rue Mont Clare7130Western Cape
Rugby7405Western Cape
Russels Rest7100Western Cape
Rustdal7580Western Cape
Rusthof7140Western Cape
Rutvale Estate7764Western Cape
Ruwari7560Western Cape
Ruyterwacht7460Western Cape
Rylands Estate7764Western Cape
Sacks Circle7530Western Cape
Salberau7490Western Cape
Salt River7925Western Cape
Salvo Park7130Western Cape
Samantha Village7100Western Cape
Samora Machel7785Western Cape
San Diego7100Western Cape
San Marina7945Western Cape
San Remo7798Western Cape
Sanddrift7441Western Cape
Sandhurst7490Western Cape
Sandile7455Western Cape
Sandvlei7945Western Cape
Sangrove Estate7700Western Cape
Sanlamhof7530Western Cape
Sanlamhof7532Western Cape
Santana Village7100Western Cape
Sarepta7580Western Cape
Sarepta7582Western Cape
Saxenburg Park7580Western Cape
Saxon Sea7349Western Cape
Scarborough7975Western Cape
Schaap Kraal7941Western Cape
Scholla Jiba7784Western Cape
Schoongezicht7550Western Cape
Schotsche Kloof8001Western Cape
Scott Estate7806Western Cape
Scottsdene7570Western Cape
Scottsville7570Western Cape
Sea Crest7798Western Cape
Sea Point8005Western Cape
Sea Ridge Park7785Western Cape
Sea Wind7945Western Cape
Seaforth7975Western Cape
Seesig7975Western Cape
Seesig7977Western Cape
Seinheuwel8001Western Cape
Selbourne7530Western Cape
Sercor Park7140Western Cape
Serengeti7530Western Cape
Sheridon Park7945Western Cape
Sherwood Park7349Western Cape
Sherwood Park7764Western Cape
Shirley Park7530Western Cape
Sierra Park7780Western Cape
Signal Hill8001Western Cape
Sillery7806Western Cape
Silver Oaks7580Western Cape
Silver Tree Estate7945Western Cape
Silverglade7975Western Cape
Silverhurst Estate7806Western Cape
Silversands7580Western Cape
Silvertown7764Western Cape
Silwood Estate7100Western Cape
Silwood Heights7100Western Cape
Simon’s Town7975Western Cape
Simon’s Town7995Western Cape
Simonstown7975Western Cape
Simonstown7995Western Cape
Sir Lowry Road7130Western Cape
Sir Lowry Road7925Western Cape
Sir Lowry’s Pass7130Western Cape
Sir Lowry’s Pass7133Western Cape
Site B7784Western Cape
Site C7784Western Cape
Siyahlala7784Western Cape
Slangkop7976Western Cape
Soetwater7976Western Cape
Somerset Heights7100Western Cape
Somerset Mall7130Western Cape
Somerset Mall7137Western Cape
Somerset Oaks7130Western Cape
Somerset Park7130Western Cape
Somerset Park7945Western Cape
Somerset Ridge7130Western Cape
Somerset West7129Western Cape
Somerset West7130Western Cape
Somerset West Business Park7130Western Cape
Soneike7580Western Cape
Soneike7583Western Cape
Sonkring7570Western Cape
Sonnekuil7580Western Cape
Sonnendal7500Western Cape
Sonsig7550Western Cape
Sonstraal7550Western Cape
Sonstraal Heights7550Western Cape
Sorrento7500Western Cape
South End7140Western Cape
South Riding7780Western Cape
Southern Cross7806Western Cape
Southern Hills7945Western Cape
Southfield7800Western Cape
Southfield7880Western Cape
Southfork7140Western Cape
Soutrivier7925Western Cape
Spandau Village7100Western Cape
Spanish Farm7130Western Cape
Springbokpark7560Western Cape
Square Hill7945Western Cape
St Augistine7493Western Cape
St Augustine7493Western Cape
St Duma7580Western Cape
St Dumas7580Western Cape
St James7945Western Cape
St James7946Western Cape
St Kilda7560Western Cape
St Michaels7560Western Cape
St Montagu Village7945Western Cape
Station Park7750Western Cape
Steenberg7945Western Cape
Steenberg7947Western Cape
Steenberg Estate7945Western Cape
Steenberg Industria7945Western Cape
Stellenberg7550Western Cape
Stellenridge7530Western Cape
Stellenryk7550Western Cape
Steurhof7800Western Cape
Steynsrust7130Western Cape
Stikland7530Western Cape
Stonehill Estate7493Western Cape
Stonehurst Estate7945Western Cape
Stoney Brook Village7100Western Cape
Strand7139Western Cape
Strand7140Western Cape
Strandfontein7788Western Cape
Strandfontein7798Western Cape
Strandfontein Village7798Western Cape
Stratford Green7100Western Cape
Stratford Park7100Western Cape
Stuart’s Hill7130Western Cape
Suideinde7140Western Cape
Suider Strand7140Western Cape
Suiderkruis7806Western Cape
Summer Greens7441Western Cape
Summerville7570Western Cape
Sun Boulevard7798Western Cape
Sun City7130Western Cape
Sun Valley7975Western Cape
Sunbird Park7580Western Cape
Sunbury Estate7945Western Cape
Sunkist Estate7530Western Cape
Sunlands Estate7780Western Cape
Sunningdale7441Western Cape
Sunny Cove7975Western Cape
Sunnybrae7700Western Cape
Sunnydale7975Western Cape
Sunnyside7764Western Cape
Sunridge7441Western Cape
Sunridge Estate7441Western Cape
Sunset Beach7441Western Cape
Surrey Estate7764Western Cape
Surwell7762Western Cape
Surwell7764Western Cape
Swartklip7785Western Cape
Sweet Valley7945Western Cape
Sybrandpark7700Western Cape
Sydneyvale7490Western Cape
Table Bay Harbour8001Western Cape
Table View7441Western Cape
Tafelsig7785Western Cape
Tambo Village7750Western Cape
Tamboerskloof8001Western Cape
Tara7550Western Cape
Tembani7784Western Cape
Thalman Estate7530Western Cape
The Akkers7530Western Cape
The Avenues7490Western Cape
The Boulders7975Western Cape
The Conifers7100Western Cape
The Crest7550Western Cape
The Farm7785Western Cape
The Hague7100Western Cape
The Island7500Western Cape
The Islands7500Western Cape
The Lakes7975Western Cape
The Leagues7785Western Cape
The Oaks7530Western Cape
The Palms7530Western Cape
The Pines7530Western Cape
The Range7490Western Cape
The Ridge7441Western Cape
The River Hamlet7441Western Cape
The Vines Estate7806Western Cape
Thornton7460Western Cape
Thornton7485Western Cape
Three Anchor Bay8005Western Cape
Timour Hall Estate7800Western Cape
Tokai7945Western Cape
Tokai7966Western Cape
Town Two7784Western Cape
Triangle Farm7530Western Cape
Trovato Estate7800Western Cape
Tuine8001Western Cape
Turfhall Estate7780Western Cape
Turfhall Park7780Western Cape
Tuscany Glen7100Western Cape
Tussendal7945Western Cape
Twin Palms7140Western Cape
Tyger Falls7530Western Cape
Tyger Manor7530Western Cape
Tyger Valley7530Western Cape
Tyger Waterfront7530Western Cape
Tygerberg7505Western Cape
Tygerberg Business Park7493Western Cape
Tygerberg Hills7530Western Cape
Tygerdal7460Western Cape
Tygerhof Estate7441Western Cape
Tygerpark7530Western Cape
Uitsig7493Western Cape
Uitzicht7550Western Cape
Uitzicht7570Western Cape
Unathi7750Western Cape
Unibell7539Western Cape
University Estate7925Western Cape
Upper Claremont7708Western Cape
Upper Woodstock7925Western Cape
Upper Wynberg7800Western Cape
Valhalla Park7490Western Cape
Valley Estate7806Western Cape
Valmary Park7550Western Cape
Valyland7978Western Cape
Van Der Stel7130Western Cape
Van Riebeeckstrand7441Western Cape
Vanguard Estate7764Western Cape
Vanriebeeckshof7530Western Cape
Vanriebeeckshof7540Western Cape
Vasco7460Western Cape
Vergenoeg7100Western Cape
Vergesig7550Western Cape
Victoria Junction8000Western Cape
Victoria Junction8001Western Cape
Victoria Mxenge7784Western Cape
Victoria Park7130Western Cape
Victoria Park7570Western Cape
Vier Bergen7530Western Cape
Vierlanden7550Western Cape
Vietnam7750Western Cape
Viking Village7460Western Cape
Villa Bianca7530Western Cape
Villa De Vie7560Western Cape
Villa Palma7580Western Cape
Vishoek7975Western Cape
Vita Nova Estate7945Western Cape
Vlaeberg8018Western Cape
Voelvlei7580Western Cape
Voorbrug7100Western Cape
Vredehoek8001Western Cape
Vredekloof7560Western Cape
Vredekloof Heights7560Western Cape
Vredekloof Park7560Western Cape
Vredekloof Terraces7560Western Cape
Vredekloof Village7560Western Cape
Vredelust7580Western Cape
Vredelust Estate7530Western Cape
Vredenberg7530Western Cape
Vredendal North8161Western Cape
Vrijzee7460Western Cape
Vrygrond7945Western Cape
Vygeboom7550Western Cape
Wallacedene7570Western Cape
Walmer Estate7925Western Cape
Washington Park7784Western Cape
Waterfront8001Western Cape
Waterfront8002Western Cape
Waterkloof7530Western Cape
Watsonia Park7570Western Cape
Wave Crest7798Western Cape
Waves Edge7441Western Cape
Welcome Estate7764Western Cape
Welcome Glen7975Western Cape
Welgedacht7530Western Cape
Welgelee7560Western Cape
Welgelegen7500Western Cape
Welgemoed7530Western Cape
Welgemoed7538Western Cape
Wellway Park7550Western Cape
Wellway Park East7550Western Cape
Weltevreden Glen7785Western Cape
Weltevreden Valley7785Western Cape
Weltevreden Valley North7784Western Cape
Wembleypark7100Western Cape
Wembly Park7580Western Cape
Wesfleur7349Western Cape
Weskus Village7433Western Cape
West Bank7580Western Cape
West Beach7441Western Cape
West Coast Village7433Western Cape
West Riding7441Western Cape
Westgate7798Western Cape
Westgate Mall7785Western Cape
Westhof7530Western Cape
Westhoven7441Western Cape
Westlake7945Western Cape
Westminister Park7100Western Cape
Westridge7130Western Cape
Westridge7798Western Cape
Westridge7802Western Cape
Westridge Heights7798Western Cape
Wetton7780Western Cape
Wetton Park7780Western Cape
Wheatfield Estate7780Western Cape
White City7750Western Cape
White Waters7441Western Cape
Wildwoods7785Western Cape
Wilger Park7530Western Cape
Windsor Estate7570Western Cape
Windsor Park7570Western Cape
Windsor Park7800Western Cape
Wingate Heights7975Western Cape
Wingfield7460Western Cape
Winsley7530Western Cape
Winterberg7530Western Cape
Witsand7349Western Cape
Wittebome7800Western Cape
Woodbridge Island7441Western Cape
Woodbury7785Western Cape
Woodlands7785Western Cape
Woodlands7975Western Cape
Woodlands Park7780Western Cape
Woodridge7785Western Cape
Woodstock7915Western Cape
Woodstock7925Western Cape
Wynberg7800Western Cape
Wynberg7824Western Cape
Yorkshire Estate7780Western Cape
Youngsfield7700Western Cape
Youngsfield Quarters7700Western Cape
Ysterplaat7405Western Cape
Ysterplaat7425Western Cape
Ysterplaat Air Force Base7405Western Cape
Zeekoevlei7941Western Cape
Zerilda Park7945Western Cape
Zevendal7580Western Cape
Zevenwacht Village7580Western Cape
Zevenzicht7580Western Cape
Zola7140Western Cape
Zonnebloem7925Western Cape
Zoo Park7570Western Cape
Zwaanswyk7945Western Cape
Zwaanswyk Estate7945Western Cape
Zwelitsha7750Western Cape