Salams vs MuzMatch: Major Differences

Salams and Muzz (formerly MuzMatch) are Muslim dating, friendship, and networking apps. They are designed to help Muslims connect with each other for the purpose of dating, marriage, and forming friendships. You can create profiles, set preferences, and use features like swiping right or left to express interest in potential matches. 

The apps provide a platform for Muslims to find compatible partners and communicate through various means such as text messaging, voice calls, and video calls.

What is the New Name for MuzMatch

The new name for Muzmatch is “Muzz.” The app changed its branding to Muzz after a court ruling in June determined that the original name was too similar to that of the Match Group, which operates various dating websites and apps. The decision to change the name was upheld following an appeal.

Salams Vs MuzMatch Review

Salams and MuzMatch (now Muzz) are similar in that they are both Muslim dating apps designed to help Muslims connect with potential partners for marriage or friendships. However, they are different platforms with distinct features, branding, and user interfaces. 

Each app has its own set of functionalities, membership options, and unique aspects designed to the needs and preferences of its members. While both serve the Muslim community, they are separate entities with their own approaches for connecting you within the Muslim community.

1. Names and Branding

Salams maintains its original name, while Muzz (formerly MuzMatch) rebranded due to a legal ruling citing similarities with the Match Group. The court’s decision prompted MuzMatch to adopt the name “Muzz” to address concerns and establish a distinct identity.

2. Features and Memberships

Salams and Muzz offer distinct features and membership options in terms of Muslim dating. Salams provides you with Salams Gold and Salams Diamond memberships, featuring profile boosts, custom reviews, and personalized Telegrams. It boasts over 17 filters, an anti-ghost feature, and user endorsements for profile quality. 

On the other hand, Muzz introduces Icebreakers in chat, Personality and Interests options, and emphasizes powerful filters for location, interests, and profession. Muzz also prioritizes user safety with an all-female community support team and verification processes like selfie and ID verification.

3. Matching Algorithm

Salams and Muzz use different ways to help people find matches. Salams lets members swipe right if they’re interested or left if they’re not, focusing on simple and anonymous matching. 

On the other hand, Muzz relies on filters like location and interests to connect you with similar preferences. Salams keeps it straightforward with swiping, while Muzz uses detailed criteria for matching. Both aim to make it easy for you to find people you might like, but they use different methods – swiping for Salams and filters for Muzz.

5. Verification Processes

Salams and Muzz differ in their approaches to user verification. Salams uses a process involving selfie verification and GPS location to ensure your authenticity and enhance safety. You can trust that the people you connect with have undergone this verification process. 

Conversely, Muzz takes verification a step further with both selfie verification and ID verification, it provides an additional layer of security to confirm your identity. This dual verification process aims to reassure you that you are not engaging with fake members.

6. User Endorsements

Salams and Muzz also differ in their use of user endorsements. Salams features user endorsements, where you can rate the quality of a profile based on your experiences. This system allows you to assess profile credibility. 

In contrast, Muzz places a focus on verified users, using an extra layer of security through ID verification, ensuring that members are genuine. While Salams relies on your feedback for profile quality, Muzz emphasizes verified users as a measure of trustworthiness.

7. Communication Features

Salams and Muzz vary in their communication features. Salams offers free audio/video calling, unlimited messaging, and user endorsements, enhancing interactions. The app includes a screenshot stopper for private dating. 

Muzz, on the other hand, provides voice and video calling, voice notes, and profile videos to deepen connections. It emphasizes privacy, allowing you to control who sees your profile and keeping photos private until you decide to share them. 

8. Additional Features

Salams and Muzz present different additional features. Salams offers Salams Gold and Salams Diamond memberships with perks like profile boosts and custom reviews. It includes Telegrams for a more personal touch and features like profile insights and an anti-ghost function. 

Muzz introduces options like Icebreakers, allowing you to add questions to start conversations. It emphasizes privacy control with a chaperone (Wali) inclusion, ID verification for added security, and Travel Mode for users abroad. While both dating apps aim to enhance your experiences, Salams focuses on profile quality and boosts, while Muzz emphasizes your privacy, security, and unique conversation starters.

9. Media Recognition

Salams and Muzz also differ in their media recognition. Salams has been featured in prominent outlets like The New York Times, Vice, and The Daily Beast, showcasing its popularity for Muslim dating. 

In comparison, Muzz is the US’s largest Muslim dating and marriage app, with over 400,000 Muslim marriages and frequent coverage in the media. While Salams showcases recognition from various sources, Muzz retains the position as a significant player in the Muslim dating world in the United States.

Which is Better MuzMatch or Salams?

To determine which is better, here the features of Salams and Muzz dating apps:

MuzMatch Features

  • Icebreakers in chat for initiating conversations
  • Personality and Interests options to showcase more about users
  • Video and voice calling, voice notes, and profile videos
  • Privacy controls, allowing users to keep photos private until they’re ready to share
  • All-female community team for support
  • Chaperone (Wali) inclusion in conversations for added peace of mind
  • Powerful filters based on location, interests, profession, ethnicity, and more
  • ID Verification for an extra layer of user security
  • Verified users with selfie verification
  • Travel Mode for users looking for matches back home while abroad.

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Salams Features

  • Salams Gold and Salams Diamond Memberships
  • Profile boosts for increased visibility
  • Custom Profile Reviews by Experts
  • Telegrams for a more personal touch
  • Over 17 filters for partner preferences
  • Anti-Ghost feature for improved responsiveness
  • User Endorsements to rate profile quality
  • Screenshot stopper for private dating
  • Free audio/video calling
  • Unlimited messages, matches, and calling
  • In-depth profiles with details like sect, education, career, height, and prayer levels
  • Anonymous swiping for quality halal conversations
  • User verification process with selfie verification and GPS location.

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Salams and Muzz are Muslim dating apps. Salams has features like profile boosts and user endorsements. Muzz, now called Muzz is the largest US Muslim app, with privacy measures, Icebreakers, and ID verification. Both aim to help Muslims connect online.