Wuse Zone 3 Postal Code List 2024

Wuse Zone 3 Abuja postal code is 900281. This place is located in the Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria. The code is used by the NIPOST to route mail more efficiently and send packages to this location. 

For more details on the exact area this code covers, please see the table below, you’ll find the list of streets and places in Wuse Zone 3 and their postal codes.

Postal Code for Wuse Zone 3

StreetsPostal CodeCity
Al Fayyan Street900281Abuja
Algeria Street900281Abuja
Aswan Street900281Abuja
Bamenda Street900281Abuja
Casamank Cr.900281Abuja
Conakry Street900281Abuja
Diourbell Street900281Abuja
Herbert Marcaulay Way900281Abuja
Lubumbrasiru Street900281Abuja
Lukulu Street900281Abuja
Maputo Street900281Abuja
Matadi Cr.900281Abuja
Mosadishu Street900281Abuja
Nampola Street900281Abuja
Ndande Cr.900281Abuja
Olusegun Obasanjo Way900281Abuja
Safar Street900281Abuja
Sultan Abukakar Way900281Abuja
Yele Street900281Abuja
Addis Ababa Street900281Abuja
Bencrat Street900281Abuja
Constantins Street900281Abuja
Farnah Street900281Abuja
Herbert Macaulay (N) Way900281Abuja
Hontserrado Street900281Abuja
Ibrahim Babangida Way900281Abuja
Kainiji Cr.900281Abuja
Kasim Ibrahim Way900281Abuja
Ladi Kwali Street900281Abuja
Manzani Street900281Abuja
Mexnes Street900281Abuja
Mogadehu Street900281Abuja
Portsad Street900281Abuja
Safi Street900281Abuja
Zuez Cr.900281Abuja
Arugha Cr.900281Abuja
Bulao Street900281Abuja
Choma Street900281Abuja
Delta Street900281Abuja
Garowa Street900281Abuja
Gondet Street900281Abuja
Harper Cr.900281Abuja
Humanbo Cr.900281Abuja
Kaolack Street900281Abuja
Kayes Street900281Abuja
Kigali Street900281Abuja
Massana Street900281Abuja
Nouachchott Street900281Abuja
Oran Street900281Abuja
Sultan Abubakar Way900281Abuja
Sunyani Street900281Abuja
Umme Street900281Abuja
Yanorach Street900281Abuja
Angola Street900281Abuja
Bechar Street900281Abuja
Burundi Street900281Abuja
Faranmi Street900281Abuja
Gabes Street900281Abuja
Gaborone Street900281Abuja
Kisiamu Street900281Abuja
Khartoum Street900281Abuja
Koforidua Street900281Abuja
Korhogo Street900281Abuja
Kribi Street900281Abuja
Kumba Street900281Abuja
Lavumisa Street900281Abuja
Mambolo Street900281Abuja
Michael Okpara Street900281Abuja
Naimey Street900281Abuja
Quagadougou Street900281Abuja
Senanga Street900281Abuja
Sultan Abubakar Street900281Abuja
Tourggourt Street900281Abuja
Abidjam Street900281Abuja