Wuse Zone 6 Postal Code: List of Streets

Wuse Zone 6 Abuja postal code is 900286. This place is located in the Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria. The code is used by the NIPOST to route mail more efficiently and send packages to this location. 

For more details on the exact area these codes cover, please see the table below, you’ll find the list of streets and places in Wuse Zone 6 and their postal codes.

Streets in Wuse Zone 6 with Their Postal Codes

StreetPostal CodeCity
Abuja Parks Way900286Abuja
Angola Street900286Abuja
Asamafa Street900286Abuja
Berbera Street900286Abuja
Beyla Street900286Abuja
Bouake Street900286Abuja
Coronour Street900286Abuja
Dire-Dawa Street900286Abuja
Dodama Street900286Abuja
Harere Street900286Abuja
Herbert Macualay Way900286Abuja
Jimma Street900286Abuja
Kasim Ibrahim Way900286Abuja
Kelemie Street900286Abuja
Kinshasha Street900286Abuja
Magenta Street900286Abuja
Makeni Street900286Abuja
Massru Street900286Abuja
Mbabane Street900286Abuja
Nnamdi Azikiwa Exwy900286Abuja
Rabat Street900286Abuja
Sudan Street900286Abuja
Tanga Street900286Abuja
Tema Street900286Abuja
Timbukku Street900286Abuja
Yaounde Street900286Abuja
Yunis Street900286Abuja