List Of ZIP Codes for United States of America

A ZIP code is a five-digit number that helps the U.S. Postal Service handle mail efficiently. The country has 41,704 ZIP codes, ranging from 00501 (Holtsville, NY) to 99950 (Ketchikan, AK).

To get additional information about the ZIP codes for the United States, locate the code along with the respective area or location on the table below:


NameUnited States of America (USA)
Area Code201 – 989
Calling Code1
CapitalWashington, D.C.
RegionNorth America
ZIP Code00501 – 99950 (Five digits)

United States of America ZIP Codes

StateState CapitalZIP CodeUSPS
AlabamaMontgomery35004 – 36925AL
AlaskaJuneau99501 – 99950AK
ArizonaPhoenix85001 – 86556AZ
ArkansasLittle Rock71601 – 72959AR
CaliforniaSacramento90001 – 96162CA
ColoradoDenver80001 – 81658CO
ConnecticutHartford06001 – 06928CT
DelawareDover19701 – 19980DE
FloridaTallahassee32003 – 34997FL
GeorgiaAtlanta30002 – 39901GA
HawaiiHonolulu96701 – 96898HI
IdahoBoise83201 – 83877ID
IllinoisSpringfield60001 – 62999IL
IndianaIndianapolis46001 – 47997IN
IowaDes Moines50001 – 52809IA
KansasTopeka66002 – 67954KS
KentuckyFrankfort40003 – 42788KY
LouisianaBaton Rouge70001 – 71497LA
MaineAugusta03901 – 04992ME
MarylandAnnapolis20588 – 21930MD
MassachusettsBoston01001 – 05544MA
MichiganLansing48001 – 49971MI
MinnesotaSaint Paul55001 – 56763MN
MississippiJackson38601 – 39776MS
MissouriJefferson City63001 – 65899MO
MontanaHelena59001 – 59937MT
NebraskaLincoln68001 – 69367NE
NevadaCarson City88901 – 89883NV
New HampshireConcord03031 – 03897NH
New JerseyTrenton07001 – 08989NJ
New MexicoSanta Fe87001 – 88439NM
New YorkAlbany00501 – 14925NY
North CarolinaRaleigh27006 – 28909NC
North DakotaBismarck58001 – 58856ND
OhioColumbus43001 – 45999OH
OklahomaOklahoma City73001 – 74966OK
OregonSalem97001 – 97920OR
PennsylvaniaHarrisburg15001 – 19640PA
Rhode IslandProvidence02801 – 02940RI
South CarolinaColumbia29001 – 29945SC
South DakotaPierre57001 – 57799SD
TennesseeNashville37010 – 38589TN
TexasAustin73301 – 88595TX
UtahSalt Lake City84001 – 84791UT
VermontMontpelier05001 – 05907VT
VirginiaRichmond20101 – 24658VA
WashingtonOlympia98001 – 99403WA
West VirginiaCharleston24701 – 26886WV
WisconsinMadison53001 – 54990WI
WyomingCheyenne82001 – 83414WY

Remember that ZIP codes aren’t like city or country codes; they’re specific to the U.S. and the Philippines. Other countries usually use the more general term “postal code” for sorting mail.

5 Digit United States of America ZIP Codes

A standard U.S. ZIP code is indeed a five-digit combination of numbers. It consists of five digits that help identify specific geographic areas or delivery zones within the United States.

However, there is also an extended version called ZIP + 4, where an additional four digits are added to the standard five-digit ZIP code. This extended format provides even more precise information about the delivery location, such as a particular street or block within the broader ZIP code area.

How Many 5 Digit ZIP Codes Are Possible?

The United States uses a five-digit ZIP code system, and each digit can take on values from 0 to 9. Therefore, for each position in the ZIP code, there are 10 possible digits (0 through 9).

Since there are five positions in a standard ZIP code, the total number of possible 5-digit ZIP codes is calculated as follows:


So, there are 100,000 possible 5-digit ZIP codes in the United States.

Is ZIP Code for City or Country?

A ZIP code in the United States is primarily used for the sorting and delivery of mail within the country. It is not directly tied to a specific city or county in the sense that a single ZIP code may cover multiple cities, towns, or areas within a region. Instead, ZIP codes are designed to facilitate efficient mail processing by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

ZIP codes do not necessarily correspond to political or administrative boundaries like city or county lines. ZIP codes are assigned based on the volume of mail and the geographic location of post offices; they are tools for mail sorting and distribution rather than a strict indicator of city or county limits.

Are all US ZIP Codes Numeric

No, not all U.S. ZIP codes are numeric. While most ZIP codes in the United States are composed of five digits, there are also extended versions that include a hyphen and four additional digits, making them nine digits in total. These extended codes are often referred to as ZIP+4 codes.

For example:

Standard ZIP Code: 12345
ZIP+4 Code: 12345-6789

It’s important to note that the first five digits generally represent a specific area or region, while the additional four digits in the ZIP+4 code provide more precise location information, such as a particular building or office within that area.

11111 is not a valid ZIP code in the United States. ZIP Codes starting with “111” are associated with locations in New York, but “11111” is not a valid code within that range.

Other Frequently Searched US ZIP Codes

Zip Code USA New York

The ZIP Code for USA New York by city is 00501 to 14925 while the area code is 201 and 917. New York is one of the states in the United States, it can also refer to the city of New York> It is the largest city in the state and one of the most populous cities in the world.

The state of New York is located in the northeastern part of the United States, bordered by Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

ZIP Code USA California

The ZIP Codes in California span from 90001 to 96162. California is a state located on the west coast of the United States. It is the most populous state in the country and is known for its diverse geography, ranging from coastal areas along the Pacific Ocean to mountainous regions and deserts. The state is home to major cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and the capital city, Sacramento.

US ZIP Code Texas

The ZIP Codes in Texas range from 73301 to 88595, area code is 210 – 979. This state is located in the southern part of the United States. It is the second-largest state in terms of both area and population.

Texas is bordered by Arkansas to the northeast, Louisiana to the east, Oklahoma to the north, New Mexico to the west, and the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas to the southwest. To the south, Texas has a coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. The capital of Texas is Austin, and its largest city is Houston.

ZIP Code for United States Georgia

The ZIP Code for Georgia by county and city ranges from 30002 to 39901, and the area codes are 229 and 912. The state of Georgia is located in the southeastern part of the United States.

This state is bordered by Florida to the south, Alabama to the west, Tennessee and North Carolina to the north, and South Carolina to the northeast. The capital and largest city of Georgia is Atlanta.