Ado Ekiti Postal Code Map

Ado Ekiti is the capital of Ekiti State, Nigeria. In this LGA there are different postal or zip codes for various districts. Each district has its own unique code, which ensures accurate mail delivery.

List of Postal Code for Ado Ekiti

Araromi360271Ado EkitiEkiti
Cocoa Dev. Unit Area360241Ado EkitiEkiti
Falegan Estate360251Ado EkitiEkiti
Federal Polytechnic360231Ado EkitiEkiti
Fehintola Estate360281Ado EkitiEkiti
G.R.A360261Ado EkitiEkiti
Idolofin360221Ado EkitiEkiti
Ilokun360213Ado EkitiEkiti
Mine-Campu360282Ado EkitiEkiti
Olora’s Palace Area360212Ado EkitiEkiti
Stadium360211Ado EkitiEkiti

Places in Ado Ekiti with Their Postal Codes

If you need specific information on the postal codes for different areas within Ado Ekiti, you can find the details in the comprehensive list provided below.

Ado Ekiti Postal Code

Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti Postal Code

PlacePostal Code
2nd Avenue360231
3rd Avenue360231
4th Avenue360231
Aba Igbira Road360231
Alokan Close.360231
Federal Polytechnic360231
Ifedoju Road360231
Layout Road360231

GRA, Ado Ekiti Postal Code

PlacePostal Code
Ajagba Close.360261
Akintayo Road360261
Aremu Street360261
Ogbo Oba Street360261
Oke Ayegburi Lane360261
Okurume Street360261
Omisinla Road360261
Orerewu Street360261
Ugbein Street360261

Cocoa Development Unit Area

PlacePostal Code
Agriculture Palm Pr.360241
Agriculture Road360241
Aro Layout360241
Ifedoju Road360241
Layout Road360241
Mathew Street360241
Omolayo Road360241

Stadium Area

PlacePostal Code
1st Avenue360211
2nd Avenue360211
3rd Avenue360211
5th Avenue360211
6th Avenue360211
Adeowa Lane360211
Dallimore Road360211
Fajuyi Lane360211
Ila Street360211
Jubilee Akintoye Road360211
Little by Little Road360211
Naira and Kobo360211
Okorodo Odun Street360211
Ulara Street360211

Ilokun Postal Code

PlacePostal Code
Ilokun Ilokun360213
Are Road.360213
Iworoko Road.360213

Falegan Estate

PlacePostal Code
Aladesanmi Layout Road360251
Bishops Road360251
Falegan Estate Road360251
Olebola Road360251
Work Road360251


PlacePostal Code
Ajegunle Street360221
Ajiboye Lane360221
Idolofin Street360221
Iyere Road360221
Mathew Street360221
Ogbontitun Street360221

Olora’s Palace Area

PlacePostal Code
Adeowa Lane360212
Ajayi Lane360212
Ayemi Road360212
Olora’s palace Road360212
Spaceage Road360212

Ado Ekiti

PlacePostal Code
Ago Aduloju360101
Ago Araromi360101
Aso Ayegbule360101
Igim Okogo360101
Oke Epa360101

The postal code for Araromi Street, Ado Ekiti, is 360271, while all locations within Mine-Campu use 360282 as their postal code.

Fehintola Estate

PlacePostal Code
Adebayo Lane360281
Adeparusi Road360281
Ajayyi Road360281
Bishop’s Court Lane360281
Dr’s Quarters360281
Fasuau Close360281
Gaeway Road360281
Ilari Road360281
J & M Lane360281

Note that in Nigeria, including Ado Ekiti, we don’t use ZIP codes like they do in the United States. Instead, we have postal codes, and they vary from state to state. So, wherever you are in the country, just use the postal code for that state when asked for a ZIP code.