Abuja Postal Code for Gwarinpa Area – ZIP Code

Gwarinpa is a developed area in Abuja Phase 3 and has the largest housing estate in Nigeria. It comprises various streets and locations.

Here are the places in Gwarinpa, along with their respective codes:

StreetPostal CodeArea
1423 Road/ Hassan Sunmonu Street900108Gwarimpa
11 Road900108Gwarimpa
118 Road900108Gwarimpa
12 Cres900108Gwarimpa
13 Road900108Gwarimpa
131 Road900108Gwarimpa
14 Road900108Gwarimpa
1423 Road900108Gwarimpa
15 Cres900108Gwarimpa
15 Cres900108Gwarimpa
1st Avenue900108Gwarimpa
203 Road900108Gwarimpa
21 Road900108Gwarimpa
211 Road900108Gwarimpa
22 Road900108Gwarimpa
222 Road900108Gwarimpa
24 Cres900108Gwarimpa
32 Crescent900108Gwarimpa
321 Road900108Gwarimpa
322 Road900108Gwarimpa
34 Crescent900108Gwarimpa
341 Road900108Gwarimpa
35 Road900108Gwarimpa
3521 Road900108Gwarimpa
3rd Avenue Gwarimpa900108Gwarimpa
41 Cres900108Gwarimpa
43 Cres900108Gwarimpa
44 Cres900108Gwarimpa
441 Road900108Gwarimpa
444 Road900108Gwarimpa
45 Road900108Gwarimpa
451 Road900108Gwarimpa
46 Cres900108Gwarimpa
4th Ave900108Gwarimpa
51 Cres900108Gwarimpa
52 Road900108Gwarimpa
522 Road900108Gwarimpa
57th Road900108Gwarimpa
61 Road900108Gwarimpa
63 Road900108Gwarimpa
64 Cres900108Gwarimpa
65 Road900108Gwarimpa
66 Road900108Gwarimpa
67 Road900108Gwarimpa
69 Road900108Gwarimpa
691 Road900108Gwarimpa
6911 Road900108Gwarimpa
6921A Road900108Gwarimpa
6922 Road900108Gwarimpa
693 Road900108Gwarimpa
6931 Road900108Gwarimpa
6932 Road900108Gwarimpa
69A7 Road900108Gwarimpa
69B Road900108Gwarimpa
6th Ave900108Gwarimpa
AB Close900108Gwarimpa
Abakaliki Road900108Gwarimpa
Abdul Fatah Close900108Gwarimpa
Abdulkadir Babaagba Street900108Gwarimpa
Abeokuta Street900108Gwarimpa
Abu Obe Street900108Gwarimpa
Abubakar Ali Gombe Street900108Gwarimpa
Abubakar Imam Street900108Gwarimpa
Abubakar Ma’aja Close900108Gwarimpa
Abuja – Kaduna – Zaria Express Way900108Gwarimpa
Adamu Shaibu Cres900108Gwarimpa
Adeola Odutola Close900108Gwarimpa
Adetunji Alashe Street900108Gwarimpa
Afe Babalola Street900108Gwarimpa
Ahmadu Bahago Street900108Gwarimpa
Ahmadu Bello Drive900108Gwarimpa
Ahmadu Bello Way900108Gwarimpa
Ajkg Imam Street900108Gwarimpa
Akperan Orshi Road900108Gwarimpa
Aliyu Mustdafa Street900108Gwarimpa
Amb. J.N Ukegbu Street900108Gwarimpa
Amb. Sule Kolo Street900108Gwarimpa
Ameh Ogboni Street900108Gwarimpa
Angwada Street900108Gwarimpa
Anthony Ezekwesili Street900108Gwarimpa
Asba & Dantata Street900108Gwarimpa
Asheik Jarma Streetreet900108Gwarimpa
Augustine Ilodibe Street900108Gwarimpa
Auwalu Anwar Close900108Gwarimpa
B Close900108Gwarimpa
B Closeose900108Gwarimpa
Bala Miller Street900108Gwarimpa
Bauchi Street900108Gwarimpa
Bishop David Abioye Ave900108Gwarimpa
Boko No 1 Bond Close900108Gwarimpa
Bolante Onagoruwa Close900108Gwarimpa
Bond Well Close900108Gwarimpa
C Close900108Gwarimpa
Cardinal Ekandem Street900108Gwarimpa
Chief Peter Abude Street900108Gwarimpa
Christian Chukwu Street900108Gwarimpa
Claude Ake Street900108Gwarimpa
D Close900108Gwarimpa
Dalhiru Sale Street900108Gwarimpa
Daniel Gemana Close900108Gwarimpa
Daniel Yakwo Close900108Gwarimpa
David D. Dodo Street900108Gwarimpa
David Garnvwa Street900108Gwarimpa
David Lot Close900108Gwarimpa
David Oyedepo Street900108Gwarimpa
Demola Onakomaya Street900108Gwarimpa
Dick Tiger Street900108Gwarimpa
Dominion City Dr900108Gwarimpa
E A. D. Nsiegbe Close900108Gwarimpa
E.C. Akwiwu Streetreet900108Gwarimpa
East Close900108Gwarimpa
Eddy Nwokoye Close900108Gwarimpa
Edwin Ogbu Street900108Gwarimpa
El-Elyon Ave900108Gwarimpa
El-Kanemi Street900108Gwarimpa
Eze Akanu Ibiam Close900108Gwarimpa
Ezekiel P. Okaya Cres900108Gwarimpa
F Close900108Gwarimpa
Fela Anikulapo Kuti Road900108Gwarimpa
Felicita Olajide Close900108Gwarimpa
Femi Otedola Cres900108Gwarimpa
Frantz Fanon Cres900108Gwarimpa
G. G. Ganaka Street900108Gwarimpa
Gade Street900108Gwarimpa
Gambo Sawaba Road900108Gwarimpa
Gani Fawehinmi Street900108Gwarimpa
Gwarinpa Fed. Housing900108Gwarimpa
Gwarinpa Village900108Gwarimpa
H Close900108Gwarimpa
Hafsat Hamadu Bello Street900108Gwarimpa
Ibrahim Nok Street900108Gwarimpa
Ibrahim Tenimu Shenu Close900108Gwarimpa
Idris Aloma Close900108Gwarimpa
Innocent Chukwuma Street900108Gwarimpa
Ishaya Shekari Crescent900108Gwarimpa
J Close900108Gwarimpa
Jadesola Akande Street900108Gwarimpa
Jalingo Close900108Gwarimpa
James Brown Street900108Gwarimpa
Jay Jay Okocha Road900108Gwarimpa
Jim P. Brown Street900108Gwarimpa
John Hirse Street900108Gwarimpa
John Onaiyekan Close900108Gwarimpa
Johnson Adetoye Dr900108Gwarimpa
Joseph Waku Street900108Gwarimpa
Joshua Adah Dr900108Gwarimpa
Kado Federal Housing900108Gwarimpa
Kado Village900108Gwarimpa
Ken D. Ladeji Street900108Gwarimpa
King Jaja Street900108Gwarimpa
Lakeland Street900108Gwarimpa
Life Camp900108Gwarimpa
Living Word Street900108Gwarimpa
Lucy Ogbadu Street900108Gwarimpa
M.L.K. Jr Street900108Gwarimpa
M.M. Alkali Street900108Gwarimpa
Mamman Shata Street900108Gwarimpa
Mamza Streetreet900108Gwarimpa
Marcus Gundiri Street900108Gwarimpa
Michael Audu Buba Close900108Gwarimpa
Michael Jackson Cres900108Gwarimpa
Mike Okoronkwo Close900108Gwarimpa
Mohd. Buba Ardo Close900108Gwarimpa
Mohd. Kokori Abdul Close900108Gwarimpa
Muhammadu Sanusi Road900108Gwarimpa
Muhammed Sanusi II Street900108Gwarimpa
Murtala Mohammed Expy900108Gwarimpa
Musa Danjuma Street900108Gwarimpa
Mustapha Aliyu Street900108Gwarimpa
Nasarawa Street900108Gwarimpa
North Close900108Gwarimpa
Oba Ovarenwen Street900108Gwarimpa
Obi Okosi Circular Road900108Gwarimpa
Obi Okosi Street900108Gwarimpa
Olusegun Awolowo Street900108Gwarimpa
Oluwole Olumuyiwa Street900108Gwarimpa
Olvadi Madayi Street900108Gwarimpa
Osogbo Street900108Gwarimpa
Owerri Close900108Gwarimpa
Oworo Street900108Gwarimpa
P S Egure Street900108Gwarimpa
Pa Michael Imodu Ave900108Gwarimpa
Paul Thahal Street900108Gwarimpa
Polycarp Obiukwu Street900108Gwarimpa
Prof Usman Shehu Street900108Gwarimpa
Rasheed Adenusi Way900108Gwarimpa
Ring Road 3900108Gwarimpa
Robert Ebizimo Dr900108Gwarimpa
Rwang Pam Street900108Gwarimpa
Sabo Bakin Zuwo Street900108Gwarimpa
Sam Okwaraji Street900108Gwarimpa
Sani Ahmed Daura Close900108Gwarimpa
Shenu Umar Garbai Cres900108Gwarimpa
Shuaibu Gani Street900108Gwarimpa
Shuiabu Mamman Lafiya Street900108Gwarimpa
Silas Mshelia Street900108Gwarimpa
Stephen Keshi Street900108Gwarimpa
Stephen Orosanya Street900108Gwarimpa
Sultan Abubakar900108Gwarimpa
Sulu Gambari Close900108Gwarimpa
Sunday Awoniyi Street900108Gwarimpa
Sunny Ade Street900108Gwarimpa
Sunny Okosun Cres900108Gwarimpa
Tai Solarin Ave900108Gwarimpa
Uche Okeke Cres900108Gwarimpa
Uche Okoli Street900108Gwarimpa
Usman Pategi Street900108Gwarimpa
Uyo Streetreet900108Gwarimpa
Victoria Ironsi Cres900108Gwarimpa
Wole Soyinka Ave900108Gwarimpa
Yahaya A. Gwagwa Close900108Gwarimpa
Yakubu Wanka Street900108Gwarimpa