Lokogoma Abuja Postal Code

List of streets and places in Lokogoma in FCT, Abuja, and their postal codes. All the places in Lokogoma make use of the same postal code.

StreetPostal CodeArea
1st Avenue900107Lokogoma
2nd Avenue900107Lokogoma
31 Road900107Lokogoma
3rd Avenue900107Lokogoma
4th Avenue900107Lokogoma
5th Avenue900107Lokogoma
6th Avenue900107Lokogoma
7th Avenue900107Lokogoma
A – Cl900107Lokogoma
A Cl900107Lokogoma
A Street900107Lokogoma
A/Closs Street900107Lokogoma
Abdulsalami Abubakar Road900107Lokogoma
Agaptus Street900107Lokogoma
Aguiyi Irosna Street900107Lokogoma
Ahmadu Bello Cl900107Lokogoma
Akinola Aguda Cres900107Lokogoma
Akpan S.J Cl900107Lokogoma
Ali Bukar Dalori Cres900107Lokogoma
Aliyu Evuti Moh’d Dr900107Lokogoma
Aliyu Modibo900107Lokogoma
Almond Cres900107Lokogoma
Anambra Cres900107Lokogoma
Andorra Street900107Lokogoma
Apalowo Dr900107Lokogoma
Arsenal Street900107Lokogoma
Assop Fls900107Lokogoma
Attai Edili Street900107Lokogoma
B Cl900107Lokogoma
B Street900107Lokogoma
Babatunde Pinherio Avenue900107Lokogoma
Bakers Street900107Lokogoma
Baltimore Street900107Lokogoma
Barcelona Street900107Lokogoma
Beechwood Avenue900107Lokogoma
Ben Magaji Road900107Lokogoma
Benue Cres900107Lokogoma
Bloomsville Street900107Lokogoma
Bolton Street900107Lokogoma
Brent Street900107Lokogoma
Broad Street900107Lokogoma
C Cl900107Lokogoma
C Street900107Lokogoma
Canary Street900107Lokogoma
Cherry Cl900107Lokogoma
Chief (Dr.) Fabian Nwaora Avenue900107Lokogoma
Chief Ejefo Nwaora Cres900107Lokogoma
Chinua Achebe Road900107Lokogoma
Clement Awoyelu Close900107Lokogoma
Congo Cres900107Lokogoma
Covina Cres900107Lokogoma
Cyril Etuk Jnr Cl900107Lokogoma
D Street900107Lokogoma
Dallas Street900107Lokogoma
Danladi Kiasi Dr900107Lokogoma
Davidson Anene Dr900107Lokogoma
Diremu Adebanjo900107Lokogoma
Doveland Cres900107Lokogoma
Dr Faisal Shuaib Street900107Lokogoma
Dr Uche Nwosu Street900107Lokogoma
Dr Umoh Dr900107Lokogoma
Drive B Cl900107Lokogoma
Drive B Road 1900107Lokogoma
Dubai Crescent900107Lokogoma
E Street900107Lokogoma
Eagle Street900107Lokogoma
Ecowas Dr900107Lokogoma
Ehi Ebiega Cl900107Lokogoma
Elizabeth Cres900107Lokogoma
Elm Street900107Lokogoma
Emirates Ln900107Lokogoma
Emmanuel Ozegbe Street900107Lokogoma
Engr. Onuoha Dr900107Lokogoma
F Street900107Lokogoma
Fieldmark Dr900107Lokogoma
FMBN Avenue900107Lokogoma
Fredrick Petilot Avenue900107Lokogoma
Fruitful Cl900107Lokogoma
G. L. Bello Street900107Lokogoma
G.O. Obasohan Street900107Lokogoma
George Ozodinobi Street900107Lokogoma
Gerki-Garki Road900107Lokogoma
Glotim Ln900107Lokogoma
Google Street900107Lokogoma
Grace Land Road900107Lokogoma
Green Area Cres900107Lokogoma
Green Street900107Lokogoma
Hadejia Cl900107Lokogoma
Hal Avenue900107Lokogoma
Hassan T. Sanni Street900107Lokogoma
Ibrahim Mshelia Street900107Lokogoma
Idane Hills Street900107Lokogoma
Ike Ekweremadu Cresent900107Lokogoma
Ikogosi Street900107Lokogoma
Inner Southern900107Lokogoma
Jubril Martins Kuye900107Lokogoma
K.C. Ohia Street900107Lokogoma
Kabiru Haruna Dr900107Lokogoma
Katuka Aliyu Street900107Lokogoma
Kenneth Ojo Cres900107Lokogoma
Lily Close900107Lokogoma
Limpopo Street900107Lokogoma
Liverpool Cl900107Lokogoma
Lokogoma Road900107Lokogoma
Madrit Street900107Lokogoma
Mahmud Dr900107Lokogoma
Main Street900107Lokogoma
Mall. El-Rufai Street900107Lokogoma
Mambila Plateau Street900107Lokogoma
Mambila Street900107Lokogoma
Martin Ejembi Cres900107Lokogoma
Mazi Egwu Obila Avenue900107Lokogoma
Mike Ogbalu II Dr900107Lokogoma
Modibbo Street900107Lokogoma
Mohammed Abba Gana Street900107Lokogoma
Munzali Jibril Street900107Lokogoma
Murtala Moh’d Cl900107Lokogoma
N U. Obot900107Lokogoma
Neighbourhood Centre Road900107Lokogoma
New Bond Street900107Lokogoma
Newark Avenue900107Lokogoma
Niger Cres900107Lokogoma
Nile Cres900107Lokogoma
Nnamdi Azikwe Street900107Lokogoma
Northwall Dr900107Lokogoma
Oak Ln900107Lokogoma
Obafemi Awolowo Street900107Lokogoma
Oduntan O. C. Cl900107Lokogoma
Ofem Ibor Oboma Road900107Lokogoma
Oladipo Diya Street900107Lokogoma
Olumo Street900107Lokogoma
Olusegun Obasanjo Street900107Lokogoma
Omokhudu Idogho Avenue900107Lokogoma
Ontario Cres900107Lokogoma
Ore-Ofe Road900107Lokogoma
Osaka Street900107Lokogoma
Oshiokhamele Dr900107Lokogoma
Osun Street900107Lokogoma
Owena Street900107Lokogoma
Owu Fls900107Lokogoma
Oxford Street900107Lokogoma
Patrick Fleuret Street900107Lokogoma
Peter Adah Ochiba Street900107Lokogoma
Pine Cres900107Lokogoma
Pomona Street900107Lokogoma
Rark View900107Lokogoma
Ray O.F. Agwulonu Avenue900107Lokogoma
Road 1900107Lokogoma
Road 1A900107Lokogoma
Road 1C900107Lokogoma
Road 1F900107Lokogoma
Road 1G900107Lokogoma
Road 1H900107Lokogoma
Road 1I900107Lokogoma
Road 1J900107Lokogoma
Road 1K900107Lokogoma
Road 2900107Lokogoma
Road 222900107Lokogoma
Road 2B900107Lokogoma
Road 2C900107Lokogoma
Road 3900107Lokogoma
Road 3B900107Lokogoma
Road 4900107Lokogoma
Road 5900107Lokogoma
Road 6900107Lokogoma
Road 7900107Lokogoma
Road A2900107Lokogoma
Road A4900107Lokogoma
Road A5900107Lokogoma
Road B3900107Lokogoma
Road C900107Lokogoma
Road C4900107Lokogoma
Road C5900107Lokogoma
Redwood Close900107Lokogoma
Regent Park Road900107Lokogoma
Ring Road 2900107Lokogoma
River Niger Street900107Lokogoma
Romford Street900107Lokogoma
S.K Obawade Dr900107Lokogoma
Shaibu Itakpe Street900107Lokogoma
Shalom Ct900107Lokogoma
Shelter View Cl900107Lokogoma
Solomon Igbayue Dr900107Lokogoma
Southwall Dr900107Lokogoma
Spring Blvd900107Lokogoma
Springfield Street900107Lokogoma
St 1127900107Lokogoma
Steven Owotunse Cl900107Lokogoma
Street 4900107Lokogoma
Suleiman Audu Yakubu Street900107Lokogoma
Summit Cl900107Lokogoma
The Crescent900107Lokogoma
Tomilayo Dr900107Lokogoma
Unity Dr900107Lokogoma
Victorian Road900107Lokogoma
Vienna Cres.900107Lokogoma
Volta Street900107Lokogoma
Yae’Adua Street900107Lokogoma
Yankari Street900107Lokogoma
Yellow Streetone900107Lokogoma
Zambezi Close900107Lokogoma
Zik Sunday Close900107Lokogoma
Zuma Close900107Lokogoma
Zuma Rock Cres.900107Lokogoma

Lokogoma is a neighborhood in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. It’s about a 30-minute drive from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport and 25 minutes from the city center. It’s still growing and developing.