List of 244 Ikere Ekiti Postal Codes

In Ikere town, Ekiti State, Nigeria, there are different postal or zip codes for various districts, ranging from 361212 to 361272. Each district has its own unique code, ensuring accurate mail delivery.

If you need specific information on the postal codes for different areas within Ikere, you can find the details in the comprehensive list provided below.

Ikere Ekiti City Area Zip or Postal Codes

AreaPostal/ZIP Code
Aba Akyejo361102
Aba Arokun361101
Aba Ayede361101
Aba Ayewa361102
Aba Igbira361101
Abulefon Lane361251
Adebola Street361263
Adefolalu Road361272
Adejumo Avenue361251
Adeojo Saw Mill361263
Ado Ekiti361261
Ado Ekiti361212
Ado Ekiti Road361272
Ado Ekiti Road361271
Ado Ekiti Road361213
Adunogbon Street361251
Afao Odo Road361212
Africa Apostolic Ch.361241
Africa Comp.High Sch.361272
Agbado Avenue361261
Agbado Rock361261
Aguda Street361232
Ajaka Street361271
Ajayi Street361213
Ajgbeje Avenue361213
Ajibare Close361212
Ajolagun High School361263
Akeredodu Road361272
Akeredolu Street361271
Akomolafe Road361262
Akure Road361251
Akure Road361241
Akure Road361252
Akure Road361242
Akuredolu Road361271
Alagbado Street361212
Aliha Street361272
Amity Road361251
Amoye Gramm. School361252
Amoye Road361252
Anioye Avenue361252
Annuciation Gramm. Sch.361213
Ansar-Ud-Deen H. S.361213
Apelua Ln361251
Araromi S361212
Aso Road361271
Awowolodu Lane361241
Ayeoro Street361212
Baba Mboni361263
Babatope A. Lane361213
Ben Hope Ind.361232
Benin odwena R. B. A.361232
Benin Owena River Basin361221
Better Life Centre361242
Bishop Road361213
Bishop Road361212
C.C.C. Road361213
Caoline Deposit361221
Central Mosque Road361261
Christ Ch. Road361221
Comm. Bank361261
Community Road361221
Deeper Life Ch.361261
Ebenezer Cl.361242
Ebenezer Road361241
Elegberun Market361271
Eleyo High School361264
Eobeore Road361262
Eyitope Lane361251
Fagbohun Estate361213
Farm Road361272
Fatoba Lane361252
Fed. Housing Estate361213
Fish Brigade361232
Fish Road361232
Folorunso Lane361213
G. R. A.361264
Gospel Faith Mission361212
Havana Quest House361221
High Court361264
Hous. Scheme361221
Ibukun Street361272
Idi Ikoro Avenue361241
Idi Ishin Road361264
Idi Ishin Road361261
Idiose Street361271
Igaraodo Road361264
Igbara Odo361261
Igbara Odo Road361263
Igbaraodo Road361251
Igbaraodo Road361261
Igbaraodo Road361232
Igbehin Cl.361271
Igbo Oba Road361232
Igburaodo Road361241
Igburaodo Road361262
Igele Road361261
Ijan Road361213
Ijan Road361212
Ijan Road361221
Ijara Road361251
Ijara Road361262
Ijare Road361252
Ijoka Street361271
Ijoka Street361261
Ikere Central L. G. Market361231
Ikere High Sch.361241
Ikere L. G. Dispensary361271
Ikere L. G. Sec.361221
Ikere L.G. Ind. Estate361242
Ikojni Road361262
Ikoyi Eobeore Street361262
Ikoyi Eve.361263
Ilawe Ekiti Egele Road361264
Ilupeju Street361272
Imola Farm361221
Irepodun H. S.361213
Irepodun Street361213
Irepodun Street361212
Is Ekiti Road361232
Ise Ekiti Road361261
Ise Ekiti Road361212
Ise Ekiti Road361221
Ise Motor Park361232
Jogbo Ln361251
Kajola Avenue361272
Korode Hotel361213
L. A. Pri. Sch.361271
L. G. Disp. Maternity361251
Longe Road361261
Lydia Omo361231
Mamiser R.361231
Mayowa Road361261
Mayowa Street361231
Min. of Comm. & Trade & ind.361251
Min. of Education361212
Miniowo Hotel361263
Ministry of Health361271
Moshood Road361231
N. R. C. Sec.361242
Nitel Tower361262
Oba’s Market361261
Obateru Saw Mil361221
Odo Oro Cl.361212
Odolofin Street361213
Odsg Finance361241
Odunlade Street361212
Ogbontitun Street361212
Ogun Dama Lane361232
Ogundana Street361251
Ogunyemi Street361263
Oke Asha Street361261
Oke Aso361102
Oke Lane361213
Okebuku Road361261
Okesegun Isaoye Road361261
Okondo Farm361221
Okondo Street361221
Olnipekun Lane361213
Olobe Road361271
Olorunfemi Avenue361241
Olorunfemi Obateru Road361264
Olowokudejo Cl.361221
Olukere Odoise361241
Olukere Road361241
Olukere Road361232
Oluwa Street361272
Oluwatuyi T361213
Omipede Street361263
Omodele Road361263
Omotoso Road361251
Ondo State C. O. E.361263
Ondo State C.O.E361241
Ondo State C.O.E. Farm361264
Ondo State Housing Corp.361213
Ondo State Layout361232
Onipede Street361251
Onisona Road361241
Onward mail Ind.361242
Onward Road361242
Orole Hotel361231
Oroole Rock361252
Osun River361263
Owena Bank Plc.361263
Owolabi Street361231
Owuru Dam361263
Petrol Station361272
Post Office361261
Primary School361212
Pro. Gloria Button Ind.361232
Prof. Bandage Ind.361272
Progressive Hotel361213
Prop. Cocoa Pross.361263
Prop. Site For NBN PC361251
S. A. Pa See361264
Sam. Olabisoye Street361221
Sao Avenue361251
Sao Orubuloye Avenue361251
Saw Mill361213
Se Ekiti Road361231
SSSAO Orubuloye Avenue361252
Stadium Road361261
Staff Quarters361264
State Hosp.361221
Stone Crushed Factory361272
Street Mary Hosp. Annex361263
Street Mary’s Hosp.361241
Street Paul Cath/Pri. Sch.361213
Street Silas Prim. Sch.361251
Surulere Street361251
T. A. C. Ch361262
T. Adeyemi Road361262
T. Ayoki Street361221
Taye Balalolaa Avenue361242
Temidire Cl.361272
Town Planning Office361213
Treasure Cash Office361242
U. C. C. Ch.361212
Unity Sec. Sch.361241
Vetinary Centre361262
Villa Avenue361272
Yajowa Street361231

Note that Nigeria doesn’t use ZIP codes like they do in the United States. Postal codes are used in the country, and they vary from state to state. So, wherever you are in the country, just use the postal code for that state when asked for a ZIP code.