List of 118 Jimeta Yola ZIP Codes

Jimeta ZIP code is in the range of 640211 to 640284. Jimeta is a town located in Adamawa State. It is situated on the northern bank of the Benue River, near the city of Yola, which is the capital of Adamawa State. Jimeta and Yola together form a metropolitan area known as “Yola-Jimeta.

For more specific information on the postal codes for different areas within Jimeta, you can find the details in the comprehensive list provided below.

ZIP Code for Jimeta

LocationZIP CodeCity
Abdul Kure Street640221Jimeta
Abdullahi Bashir Way640221Jimeta
Abeokuta Road640284Jimeta
Adamawa Road640261Jimeta
Adamawa Street640221Jimeta
Ahmadu Bello Way640221Jimeta
Ahmed Bello Road640281Jimeta
Airport Road640261Jimeta
Ajiya Street640284Jimeta
Alkali Street640282Jimeta
Atiku Abubakar Road640284Jimeta
Atiku Abubakar Road640281Jimeta
Atiku Abubakar Road640211Jimeta
Atiku Abubakar Road640283Jimeta
Awka Street640282Jimeta
Bagale Street640282Jimeta
Baissa Road640261Jimeta
Baissa Street640221Jimeta
Bali Road640261Jimeta
Bali Street640282Jimeta
Banjiram Street640261Jimeta
Banshika Street640284Jimeta
Bauchi Road640282Jimeta
Bayero Nhogoshu Road640281Jimeta
Bekaji Road640261Jimeta
Belel Road640261Jimeta
Benin Street640282Jimeta
Bishop Street640281Jimeta
Bole Street640282Jimeta
Borno Street640282Jimeta
Calabar Street640282Jimeta
Catholic Street640281Jimeta
Church Street640282Jimeta
Daka Close640281Jimeta
Dalam Road640284Jimeta
Dalnomi Street640282Jimeta
Demsa Road640261Jimeta
Demsawo Street640282Jimeta
Dumne Road640261Jimeta
Fombina Street640282Jimeta
Galadima Aminu Street640282Jimeta
Galadima Road640284Jimeta
Galadima Way640211Jimeta
Ganye Street640212Jimeta
Garba Shede Road640261Jimeta
Garkida Road640261Jimeta
Gasol Street640282Jimeta
Geriwo Street640283Jimeta
Ghana Street640282Jimeta
Gimba Street640281Jimeta
Giruba Street640221Jimeta
Gurin Road640261Jimeta
Guyuk Road640261Jimeta
Hong Road640261Jimeta
Hospital Road640281Jimeta
Hospital Road640282Jimeta
Ibadan Street640221Jimeta
Ibrahim Attah Street640221Jimeta
Ilorin Street640282Jimeta
Jalingo Street640221Jimeta
Jen Road640284Jimeta
Jimeta Street640284Jimeta
Jos Street640282Jimeta
Kaduna Street640221Jimeta
Kalah Road640282Jimeta
Karim Lamido Street640282Jimeta
Kashim Bila Road640261Jimeta
Kashim Ibrahim Way640221Jimeta
Kurmi Road640284Jimeta
Lankaviri Street640261Jimeta
Lau Road640284Jimeta
Lekki Taba Street640221Jimeta
Luggere Street640281Jimeta
Mahmoud Ribadu Street640221Jimeta
Maiha Street640261Jimeta
Majalisa Street640211Jimeta
Makurdi Street640281Jimeta
Mangote Street640282Jimeta
Mayo Belwa Street640284Jimeta
Mayo Inn Street640221Jimeta
Michika Road640261Jimeta
Midilli Street640282Jimeta
Moh. Mustapha Way640282Jimeta
Mubi Road640261Jimeta
Mutum Biya Street640282Jimeta
Namibia Road640261Jimeta
Ngorore Street640261Jimeta
Numan Bye Pass640283Jimeta
Obasanja Street640211Jimeta
Owerri Street640281Jimeta
Pella Road640261Jimeta
Port Harcourt Street640282Jimeta
Pupule Road640284Jimeta
Safar Road640281Jimeta
Safar Street640282Jimeta
Sarti Road640284Jimeta
Secretariat Street640221Jimeta
Sharin Road640284Jimeta
Tafawa Balewa Road640261Jimeta
Tafida Road640284Jimeta
Tafida Street640282Jimeta
Tafida Street640212Jimeta
Takum Street640261Jimeta
Taraba Street640284Jimeta
Taura Road640281Jimeta
Togo Street640282Jimeta
Tola Street640261Jimeta
Tukur Street640221Jimeta
Warwar Street640282Jimeta
Waziri Street640261Jimeta
Wukari Road640261Jimeta
Wukari Street640282Jimeta
Yehua Street640212Jimeta
Yelwa Road640284Jimeta
Zaga Street640282Jimeta
Zango Road640284Jimeta
Zarawa Street640282Jimeta
Zing Street640282Jimeta