Postal Code for Makurdi Benue State

Makurdi is the capital of Benue State. In this place, there are different postal or zip codes for various districts, ranging from 970001 to 972281. Each district has its own unique code, ensuring accurate mail delivery.

If you need specific information on the postal codes for different areas within Makurdi, you can find the details in the comprehensive list provided below.

List of 216 Makurdi Postal Codes

Place/StreetPostal CodeArea
Aba Lane972211Kokoroo
Abuja Street970261Wadata
Abuja Street972211Kokoroo
Adaka970101Makurdi (Rural)
Adeka Street970212Army Barracks
Adeke970101Makurdi (Rural)
Adeoka Street972261Eupi-New Layout
Agam970101Makurdi (Rural)
Agatu Street970251Hudco Quarters
Agbadu970101Makurdi (Rural)
Agbeshir970101Makurdi (Rural)
Agbo Street972251Sabon Gari
Agenada970101Makurdi (Rural)
Ahmadu Bello Way970211G.R.A
Ajala Street970251Hudco Quarters
Ajigba Street970212Army Barracks
Ajila Street970212Army Barracks
Ajo Street970251Hudco Quarters
Akaan970101Makurdi (Rural)
Aki970101Makurdi (Rural)
Akigwe970101Makurdi (Rural)
Akpa Street972211Kokoroo
Akpehe970101Makurdi (Rural)
Akpo Ade Street970211G.R.A
Akume970101Makurdi (Rural)
Akure Street970261Wadata
Alagbata Street970211G.R.A
Alayi Street972211Kokoroo
Ali Akilu Road970211G.R.A
Aliade Street970221High Level Ass. Vill.
Alla970101Makurdi (Rural)
Ameh Street972211Kokoroo
Ankpa Ward Road970261Wadata
Anter970101Makurdi (Rural)
Apir970101Makurdi (Rural)
Arawa970101Makurdi (Rural)
Asa Road970211G.R.A
Assembly Village Street970221High Level Ass. Vill.
Augustine Street972211Kokoroo
Awe Street970222Wurukum
Awoku Street970251Hudco Quarters
Ayanbga Street970261Wadata
Azuu970101Makurdi (Rural)
Bank Road970211G.R.A
Barracks Road970211G.R.A
Barracks Road970212Army Barracks
Bauchi Street970261Wadata
Beach Road970261Wadata
Beetseh970101Makurdi (Rural)
Benue Cr.970261Wadata
Benue Street972211Kokoroo
Bogo970101Makurdi (Rural)
Calabar Street970221High Level Ass. Vill.
Cathedral Road970261Wadata
Chekwar970101Makurdi (Rural)
Clerk Ward970261Wadata
College Cr.970261Wadata
Echeno Street972251Sabon Gari
Edumoga Street972211Kokoroo
Egume Street970261Wadata
Ejime Street970261Wadata
El Dunia Street972211Kokoroo
Emenyeyi Street972211Kokoroo
Enugu Road972281Federal Low
Enugu Street970261Wadata
Eya970101Makurdi (Rural)
Federal Housing Road972211Kokoroo
Federal Housing Road972281Federal Low
Federal Road972211Kokoroo
Federal Road972221General Hospital
Federal Road970211G.R.A
Fellowship Road972211Kokoroo
Fire Brigade Headquarters970261Wadata
First Avenue970222Wurukum
Forth Avenue970222Wurukum
G. R. A. Road970211G.R.A
G.T.C. Road970231Unijos Campis
Gboko Road970222Wurukum
Gombe Street970261Wadata
Gungur970212Army Barracks
Hospital Road972221General Hospital
Hospital Road970211G.R.A
Hospital Way970222Wurukum
Ibadan Street970261Wadata
Ibadan Street972211Kokoroo
Ibume970101Makurdi (Rural)
Ichama970221High Level Ass. Vill.
Ida Street972211Kokoroo
Igbo Street970261Wadata
Igedde Street972211Kokoroo
Ighama Street972261Eupi-New Layout
Ikan970101Makurdi (Rural)
Imane Street970261Wadata
Inikpi970221High Level Ass. Vill.
Isuahba970101Makurdi (Rural)
Iwa970101Makurdi (Rural)
J.C. Obande Street972211Kokoroo
Jamaica Street972211Kokoroo
Jericho Road972211Kokoroo
Joe Akahan Street970221High Level Ass. Vill.
Jona Jang Street970251Hudco Quarters
Jos Street972261Eupi-New Layout
Jos Street972271Eupi
Kachi970101Makurdi (Rural)
Kaduna Street970261Wadata
Kanji970212Army Barracks
Kano Street970261Wadata
Kansihio970101Makurdi (Rural)
Kashim Ibrahim Street970222Wurukum
Kashim Ibrahim Street970211G.R.A
Katsina-Ala Street970221High Level Ass. Vill.
Keffi970212Army Barracks
Keffi Street970222Wurukum
Kingstone Ave972211Kokoroo
Lafia Road970212Army Barracks
Lafiya Rail Line Street970212Army Barracks
Lagos Street970211G.R.A
Lagos Street972211Kokoroo
Lobi Quarters970222Wurukum
Madiko Street970261Wadata
Maiduguri Street970261Wadata
Makeri Zakpe970222Wurukum
Makurdi Modern Market870003Market
Masallachi Road970261Wadata
Mechanic Village Road970212Army Barracks
Ministry of Works970261Wadata
Mission Ward970212Army Barracks
Nassarawa Street970222Wurukum
New Bridge Road970222Wurukum
New Market Road972211Kokoroo
New Uturkpo Road970222Wurukum
Niger Cr.970261Wadata
Nyam Sando970101Makurdi (Rural)
Nyirgir-Makurdi970101Makurdi (Rural)
Obagaji Street972251Sabon Gari
Obaganya Road970211G.R.A
Obaganya Road972221General Hospital
Ofutu Street972251Sabon Gari
Ogbomosho Street970221High Level Ass. Vill.
Ogiri Oko Street970222Wurukum
Ogiri- Oko Street970231Unijos Campis
Oji Street972261Eupi-New Layout
Ojira Road972251Sabon Gari
Oju Street970261Wadata
Okenyi Street972211Kokoroo
Okokoro Street972211Kokoroo
Okoroko Road972211Kokoroo
Okpjko Road972251Sabon Gari
Okpoga Street970221High Level Ass. Vill.
Olade Road972211Kokoroo
Ongbo970101Makurdi (Rural)
Onitsha Road970222Wurukum
Onu Lane970261Wadata
Onyegede Street970261Wadata
Opega Street972251Sabon Gari
Otia Road B972211Kokoroo
Otia Road D972211Kokoroo
Otia Roads D.972211Kokoroo
Otobu Street970211G.R.A
Otukpo Road970221High Level Ass. Vill.
Otukpo Road970222Wurukum
Otukpo Street972261Eupi-New Layout
Owerri Street970231Unijos Campis
Owerri Street970222Wurukum
Owo Lane970261Wadata
Owukpa Street972251Sabon Gari
Peter Achimegu Street970222Wurukum
Plaza Road970211G.R.A
Port-Harcourt Street970261Wadata
Railway Bye Pass970221High Level Ass. Vill.
Rice Mill Road972261Eupi-New Layout
Rice Mill Road970211G.R.A
Rice Mill Road972251Sabon Gari
Ring Road970211G.R.A
Sankara Street970261Wadata
School L Lane970222Wurukum
School of Basic Studies970213Federal Housing Area
Second Avenue970222Wurukum
Secretariat Road970221High Level Ass. Vill.
Shagamu Street970222Wurukum
Sokoto Road972211Kokoroo
Sokoto Street970261Wadata
Street Annes Road970211G.R.A
Sunday Duilo Street972211Kokoroo
Tatyough970101Makurdi (Rural)
Third Avenue970222Wurukum
Toighor970101Makurdi (Rural)
Tor Donga Street970261Wadata
Toshi Cl.970222Wurukum
Tsar970212Army Barracks
Tse-Mkar Street970212Army Barracks
Tsuambu970101Makurdi (Rural)
Tsuwa970101Makurdi (Rural)
Tyodugh970101Makurdi (Rural)
Tyonambe970101Makurdi (Rural)
Ubebe970101Makurdi (Rural)
Udei Street970212Army Barracks
Ugba970212Army Barracks
Ugbaba Cr.970211G.R.A
Ulayi Street970222Wurukum
Uru Road972211Kokoroo
Ushongo Street970221High Level Ass. Vill.
Uve970101Makurdi (Rural)
Vandekya Street970221High Level Ass. Vill.
Wamkor970101Makurdi (Rural)
Yaiko970101Makurdi (Rural)
Yandev Street970261Wadata
Yobe S Street970261Wadata
Zakibian Street970261Wadata
Zaria Way970231Unijos Campis
Zongo970101Makurdi (Rural)