Postal Code for South Africa (SA ZIP Code List)

The postal code system was introduced in South Africa on October 8, 1973, to help with automated sorting. Each area in the country has a unique four-digit postal code assigned to specific post offices, agencies, depots, or mail collection points. This means that postal codes vary between suburbs.

Unlike in the US, where zip codes are common, in South Africa, we stick to postal codes, mostly adapted from the British system. These four-digit numbers are essential for directing mail, whether it’s sent to a physical address or a PO Box, especially in rural areas without street delivery.

South African PIN Code Details (SA)

CountrySouth Africa
Postal Code0001 – 9999
Area Code27
CapitalPretoria (Executive)

South Africa is divided into nine provinces, each with its own district, local municipalities, and postal codes.

Here is a list of the nine (9) provinces of South Africa, their capital cities, and their respective postal or ZIP codes.

ZIP Postal Code South Africa

ProvinceZIP/Postal CodeCapitalArea PIN Code
Eastern Cape4731 – 5999Manila27
Free State8300 – 9999Bangued27
Gauteng0299 – 2199Cabadbaran27
Kwazulu-Natal2900 – 4730Prosperidad27
Limpopo0500 – 0999Kalibo27
Mpumalanga1000 – 2499Legazpi27
North West0300 – 0499San Jose de Buenavista27
Northern Cape8100 – 8999Kabugao27
Western Cape6500 – 8099Baler27

Postal Code South Africa Look-Up List

Northern Cape and Free State Area

LocationPostal CodeCountry
Northern Cape—Eastern Part8300–8799SA
Northern Cape—Gordonia Region8800–8999SA
formerly assigned to South West Africa9000–9299SA
Free State—Bloemfontein and surrounds9300–9399SA
Free State—Northern Free State9400–9699SA
Free State—Eastern Free State9700–9899SA
Free State—Southern Free State9900–9999SA

Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West, Limpopo Area

LocationPostal CodeCountry
North West—Northern part0300–0499SA
Limpopo—South and West0500–0698SA
Limpopo—North and East0699–0999SA
Mpumalanga—Northern half1000–1399SA
Gauteng—East Rand / Ekurhuleni Metro1400–1699SA
Gauteng—West Rand, Mogale City/Krugersdorp, and Roodepoort (now part of
Gauteng—Soweto and Vereeniging/Vanderbijlpark Region (Motsweding)1800–1999SA
Gauteng—Johannesburg (original Johannesburg, Randburg, Sandton)2000–2199SA
Mpumalanga—Southern half2200–2499SA
Northwest Province—Southern and Central2500–2899SA

KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Part of Eastern Cape

LocationPostal CodeCountry
KwaZulu Natal—Northern KwaZulu Natal2900–3199SA
KwaZulu Natal—Pietermaritzburg and surrounds3200–3299SA
KwaZulu Natal—Midlands3300–3599SA
KwaZulu Natal—Region between Durban and Pietermaritzburg, including.
satellite towns, such as Westville.
KwaZulu Natal—Zululand Region (including Richards Bay)3800–3999SA
KwaZulu Natal—Durban / Ethekwini (original area)4000–4099SA
KwaZulu Natal—South Coast4100–4299SA
KwaZulu Natal—North Coast4300–4499SA
KwaZulu Natal—Griqualand East and Umzinkulu4500–4730SA

Western and Northern Cape

DistrictPostal CodeCountry
Eastern Cape—Port Elizabeth6000–6099SA
Eastern Cape—Western part6100–6499SA
Western Cape—Garden Route and Oudtshoorn area6500–6699SA
Western Cape—Klein Karoo6700–6899SA
Western Cape—Groot Karoo6900–7099SA
Western Cape—Area South-East of Cape Town7100–7299SA
Western Cape—West Coast7300–7399SA
Western Cape—Northern parts of Cape Metropole7400–7599SA
Western Cape—Areas East of Cape Town, such as Stellenbosch7600–7699SA
Western Cape—Cape Town and Cape Peninsula7700–8099SA
Northern Cape—Namaqualand Region8100–8299SA

Eastern Cape, Eastern Parts of Western Cape

LocationPostal CodeCountry
Eastern Cape—Former Transkei4731–5199SA
Eastern Cape—East London5200–5299SA
Eastern Cape—historical “Border” region5300–5499SA
Eastern Cape—Northern part5500–5999SA

What is South Africa’s Zipcode

In South Africa, we use postal codes instead of ZIP codes. Each location in the country has its own unique postal code. For instance, Johannesburg, with its numerous suburbs and areas, has various postal codes ranging from 2000 to 2094 assigned to different post offices. Therefore, there isn’t a single postal code for the entire city; rather, it varies based on the specific suburb or area.

South Africa Zip Code 5 Digit

As already mentioned above, South Africa does not use ZIP codes like the United States. Instead, South Africa uses postal codes, typically consisting of four digits and not 5 digits.