How to Use VUT Blackboard

Vaal University of Technology (VUT) is pleased to announce that they’ve launched a responsive design for blackboard for students as part of its summer upgrade. The new design will deliver a contemporary, streamlined feel and significantly increase the responsiveness of the interface across a range of mobile devices whilst also improving overall accessibility.

Blackboard is a web-based course management system designed by the university to allow students to participate in classes delivered online or use online materials and activities to complement offline teaching.

Find answers to frequent questions about VUT blackboard such as how to access and use the blackboard both on the computer and mobile phone.

How to Access VUT Blackboard

To access the blackboard you’ll be asked to log in with your VUT username and password. If you don’t have your username and password, you’ll need to complete your online student enrolment.

Enrolment is the formal step that confirms your status as a student at the Vaal University of Technology and enables your access to all the university services.

What does this mean:

  • You are confirming your consent to the university processing your information in accordance with the University Data Protection statement in line with General Data Protection Regulations legislation.
  • You are committing to becoming a student with VUT.
  • You are verifying your personal details held by the university are accurate and up to date.
  • You are agreeing to comply with university regulations and to become liable for the payment of a tuition fee.
  • Your enrollment enables VUT to verify that your personal ID and personal details are accurate and up to date. This enables the university to verify your attendance.

You also need to create a VUT iEnabler account. This is compulsory for all students including South African and international students.

The iEnabler is a software designed by the university that allows staff and students to log in to access information online. Staff will be able to log on to enter leaves and the lecturer to manage the student class list online. Students can access their academic records, financial statement, and timetable. It also enables new students to make new applications online to become VUT students.

Once you have received your username and created your password you can use the student blackboard to attend classes online, view your timetable, and submit assignments.

How to Create VUT iEnabler Account

1. Click HERE to open the iEnabler page.

2. Click on the iEnabler Link and enter your student number and click Request PIN.

3. Your PIN is sent to your VUT email account.

4. Login to your email using your student number as your username and your date of birth as your password (e.g dd/mm/yyyy).

If you didn’t receive the email ensure that your VUT Student Google email is activated by going to and clicking on the Student Google Email, then use and your eight digit pin to log in.

Now that you have your iEnabler activated you can log in to VUT blackboard with the following steps:

How to Log in VUT Blackboard

1. Go to VUTela webpage.

2. Under “Login to VUTela” select “VUT – Student Login” 

3. Enter your VUT username (i.e

VUT Password Reset Page

4. Enter your password and click on “Sign in.”

If you can’t log in it means you forgot your password and you can reset it with your VUTAD\username OR VUTV\studentNumber.

How to Reset Your VUT Blackboard Password

1. Click HERE to go to the VUT password reset webpage.

2. Enter your StudentNumber and click “Next”.

Blackboard Password Reset

3. Answer the 3 questions you are presented with as you answered them during password registration, and click “Next”.

VUT Security Question

4. Now, you will see a screen to create a NEW password.

6. Enter a new password.

7. Re-type the new password.

8. Click “Next” and your password should be reset.

How to Find Your Student Number at VUT

1. Click HERE to go to iEnabler page

2. Click on “Forgot Student Number.”

Forgot Student Number

3. Choose an identification type and supply the relevant information in order for the university to identify you on the system.

4. Enter your ID Number.

5. Click “Search.” You should see a message on your screen that your student number has been sent to your e-mail address ending …

6. Log in to your email and copy out the number.

How to Activate Your VUT Student Email

VUT students’ email is Google emails and can be accessed online from, the login details are your’ VUT email address and password. The Email is given to all students upon admission to the VUT.

1. Go to VUT website

2. Click “Students.”

3. Select Student Google Email.

4. Type in your email address then click “Next”

5. Enter your AD/Email Password then click “Next.”

Vutela Blackboard App

Vutela Blackboard app is a free Educational app with easy navigation, a good interface, and ease to use. The VUT Blackboard app will help you with all online tasks you wish to accomplish with minimum disturbance using your phone. 

The Blackboard app is designed to work with the accessibility features built into iOS, Android, and Windows devices and It offers a modern and great mobile learning experience.

Download Vutela Blackboard

When you download and log in with that Vutela Blackboard app, you will see your VUT course list first. Courses offer a timeline of all your lessons and information, and you can see past and upcoming terms and hide current courses that you don’t need. You can see announcements, content items, assessments, and grades with your smartphone.

The Vutela Blackboard app is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. If you’re an Android user, go to Play Store, if you’re an iOS user go to App Store and download the app.