Postal Code For Villages in Onicha Ebonyi State

Onicha is one of the 13 Local Government Areas in Ebonyi State in the South Eastern part of Nigeria. The postal code created for the five communities in Onicha ranges from 491106 to 491110.

The central post office for Onicha is in Abakaliki town, the capital city of Ebonyi State. In case your packages are taking longer to deliver, you can go to the office and pick them up.

When asked to fill in the Nigeria zip code on a website or application, what they mean is the postal code of your location. Nigeria’s ZIP code and postal code are the same things.

There are five communities in Onicha Local Government Area and they all have different postal codes. If new communities are created, it is NIPOST responsibility to create a postal code for them.

List of Villages in Onicha L.G.A.


Abaomege is located in Onicha Local Government, Ebonyi State, its postal code is 491110. Abaomege comprises of Anumocha, Ebusirike, Enyibuchiri, Okaria, Okworike, and Omege communities.


Another district in Onicha L.G.A. is Isu, it is a well-known place in Ebonyi State. The postal code for Isu is 491106. Communities found here are Agba, Agbabo, Agueke, Amannator, Isu-Achara, Mbala Ukwu, Mgbelaeze, Obeagu, Ojiegbe, and Umunika communities.


Onicha is made up of Amainyima I, Amainyima II, Amajo/Ufueze, Amakporor
Amananaator I, Amananator II, Amangwu, Amaokwe, Amata/Omirima, Amutu, Anike I, Anike II, Ezekporoke, Eziga, Isiama I, Isiama II, Ntika-Ntiabor, Ogono-Onmuja, Okuoma, Onyofia, Ugwudiala, Ugwuenu, Umubo II, Umuezikwu, and Umuobo and their post code is 491108.


Ukawu postal code is 491109. Villages in this community are Amakpuma
Amofia, Azueonyi-Sub-Village, Ebulike, Ishinkwor, Ochege-Sub-Village, Okuzu I, Okuzu II, and Okuzu Ngu-Enyi.


Shiri is a community in Onicha located in Ebonyi state, this place uses 491107 as its postal code. Villages that use this code in Shiri are Agbabi, Amagu, Amankalu, Amaocha, Amaokpara, Isieke, Isinkwor, Iyiazu, Mgoji, Owom, Ufuezokwu, Umuafia, Umuimam, Umumgbala, Umumgboke, and Umuorie.

Note that the 043 dialing number is different from the postal code for Ebonyi State. You cannot use a dialing number to receive mail or packages. So when someone requests your postal code in Ebonyi or Onicha L.G.A. you locate the code from the list of villages we mentioned above.

You can also find a postal code of any state in Nigeria on the NIPOST site. To get a Postal code with NIPOST, you need to fill in the fields with your Nigeria street address, city, village, or state. Then click Find and you’ll get your postal code. There is also a tab to locate post offices in the different states of Nigeria.