Wuse Zone 7 Postal Code Abuja: 900288

Wuse Zone 7 Abuja postal code is 900287 to 900288. This place is located in the Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria. The code is used by the NIPOST to route mail more efficiently and send packages to this location. 

For more details on the exact area these codes cover, please see the table below, you’ll find the list of streets and places in Wuse Zone 7 and their postal codes.

Postal Code for Wuse Zone 7, Abuja

StreetPostal CodeCity
Adetokunbo Ademola Cr.900288Abuja
Agadez Cr.900288Abuja
Ahmadu Bello Way900288Abuja
Alex Sandra Cr.900288Abuja
Aminu Kano Cr.900288Abuja
Baguy Street900288Abuja
Bajul Street900288Abuja
Bamako Cr.900287Abuja
Bambari Cr.900287Abuja
Bantyle Street900288Abuja
Barosalem Street900288Abuja
Beira Street900288Abuja
Buchanan Cr.900288Abuja
Bujmburra Street900288Abuja
Cassabulanka Street900288Abuja
Choma Street900287Abuja
Durban Street900288Abuja
Fez Street900288Abuja
Freetown Street900288Abuja
Hamper Cr.900287Abuja
Herbert Macualay Way900288Abuja
Hombari Street900288Abuja
Huambo Cr.900287Abuja
Ibrahim Babangida Way900288Abuja
Kampala Street900288Abuja
Kumasi Street900288Abuja
Libravile Cr.900288Abuja
Lingu Cr.900288Abuja
Lome Cr.900287Abuja
Lubito Cr.900288Abuja
Madona Cr.900288Abuja
Marakeshi Street900288Abuja
Metel Street900288Abuja
Moronvia Street900288Abuja
Moshi Cr.900288Abuja
Nairobi Cr.900288Abuja
Nigoma Street900287Abuja
Nothern Park Way900288Abuja
Nouahcholt Street900287Abuja
Ojibuti Cr.900288Abuja
Olusegun Obasanjo Way900287Abuja
Outher Northern Transit Way900288Abuja
Partomuro Cr.900288Abuja
Sani Abacha Way900288Abuja
Sekondi Street900288Abuja
Sir Kasim Ibrahim Way900288Abuja
Sirasso Cr.900287Abuja
Sultan Abubakar Street900288Abuja
Sunyani Street900287Abuja
Tarkwa Cr.900288Abuja
Wanda Cr.900288Abuja