ZIP Codes for 62 Places in Song L.G.A. Adamawa

Song Local Government Area (LGA) is located in Adamawa State, Nigeria. It is one of the LGAs in the state and is situated in the northeastern part of Nigeria. Below is the list of places in Song LGA along with their ZIP codes.

ZIP Codes for Song L.G.A.

LocationZIP CodeLGA
Alanra652107Song L.G.A.
Bafi652107Song L.G.A.
Bala652107Song L.G.A.
Bidel652107Song L.G.A.
Bidim652107Song L.G.A.
Boloko652103Song L.G.A.
Chukkol652102Song L.G.A.
Dimaska652107Song L.G.A.
Dingai652107Song L.G.A.
Dini Fulani652107Song L.G.A.
Dirma652104Song L.G.A.
Dkungama652107Song L.G.A.
Dumne652104Song L.G.A.
Dungal652107Song L.G.A.
Duwa652107Song L.G.A.
Fotta652107Song L.G.A.
Gabun652107Song L.G.A.
Ganjing652107Song L.G.A.
Gben652102Song L.G.A.
Gudu652107Song L.G.A.
Holma652103Song L.G.A.
Hursama652107Song L.G.A.
Hursea652107Song L.G.A.
Jebral652107Song L.G.A.
Jebre652107Song L.G.A.
Joroboi652107Song L.G.A.
Kandesum652107Song L.G.A.
Kanjita652107Song L.G.A.
Karlahi652103Song L.G.A.
Kilake652107Song L.G.A.
Kilange Hirna652103Song L.G.A.
Kilar652107Song L.G.A.
Kiro652107Song L.G.A.
Kwada652107Song L.G.A.
Kwanta Korra652107Song L.G.A.
Kwaran Gwashe652107Song L.G.A.
Lappae652103Song L.G.A.
Loko652102Song L.G.A.
Mbilla652102Song L.G.A.
Mboi652107Song L.G.A.
Melbasi652107Song L.G.A.
Ngalga652107Song L.G.A.
Riji652107Song L.G.A.
Sabon Gari652107Song L.G.A.
Sama652107Song L.G.A.
Shanapa652107Song L.G.A.
Shime652107Song L.G.A.
Sokra652107Song L.G.A.
Song652102Song L.G.A.
Talire652107Song L.G.A.
Tangda652107Song L.G.A.
Tawasu652107Song L.G.A.
Tunu652107Song L.G.A.
Unguwan Nene652107Song L.G.A.
Waltadi652106Song L.G.A.
Wamdituru652107Song L.G.A.
Wammirote652107Song L.G.A.
Wojoli652107Song L.G.A.
Yamthiar652107Song L.G.A.
Yang652107Song L.G.A.
Zugru652107Song L.G.A.
Zuno652103Song L.G.A.