Ezza North Postal Code+ Villages

Ezza North Local Government Area is located in the Central senatorial zone in Ebonyi state, Nigeria. Its postal code ranges from 482102 to 482122 which specifies the location for mail or parcel delivery. 

Ezza North L.G.A is located in the town of Ebiaji and one of the thirteen local government areas in the state comprising the communities and towns of Ekka, Amagu, Umuoga-Hara, Oriuozor, Amawula, Achara-Ezza, Amana, Nsokara, Amazu, Ameka, Amuda, Ikwato, Amudo Amudo-Ekka, Ugboji, Umue-Ezeoka, Inyere, AmaEzekwe, Ezzama, Okffia, Nkomoro, and Umunw-Agu.

Ezza North has many districts and each of them has a unique postal code or ZIP code assigned to them by Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST) just as Nigeria Postal Code Ebonyi State.

Postal codes or ZIP codes are the six numeric digits generated by NIPOST and they’re used for sorting mail. You cannot send, receive, or track a package from Ezza North if you do not know its postcode. Thus, knowing the zip codes of Ezza North L.G.A may come in handy. 

The postal codes are not just numbers that identify a location. They have become social identifiers – giving information on the demographics of the people of Ezza North.

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Ezza North Villages and Their Postal Codes

How to Track a Package From Ezza North


Ezza North Villages and Their Postal Codes

Achara-Ezza Village

Achara-Ezza postal code is 482105 and this village comprises Abam, Amebia, Ekerigwe, Ndiagu, Ndioffia, Ndufu Ukwuachi, Ndufu-Amelu, Ndufu-Azuinyirigwu, and Ngbogoroafunu. They share the same postal code.

AmaEzekwe Village

The postal code for AmaEzekwe is 842110. Communities that share this postal code are Agbakoro, Eguefium, Iddao, Ndegeazu, Nudufu, and Omege The postal head office is Water Works Rd, 480106, Abakaliki, Ebonyi, Nigeria.

Amagu District

Amagu postal code is 482115. Places that share the same code are Ekwetekwe, Ekwurukwu, Enyim, Igbeagu, Ikwerikwo, Isiofffia, Ndufu Ndeguazu, Odeligbo, Ohaigbo, Ohaoffia, Okeagba, Oshugbo, Ugbodo, and Ugbonia.

Amana Village is also in Ezza North, the postal code is 482104. This village comprises Agbakoro, Agbamegidi, Aghamehu, Amefi, Egogbo, Eguazuwhu, Ndeguazu, Ndiagu Okaria, Ndufu, Ohaike, Ohuoguazuwhu II, Okaria and Tatakwu, all use the same code, 482104.


The postal or ZIP code for Amawula in Ezza North is 482117. In this village, there are four communities which are Effium, Egwudilegu, Nkporume, and Umuefi and people from here use 482117 as their postal code.

Amazu District

This is a popular village in Ezza North, its postal code is 482101. This village shares postal code with Amuda, Enyima, Ndiaguazu, Ndufu I, Ndufu II, Ngbo, Ntezi, Omege, Onoffia, and Onueke

Ameka District

Ameka postal code is 482109, If you’re from these villages: Amagim, Amalekwune, Amaogwe, Ihoto, Ndiaguazu-Amajim, Ndiaguazu-Amalekwune, and Ndufu-Amalokwune you can use the same code as Ameka. This is because they don’t have a separate code.

Amudo District

Amude ZIP/postal code is 482111. Communities in this village are Agbaja, Akwunagu, Anyadilogu, Equinyima, Ndiagu, Ndueguazu, Nduwhu, Odoko, Ohetekwe, and Okpagu. If you are from any of these villages, you can use the same postal code, 482111.

Ekka District

Ekka District in Ezza North uses 482102. Communities in this village are Azu-Ugwu, Azuakparata, Egu Eke, Ekka Village, Integration, Ndiagu, Ndufu, and Ugrodo. If you are from any of these villages, you can use the same postal code, 482102.

Ezzama District

The code for Ezzama is 482112 and its communities are Ameta, Ekelebi, Ishieke, Ndiagakp, Ndiagu, Ohanya, Okaleka-Opazeka, Onicha, Onunwafor, and Orokonu.

Ikwato Idembia

The postal code for Ikwato Idembia district is 482106. This village comprise Azueseikpa, Azuide, Inyimagu, Ndiagu, Ndufu-Ide, Ngambo, Ochuhuagba, Odagere, Ohaffia, Ohage, Ohangbe, Onugbo, Onuorieagu, Ugwuogo and Ugwuogo Agu.

Inyere District

Inyere comprises Amagu, Umuechem, Umuefi, and Umuobi and their postal code is 482114.

Nkomoro District

Nkomoro is located in Ezza North in Ebonyi state, Nigeria, its postal code is 482119. The communities that make up this place are Agbakoro, Azuafor, Igweledoha, Ndeguazu, Obike, Ohinya, Omegu, Onuafo, and Udenyi

Nsokara District

Also located in Ezza North is Nsokara District, the postal code for the district is 482116, and the villages that make up this district are Amachi, Amaefi, Ameka, Egwudinagu, Ekebengwene, Ekwetekwe, Igweledoha, Izekwe, Ohankwu, and Omege

Okffia District

The postal/ZIP code for Okffia District is 482113, and the villages found in this district are Agukwuchie, Ananchi, Azuagu, Azuide, Enigwe, Evirigu, Ezufu, Igwefer, Ndiaguazu, Nwakparata, Obioma, Odagere, Ofutu, Ogbenu, Oguzaraonweya, Ojiegbo, Okalieru, Onuagbonyi, and Uhuagba

Oriuozor District

Oriuozor is where Ezza North shares a boundary with Abakaliki L.G.A, it is one the fastest growing towns in Ebonyi state. Oriuozor’s postal code is 482103. Villages that make up and share the same code with this place are Umuezeali, Umuezekwe, Umuigboke, Umuome, and Umuouru.

Ugboji District

The postal code for Ugboji is 482108 and with this code, you can send and receive mail from Achiagu, Akpurata, Azuinyima, Ebushike, Mgbalibe, Ndiegu, Obaju, Ogbojiegu, Ohuola, and Onunworie village.

Umue-Ezeoka District

Villages in Umue-Ezeoka, Ekwetekwe use 482120 as the postal code including Ndegu, Ndeguazu, and Udenyi villages, all located in Ezza North.

Umueze-Koha District

Umueze-Koha District is another popular village in Ezza North that is fast growing. The postal code is 482122 and it comprises Anyagharigwe, Ededegu, Ndeagazu, Ohatekwe, Okaleru, Okposi, Omege, Oshiegbe, Owunweke and Ugbona village.

Umunw-Agu District

The postal code for Umunw-Agu in Ezza North in Ebonyi state, Nigeria is 482107. Other places that use the same code are Agbakoro, Akpugo, Amagbia, Enurim, Enya-Gharaigwe, Enyadilogu, Eziga, Ndufu, Odagere, Omaji, Omege, Orogbodo and Orokome.

Umuoga-Hara District

Umuoga-Hara postal code is 482118 and its shares the same code with Enyim, Ndiaguazu, Oghara, Ugo, and Okposi villages.

Ezza North shares a boundary with the local governments of Ezza South, Abakaliki, Ohaukwu, Ishielu, and other Local government areas in Ebonyi State.

How to Track a Package From Ezza North

NIPOST Tracking

When you send your mail and items through NIPOST you can track them using a tracking number and you’ll be able to check where your mail/parcel is on its journey to Ezza North. So, if you have your tracking number, you can go straight to the NIPOST ‘Track trace’ page and provide the tracking number in the text box to know its location. ​

To track your item, you will need the reference number found on your Post Office receipt. This may be called a barcode or a reference. The reference number is between 9 and 27 characters long.


How do I know if my Item has arrived at the post office?

To know if your item has been shipped or arrived, you can use of the convenient track and trace System, available on the NIPOST website. You can also call or sent an email to the Customer Service Centre if you cannot find your mail item. These and more are the services provided by NIPOST.

There are other tracking software but I recommend the NIPOST because the website has all the postal codes of all the states, L.G.As, cities, institutions, universities, towns, and villages in Nigeria. It’s also managed by the Nigerian government.

Does NIPOST Ship outside Nigeria?

The (NIPOST) is the national carrier of all types of mail items for delivery both within and outside Nigeria. These include letters, postcards, printed papers, parcels, and aerograms which are processed through the post office. If you already have your tracking number, you can go straight to the ‘Track Trace’ page and enter the number in the text box to track your delivery.

You can track your mail/parcels on NIPOST for free. All you need is your tracking number to collect, plus money for import taxes and the handling fee if the item is being shipped from another country. You need to ask the sender for the tracking number.

How much does it cost to send an item to Ezza North?

The price of the shipping varies depending on whether it is domestic delivery and the delivery method you choose, the dimensions, and the weight of the package. 

If you’re seeding items within the state, the cheaper methods cost between ₦500 to ₦1000. The more expensive ones are usually above ₦2000 for the smaller package.

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