Postal Code For Abakaliki, Post Office Address

Abakaliki Local Government is the capital of Ebonyi, and it is located in the North senatorial zone of the state. Its postal code ranges from 480103 to 480282, which specifies the destination for mail or parcel delivery.

Abakaliki postal codes, or zip codes, are the six numeric digits generated by NIPOST, and they’re used for sorting mail. There is no way you can send, receive, or track a package from Abakaliki if you do not know its postal code. So, knowing the postal codes of Abakaliki and its streets will be of great help.

The postal codes are not just numbers that identify a mail destination. They have become social identifiers, giving information on the demographics of the people of Abakaliki. The postal code of Ebonyi State University, which is located in Abakaliki town, is 480214.

As the capital city, Abakaliki has many streets, each of which has a unique postal code or ZIP code assigned to it by the Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST). You may learn more about postal codes and ZIP codes, how they work.

Abakaliki Postal Code by Street & Post Office

Street/RoadPostal/ZIP CodePost Office
Abakpa480251 Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Afikpo Road 480271Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Afikpo Street480251Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Azugwu Road480251Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Convent Road480263Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Cas Campus480214Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Democracy Estate482114Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Enugu-Ogoja Express Road 480261Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Enugu Express Road 480282Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Enugu Express480263Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
G.R.A 480241Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Hausa Quarters480106Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Hilltop Road480242Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Izzi Unuhu 480103Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Kpiri-Kpiri 480231Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Mbukobe 480212 Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Ndiaguo 480252Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
New Layout 480242Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Nkaliki Road 480273Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Ntezi Aba 480211Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Obiri Street480251Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Odunukwe Street480282Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Ogbaga Road 480222Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Ogoja Road 480281Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Pressco Junction 480214Water Works Rd., Abakaliki
Udensi Street 480221Water Works Rd., Abakaliki

Abakaliki local government is the capital of Ebonyi States and shares a boundary with Izzi, Ezza, and Ebonyi local government areas.

How to Track a Package From the Post Office

Mails and items sent through NIPOST are trackable. This means you will receive a tracking number and be able to check where your items are on their journey to Nigeria or other countries.

If you already have your tracking number, you can go straight to the NIPOST ‘Track trace’ page and enter the number in the text box to track your delivery.​

To track your item, you will need the reference number found in your purchase history. This may be called a barcode or a reference. The reference number is between 9 and 27 characters long.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Postal Code for New Layout Abakaliki?

The New Layout postal code is 480242. Within the New layout, you’ll find Awolowo, Ejiofor, Elias Odili, Fire Brigade Station, Liberty, Obiri, Oghe, Okpara, and Udemezue Streets, Water Works, and Hilltop Road.

What is the Postal Code of Centenary city Abakaliki?

Currently, you can use the general post office postal code to receive and send mail as NIPOST has not assigned any code to Centenary city. We’ll update this paragraph once it gets its own number.

How do I know if my Item has arrived at the post office?

To know if your item has arrived make use of the convenient track and trace System, available on the NIPOST website. You can also call or sent an email to the Customer Service Centre if you cannot find your mail item.

There is other tracking software but I recommend the NIPOST because the website has all the postal codes of all the states, L.G.As, cities, institutions, universities, towns, and villages in Nigeria. It’s also managed by the Nigerian government.

Does NIPOST deliver outside Nigeria?

The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) is the national carrier of all classes of mail items for delivery both within and outside Nigeria. Mail items, which include letters, postcards, printed papers, parcels, and aerograms are processed through the post office.

If you already have your tracking number, you can go straight to the ‘Track Trace’ page and enter the number in the text box to track your delivery.

Package/items can be tracked on NIPOST for free. You will need your ID and the tracking number to collect your item, plus money for import taxes and the handling fee if the item is being shipped from another country. You need to ask the sender for the tracking number.

How much does it cost to ship to Abakaliki?

The price of the shipping varies depending on whether it is domestic delivery and the delivery method you choose, the dimensions, and the weight of the package. 

Cheaper methods cost between ₦1000 to ₦2000. The more expensive ones are usually above ₦5000 for the smaller package.

Does Jumia use a courier or postal service for delivery in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State?

It depends on what kind of delivery you choose yourself: free, or paid. This will determine the way of delivery. If it is free shipping, the parcel will likely be delivered by postal services. If it is a paid shipment – the courier service will be responsible for delivery. 

However, some goods on Jumia support only one specific method of delivery and you should consider this before placing your order.

And if the goods are to be shipped from outside the country, you should know that some courier services do not deliver shipments to certain countries, then the parcel will also be handed over to the postal service.  This and more are services provided by NIPOST.

It is best to check how the parcel will be delivered before paying for the purchase.

Your postal code or ZIP code is also used as a security measure. When buying items online with a credit card, you’ll usually be asked to provide the mailing address linked with your card. 

This measure is to ensure that you’re the one using your card. Some sites also prompt you to provide your postal code. Whenever I make purchases on BlueHost, they usually prompt me to provide my postal code and if I didn’t provide it the transaction will always be unsuccessful.

Is ZIP code and postal code are same?

Both ZIP code and postal code serve the same purpose, the only difference is that Zip code describes the postal numbering system used in the United States and the Philippines. The postal code is used in other countries such as Canada, South Africa, China, the UK, Nigeria, etc.