234 Country Code Nigeria (Dial Area Code)

In international telecommunications, each country is assigned a unique calling code to facilitate communication across borders. +234, is the country-calling code assigned to Nigeria by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). This number is different from the postal code, which is used for sorting letters and packages.

The Origin of +234: Nigeria’s Country Code

The +234 country code is not a strange number; it is a carefully assigned identifier that speeds up international phone calls to Nigeria. The International Telecommunication Union is a specialized agency of the United Nations that is responsible for issues related to information and communication technologies. It assigned the country calling code +234 to Nigeria. This number ensures that calls destined for Nigeria are directed accurately.

Moreover, the Nigerian Communications Act of 2003, formulated by the Federal Ministry of Communication Technology, solidifies the organizational framework for the country’s telephone numbers. This legal foundation ensures that the telecommunication in Nigeria operates within a regulated and structured framework.

How +234 Country Code Works from Abroad

When you see a phone number preceded by the +234 country code, it means that the associated telephone line is located in Nigeria. Country codes are used for making international calls, guiding the global network to connect the call to the correct destination.

To place a call to Nigeria from another country, follow the following steps:

1. Dial the International Direct Dialing (IDD) Code: Before entering the +234 country code, you need to input the IDD code, which varies from country to country.

2. Enter the +234 Country Code: Once the IDD code is dialled, you’ll then proceed to enter the +234 country code, indicating that the call is intended for Nigeria.

3. Include the Area Code: Following the country code, include the specific area code corresponding to the destination within Nigeria. The area code varies based on the city or region.

4. Complete the Phone Number: The final step involves entering the local phone number to establish a connection with the intended recipient in Nigeria.

Understanding Nigeria’s area codes is essential for directing calls to specific cities or regions within the country. The following table outlines various city codes associated with Nigeria:

List of Dial Area Code for Cities in Nigeria

CityDial Code
ABA +234-82
ABEOKUTA +234-39
ABUJA +234-9
ADO EKITI +234-30
AGBOR +234-55
AHOADA +234-86
AKURE +234-34
ASABA +234-56
AUCHI +234-57
AWKA +234-48
AZARE +234-71
BADAGRY +234-1
BAUCHI +234-77
BENIN +234-52
CALABAR +234-87
DAMATURU +234-74
EDO +234-52
ENUGU +234-42
GOMBE +234-72
GUSAU +234-63
HADEJIA +234-78
IJEBU ODE +234-37
IKARE +234-50
ILE IFE +234-36
ILORIN +234-31
JALINGO +234-79
JOS +234-73
KADUNA +234-62
KANO +234-64
KATSINA +234-65
LAFIA +234-47
LAGOS +234-1
LOKOJA +234-58
MAKURDI +234-44
MINNA +234-66
NEW BUSSA +234-33
NIGER SATE +234-66
OGOJA +234-45
ONITSHA +234-46
OSHOGBO +234-35
OWERRI +234-83
OWO +234-51
OYO +234-38
PANK SHIN +234-70
SAPELE +234-54
SOKOBO +234-60
UMUAHIA +234-88
UYO +234-85
WARRI +234-53
WUKARI +234-41
YENEGOA +234-89
YOLA +234-75
ZARIA +234-69

The city or region-specific area code is appended to the +234 country code, which provides a comprehensive dialing sequence for international calls to Nigeria.

234 Country Code Time Zone

Time Zone
WAT (West Africa Time)
Nigeria is GMT/UTC + 1h Standard Time

How to Check if a Number is Spam

Identifying and avoiding spam calls is important. If you receive a missed call and suspect it may be from a spam number, a simple Google search may reveal valuable information. Enter the phone number into your preferred search engine to uncover any reported scams associated with that number.

Alternatively, specific websites and apps like Trucaller designed to detect spam can be useful resources. By searching the suspicious number on these platforms, you’ll find user-generated content detailing experiences with potential scammers.